That’s Right MuthaFucka

#2 just found out who Daddy is.


You will of course notice how chewed to fuck it is. It was sticking up an inch and some so I could actually get a pair of Vise Grips on it.

Now it’s time for…

The Death Match.


The one I can’t get a grip on with anything and is all the way in the back underneath the fucking cowling.

7 thoughts on “That’s Right MuthaFucka

  1. I have no doubt that you can get it out, but be sure to use some Millwright K-Y
    Gel when you put it back together!

    PS My fellow geezer lady neighbor came over today to check her mail. If she is
    not home, I pick up her shit and hold it for her. I got down to the bottom of the
    stack and what did I find? The fucking Berol RapidDesign R-312 electrical control
    template! I just bought a new one and as soon as I dig up your address from a
    notebook, it will be on the way.

    Just remember, it is all about the logic. You have a series control loop and a
    hardware logic ladder. The developmentally disabled couple I mentioned had
    their dryer take a shit. The belt shredded in an epic fashion. Ever the dumb-
    fuck (me,) I ordered a new belt without considering other causes. In my defense,
    I never worked on a dryer before but the belt does a serpentine thing around
    the motor pulley and a spring-loaded idler pulley then around the drum.

    I was shitting myself because the slack side of the belt was riding on the
    pulled side inside the motor pully. After spending an hour trying to work
    out the geometry, I was scratching my head, my ass, and my nuts! Then
    it hit me, the roller wheels are worn. A quick call will confirm that tomorrow,
    but I may be able to put a checkmark on this welfare mechanics list.


    • Trust me, I feel ya there. That is one thing I have never really fucked with, appliances. I did fix the dryer at our old place a few times but those were thermostat/heater issues.
      Other than that, I tried to replace a water pump once in a washer and broke the fucker .
      That’s it.
      Good on ya for doing that shit man, I’m serious. I know it’s a pain in the ass but you are doing a good thing.


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