In My Humble Opinion, Joe Biden Is An Idiot

That’s putting it nicely.

O’l Fumblin’ Joe started running his yap the other day saying he wants to ban “Assault Weapons” and institute a Gun Buy Back Program.

Joe Biden wants a national gun buy back program to get ‘assault weapons off the streets’

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he wants to take “assault weapons” off the street and, if he is elected president, plans to implement a national gun buy back program.

“So to gun owners out there who say ‘Well, a Biden administration means they will come for my guns’?” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper said.

“Bingo, you’re right if you have an assault weapon,” Biden replied. “The fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period. Look, the Second Amendment doesn’t say you can’t restrict the kinds of weapons people can own.”

“What I would do is try to — I would institute a national buy back program and I would move in the direction of making sure that that, in fact, was what we tried to do, get them off the street,” Biden continued, adding it would not be a door-to-door search through people’s homes.

Why not Joe, I mean if you are going to dream, dream big, right?
Because that’s what this is, a dream.
A sweet little Socialist’s Wet Dream.
He knows damn good and well nobody is going door to door because there wouldn’t be anyone stupid enough to try it after the first day and word got out.
As for his buy back idea, need I remind the dumb motherfucker how that shit really works?
Apparently so.
Pay attention Joe,
buy back
How fucking stupid do you really think the average American is anyway?
I’m not talking about the uneducated socialist wannabes that have absolutely no clue about what happens to unarmed populations when Commie/Marxist/Socialist/Dictators take power.
Can you fucking morons say GENOCIDE?
I know I’m preaching to the choir here because none of those people would be caught dead reading anything I have to say voluntarily.
But you just keep fucking that chicken Joe.
I know and you know, you aren’t getting within screaming distance of the presidency so just keep doing what it is you do so well.
Acting like a completely clueless buffoon who thinks one single person on this planet actually takes you seriously.
It ain’t so Joe, I’m tellin’ ya.
Lemme tell ya something else before I stop for the moment and forget you even exist again.
You aren’t getting our guns.
But if you or any of the other ignorant mouth breathers over there on the extreme Left ever want to stop running your fucking mouths and try, you just go right ahead.
I’ll see your Commie Social Justice Warrior and raise you a seriously pissed off  Blue Collar Working Man any fucking day of the week.

37 thoughts on “In My Humble Opinion, Joe Biden Is An Idiot

  1. Yeah, well, it ain’t only sleepy joe.
    It’s also that fag lindsey, and cocaine mitch.
    Prodded on by the prez.
    Guessing they don’t want to wait to get it on.

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  2. I’ve got two reasons why they are NOT going to take my personal property…
    1. According to the Constitution of the United States, my right to keep and bear arms were bestowed on me by God. No man can remove that right and the Second Amendment simply stated the right for the world to see.
    2. I refuse to comply, they think abolition was tough, come to Texas and try your s*** there and you might want to make sure you have proper Obamacare coverage. Having pre-paid funeral arrangements are always a smart financial decision to protect your family from catastrophic unplanned costs.

    MSG Grumpy


    • Consider this about the BS of taking our guns: they are our property 1st.
      Then this: where does taking and outlawing our property end? For example they somehow manage to take our guns, (which is frankly impossible, an impossible task to start with, unless you willingly comply), the intent then we are then defenseless from defending from our other forms of property arbitrarily outlawed or taken.
      Reason it out: get our guns, we can’t fight back very easily, they then proscribe our homes, we are to be deprived of our castles, we can no longer possess our houses and lands. What better way to get rid of us “white supremacists” than by making us homeless, unable to provide for our family?
      The technical definition is Genocide, the process up to liquidation, what they are attempting currently is Pogrom.
      Check up on what the Bolsheviks and Lenin/Stalin, along with his minions who controlled everything, the Nomenklatura, did to the Kulaks, Russia’s prosperous White Christian productive middle class. Murdered by some accounts 25-50 million Kulaks. Good by middle class hello a country of slaves of The State, who don’t know freedom or liberty, natural rights even exist. Never mind the natural law of defending yourself and owning weapons.

      These fuckers are the amerikan neo-bolsheviks. They are literally recycling the exact same agenda using the exact same strategy and tactics. Right down to the fake media aka the 5th column, the same intelligentsia class of elitist meddlers and social engineers brainwashing our youth, the same system of propaganda, fake narratives, identity tactics, use of agitprop, legions of SJW’s who are the commie militia of the though/speech police who turn all who do not comply into the KGB, aka the FBI and the intelligence agencies, the swamp is the Politburo, the deep state the Soviet corruptocrats who run nothing but an immense hemisphere spanning (globohomo) organized international crime syndicate under the name of an ideology millions fall for and are the useful idiots, and brainwashed free shit army of today.


