It’s True I Tells Ya!

rigor mortis

You should see me trying to get a around some days.

fall apart

Of course it would be one that I kind of need.

Then there’s this,

getting older

Now if I can get out of this recliner, without hurting myself, I have things to do.

Like find the Ibuprofen.

After climbing up and playing contortionist on top of that Bronco engine again yesterday, I haz some serious aches and pains.

SERIOUS, aches and pains.

I’m still not done yet either.

3 thoughts on “It’s True I Tells Ya!

  1. It is hard to get used to having to need an hour or so to get the old joints and muscles fully loosened up and functioning comfortably every morning, the mental aspect of accepting it is the hard part, most days I feel excellent, then once in a while though get where my body feels like it is 100 years old.


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