I Told Ya

I’m trying to post this from my phone so please have some patience

You need to go read this whole thing but most importantly you need to read the last part

Then you need to go find the nearest Commie Fucking Democrat at hand and stick it in their face until they beg for mercy and swear on their Mothers eyes that they will shut their fucking mouths about Russian Collusion forever.

Misfud and Halper Cop to Being Agents Tasked With Targeting Trump People: Who Gave the Order?

13 thoughts on “I Told Ya

    • Actually…
      Everything in that article jibes with what I have seen for the past year over at Qanon Research. It’s just now getting out to the public.
      Hence the Toldyaso.


    • Moderate conspiracy , High pseudoscience levels. Because its right wing christian? Nah, Its cause the dont get on the band wagon with homos and commies. And they aren’t buying the climate change narrative. They may have an agenda with what they publish but who dosent now adays. Shit just look at CNN. Lets run the fact checker on that shitshow.

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  1. Notice the light bringer’s been pretty quiet lately. The Wookkie even has shut her nasty h8ter bigot piehole. Somethings up.
    Is it remotely reasonable they all are starting to figure out maybe they are toast one way or another?
    Pizzagate is nipping at their heels.There are no false flags short of them using nuclear devices going to stop the being outed as pedo-elites. They are all connected. All that blackmail is gonna backfire.

    They are all real funny. How many cockroaches in the swamp? The media, what ever they are good for, zero. Even now with so many of the coup actors and stay behind obot ambush teams gone, and not a fucking soul in all those worthies can bring themselves to utter two words, Treason, Coup.

    Ace over at ACEofSpades wrote this gem:

    Ballad of The Cucks

    “He’s proud to be a Republican because at least he knows he’ll lose.
    He’ll surrender to the Democrats and he’ll defend the right to choose.
    He’ll gladly stand up next to you and give up your liberty.
    Cause there ain’t no doubt he loves to lose, God bless the GOP!
    …(Nothing to see here. Move along, h8tr!)”

    Those are the real traitors in all this.
    Because of their particular betrayal.
    Non of whats going down was remotely possible on this scale without these cockroaches part in it.
    Continuing betrayal.

    My wife says they all have to go, to the last. Burn it to the ground. Start over. Says it is the only way.
    I say you could not be more correct Honey.
    When our Women start talking like that you know it’s close to doing what needs doing time.

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  2. This blog is one of my every day stops–

    “The FBI lied about their role in the incident and the US Postal Inspection Service had to do the final investigation so that there would be integrity associated with the findings. Most reports including the one from Ammo Man (above) neglect to mention that. I only know how it goes because I know J. A., the Postal Inspector who did the internal investigation at the request of the US Senate. The FBI has a long history of coverups and lying to defend their reputation in the face of reprehensible conduct. The matter of the FISA abuse and the Russian Hoax is coming to a head. It will make interesting reading in coming days.”


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  3. President Trump suggested Democrats have given up any defense of the Second Amendment and pledged that he will not allow Americans’ gun rights to be swept away on the “slippery slope” of gun control.

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  4. We all know it was Ubangi and the communist lesbian in the Mao Jacket who were
    behind this with the help of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Bruce, and Nellie Ohr, Peter
    Stroker (AKA Wyle E Coyote Super Spy) and his kept whore Lisa Page, James Comey,
    and about 3 dozen mid and upper-level executives in the intelligence community, the
    FBI, the State and Justice departments.

    These idiots violated the first rule of conspiracies, which I authored decades ago: If
    they are too complex and/or involve too many people, they will be discovered. If you
    are going to succeed in a coup against a duly elected president, it is best if you do not
    leave clues that Mr. MaGoo could follow!

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    • Oh it’s even bigger than that. I would include Brennan, Clapper and Valerie Jarrett just off the top of my head.
      Ol’ Jug Ears couldn’t even wipe his ass until Valerie approved the toilet paper first.
      Then we have British, Intelligence Italian Intelligence, the KIWI’s allowed old Hillary to sneak in and log into the 5 Eyes intelligence network without signing in or out and let’s not forget Australia, even if it was unwittingly probably, their PM is the one who started the ball rolling by snitching off Papadopolous.
      Dude, this was WORLD WIDE!
      Let’s not forget that the whole time this was going on the Chinese had direct access to Hillary’s Emails and I would bet a box of premium Krispy Kreme donuts the Russians were tapped into it and laughing their asses off at these idiots the whole time.


      • I would agree with your assessment, but Ubangi was not a stupid
        man. He could not corrupt the lower ranks, so he concentrated on
        political appointees. Even if this conspiracy was supported by low-
        level staffers (see Project Veritas,) the power brokers were in the upper
        ranks. Inflate the number to 4 or 5 hundred players, and then add the
        foreign elements, and the Limey connection is intriguing. Go back to
        my post about the Epstein scandal.

        A member of the British Royal Family, who denied the allegations
        just found a photo of him in Epstein’s New York Mansion! I am going
        to go out on a limb here and say that these two scandals are connected!
        How else can you account for the fact that the Donks, all of Hollywood,
        the Democrat party, their wealthy donors, the media, and Wall Street
        tycoons went batshit crazy when Donald Trump won in 2016?

        What we are witnessing is ABSOLUTE panic! Every president in my
        lifetime (going back to the second term of Eisenhower) was a racist,
        a warmonger, a moron or an evil genius. What is the difference
        between them and President Trump? He stands ready to expose them!


      • It set new records for international cooperation as the intelligence agencies worked together scheduling when they were going to work that dime-store server like a rented mule.


    • Tick Tock.
      Expect more False Flags and Black Swans as the Deep State thrashes around in it’s Death Throes.
      They won’t go down without a fight and they seem to have a very large supply of Useful Idiots.
      That’s a good read, thanks for the link man.


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