  3. The second doesn’t say the government can’t restrict the type of arms we have???? Well ya sleepy Joe it does. That’s what the whole “shall not be infringed means” ya dopey buffoon! The intent was, and remains, for arms to be a resistance to, and the means to correct, a tyrannical government. These clowns have extra “education” and yet can’t understand basic junior high English. Using the rules of English taught in school and known to the writers of the second, there is no other possible meaning.

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    • We have to get away from the idea the 2nd determines a natural right.
      A man made “law”, an inalienable right, can not supersede an Unalienable law of nature.

      They got us hung up on the 2nd. As if, if they take that amendment away we somehow magically, can no longer own weapons.
      It is a ruse. The big con.
      It’s total unmitigated Bull Shit.
      The idea of, the truth actually, of Unalienable Natural Rights you are born with is the greatest most heavily guarded secret they are trying to hold back from us knowing: We don’t require any permission from anything or anybody to have guns.

      Ever wonder why only the elites, tyrants, dictators, the whole lot of them are the only ones who seem to be possessed with such power?
      Because part of having that power over subjects is dependent on keeping the secret everyone has the same power. It is the real “equality”.

      The underlying truth portends the 2nd don’t mean shit.
      There is only power.
      And ultimately all power now grows from the barrel of the gun.
      It ain’t about “gun rights”, a totally lame piece of mis-direction.
      It is about power.
      And we my friend, you, I, Phil, all of us, are the most powerful power that exists.

      What is going down and why they are so desperate to outlaw us and disarm us is because we are legion, a vast plurality of incredible motive power potential, and audacity, who are beginning to get it, and we are on the brink of becoming an unstoppable plurality of American’s. A Legion. An armed to the fucking teeth, pissed off fed up army that is the largest army ever to exist, by orders of magnitude.

      If only, 1% of this country starts to fight these fuckers trying to get us, that is 3.4 million men in arms. Nobody has an army that large. Washington and Jefferson where total advocates of the “militia of the people”, that every man be armed, equipped, and cognizant of the art of the warrior and small unit infantry combat.

      Lets say math of history is correct, and it is 3% of the population who rise up. In no way an unreasonable supposition. It is a pretty tiny chunck of 345 million, plus how many alien illegal invaders, what an additional 40-60 million? But lets be conservative for examples sake.
      What is 3% of 345 million? It is Ten Million, Two Hundred Thousand Americans. That is American’s with a rifle. Can’t forget all who support such a plurality. Wives, kids, family friends, neighbor & tribe, community etc, and a myriad of other sources of support and supply.
      This is the can do git er done nothing is impossible “dirt” people everyone looks down on and spits. We are the ones that make, fix, keep running, the things that make civilization great and possible. The glue that is holding the current clusterfuck nation from breaking, that we did not create.
      Pretty ironic that.

      Is it any wonder they are scared shitless, so contemptuous as the Clinton’s, the FBI, Obama etc of such a basket of Deplorable’s such as us?
      Why they are desperate to take our guns?
      Any self respecting tyrant and corruptocrat is scared shitless of us and what our potential power is. Not a tyrant past present or future can possess such raw naked power.

      There is a “Zeitgeist” underway. It portends a shift in the dichotomy that will transform the shape of the State, power, politics, economy society, and our civilization. It is inevitable. It is the result of unintended consequences of the elites insatiable lust for unlimited power to rule over us. They created this monster, it is out of control, and they can not stop it.


  4. Idiot. Yes. However, on this topic, he is perfectly aware of all the points already made. Like all the progs, he DOES NOT CARE. And consider this–know that we are out here and literally armed to the teeth, listen to what he says. What would he say (and do) if we were not armed?

    Yeah, when I was stationed over there, I walked the grounds of Dachau.

    Bring it, Joe.


  5. Slow Joe and Bernie are the comedy warm-up acts. No way they’re getting the Dem nomination; they’re old, they’re white, and they’re men.

    And “buybacks”? What if I don’t want to sell?


  6. Not unusual to see someone his age slip up once in awhile but there’s no reason for him to go this far in life and not make any progress. I thought for a second he might be getting better until I realized he’s just not opening his yap as much. Hell, even the seditious gay Kenyan commie used to make sure Joe was never in front of cameras before mid terms.


  7. On a related note, mister moonbeam junior is bleating that violence will not be tolerated in a few days in his fiefdom.

    And there’s an updated article regarding the shit for brains loser in Dayton.

    Stay out of Portland if you can, Phil, it’s an open range, it just hasn’t gone hot yet.


