The Newest Installment In The Book Series “The Western Front” Is Now Available, “The Southern Cross

I am posting this as a public service, the author, Mr. Archer Garret, contacted me and asked if I would spread the word.

To be honest I am not familiar with this series of books, since my eyesight went to hell I don’t seem to read books much, unlike when I was younger.

It does sound interesting though and you can read the first book for free with the Amazon Kindle reader at this link.

If you are familiar with his series and are interested in his latest installment, you can purchase it from Amazon for your Kindle reader at a steal of a price of only $2.99 at this link.


Good luck Mr. Garrett and God Bless.

If I ever get enough time to myself, I may just start in on your books.

Back when I was recently divorced from my first wife and fairly broke from buying a house, I once read forty five paperbacks in thirty days while working full time.

The internet has pretty much replaced my book reading but every once in a while I will burn through one.

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