Once More Into The Breach


Round number 3 in the continuing saga of the broken off bolts.

I ran out of something yesterday right before it started raining so I had to do a quick internet search this morning and make a quick run to Home Depot.

I ran out of oxygen for my little Brazing kit that I bought twenty some years ago at Sears

There is no more Sears around here anymore but I knew damn good and well it was a BernzOMatic set.


I had only ever used the damn thing once or twice in all of those years and I know damn good and well I bought at least one extra oxygen bottle for it when I bought the kit but I don’t remember seeing it around so I just went and got two more. I have a small OXY-Acetylene torch but this little mess is in a really confined area with gas lines, rubber hoses and all kinds of flammable shit just inches away from the problem.

This little Brazing kit has a nice small flame tip that I can get right on the bolt with without a shit load of fire going everywhere I really don’t want it to be going.

I am fixing to commence battle again here after I throw some groceries down my neck. Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Once More Into The Breach

  1. Phil your as tenacious as a wolverine. Go get em buddy. I would suggest some anti seize on them bolts when you reassemble. good luck.Al


  2. To bad ya didn’t have that gal in your header stand by your Bronc in her little outfit cheering ya on whilst battling the bolts… and going in to make you sammiches and ice tea.


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