Bet That Cost A Few Bucks

It’s pretty cool I gotta admit but between the truck, the matching bike and that gizmo,we are talking some serious pocket change these days.




9 thoughts on “Bet That Cost A Few Bucks

  1. Fisher Engineering, the ones that make the pickup snowplows, sold one of those rigs 25 years ago.
    They were intended for snowmobiles.
    People preferred a trailer, back then, and now, of course, they have the caps that cover the trailers, which is unworkable for the bed mounted configuration.


  2. A new neighbor moved in about a year ago. We had something in common, we
    both have a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Mine is sitting in my workshop and
    he had yet to arrange transport it to his new place. About six months ago, I helped
    him and one of his friends roll his scooter off the back of a pickup truck. It scared
    the fuck out me! The guy’s friend didn’t line it up with the ramp and he had bike tilted
    so that about halfway down, it looked like he and the bike were going down. Me
    on one side and my neighbor on the other and both of us were thinking if he
    dumps it, we would be out of there in a nanosecond!

    His bike is a lot lighter than my FSXT which weighs in at about 740 pounds. Still,
    the buddy would have likely died if he lost it. I like this device, it would be the
    safest way to transport a heavy motorcycle and it can be done without any


  3. “Taking your bike for a ride” has taken on a depressingly non-participatory aspect over the past 20 years or so…. Open garage door, kick start the fucker, ride away. How fuckin hard is that?


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