  8. 50 YEARS in government and the pedo cocksucker has done exactly NOTHING. Now, we’re to believe he suddenly feels compelled to get shit done if we elect his sorry ass president? Yeah, that shit’s hilarious.


  9. He is as sick a fuck as any of them, in some ways a lot worse. Undoubtably a half century plus an inner circle pedo elite, a child and woman predator. There is only one office he deserves, located in Hell.

    I think I don’t have enough bullets for whats coming…

    No question what they want to happen. Something only possible after full disarmament of we the people. I think they have long ago switched tactics. They know it is physically impossible to disarm enough free people with weapons, though they will keep beating that dead horse, because every little bit helps, but what they are doing is instead of outlawing our property, which our weapons are before anything, and a very effective method of emasculating Freemen, is they are outlawing us who are armed for exactly the very reasons they want to take our weapons away for.
    Adolph Hitler summed it up succinctly, when he stated it is convienient to have a body of defacto laws created specifically to turn everyone into a criminal, and criminalize the ownership of property.
    In this it is much easier to go after those you want to genocide piecemeal, create division and spread fear, keeping those who are armed because of you who want to liquidate them from uniting in common cause, the real danger of an armed civilization to the tyrants.

    This piece of human shit is a willing toady, a pie-hole mouthpiece lickspittle for those who presume to rule over us Freemen.

    Fuck you.
    In fact, BFYTW motherfuckers.

    They have about 35% of the population not only fully disarmed, they are total useful idiots, willing participants in disarming everyone else. A film like this below and a Clown like he I refuse to say his name because I do not want to feel somehow soiled at the moment, are only possible because we share this great place that is our country and culture with literally, a human extinction movement:

    ‘Elites’ Kill ‘Deplorables’ In New Horror Film ‘The Hunt’

    In one way it is good to know just who the enemy is, in particular know what the enemy is.
    In war, and war is what this is. War by proxy. Those we visibly see and hear, are proxies, a proxy army of the deep enemy.
    Very important that last thing. In order to fight your enemy, the number one and two rules are understanding what the enemy holds dearest and what the enemy is.

    One aspect of this piece of shit’s diarrhea of the mouth is the subtle tactic of creating chaos on the social/class/race level, that when you are the instigator you also are prepared to create your own kind of order out of that chaos. It is a 5000 year old tyrants trick. Except, it is not effective, thus almost impossible to use it on Freemen who are self armed, self reliant in ammunition, gear, and training, and possess a self reliant, self determining mind set and civilian warriors ethos.

    Hard to say with certainty, yet I’ll wager anything there exists a good 80 to 100 million Patriots, all told, of every kind of character and stripe, armed more or less to the teeth.

    The real enemy behind the circus, simply is incapable of winning, there are physically not enough of them who will or are capable of disarming and or waging genocide, they need a free shit mindset brainwashed army of useful dupes. Bad thing there is no lack of them. Good thing is there isn’t enough of them who are going to be fighting for things like family, their race and culture, the salavation of their civilization.
    Even the most evil of them can not understand what good people are capable of when you back them into a corner and the only way out is to fight thru.

    So in certain aspects, all this in our face front of the bus and everything smack talk they are gonna exterminate our white racist Nazi arses, is the worst thing they could have done. Big mistake.
    Did somebody mention Clowns?

    In the final equation, no matter how bad things seem, key word there, seem, I know I am in good company when I say there are way fuckin’ more of us than them. Our “support” the built in inherent fabric, structure of our culture is indomitable. We also, and this is key, it is hardly discussed, our enemies have to come to us, where we live, not only kill us, but take and hold our territory. All insurgencies no matter their ideology or cause, face the territory equation. ISIS is a perfect classic case. Long as their “Caliphate” held territory, they held a certain legitimacy, it gave them power not available any other way. Trump and his pals understood this, first thing they did was to push ISIS out of the territory it had taken, when that began, they collapsed as a political entity, and could only fight a war of desperation, a losing battle.
    This dictum about territory is especially a most tricky pickle for the human extinction movement, they not only hold a tiny percentage of American territory, they hold less cultural territory, because the physical and cultural go hand in hand. Part of the 5th column fake media/narrative complex is to create an illusion us white racists are a minority in every respect, physically to morally. One purpose of creating racial division is to create a pallet upon which a false narrative portrait of white people as a minority in their own territory, in every respect, no stone is left unturned in the quest to marginalized, stigmatize, and emasculate white Americans.

    Happily the truth is very much different.

    And we got things to really fight for. Never mind fighting against planned genocide. Those things precious to us ain’t ideology or perversion. That, is a very good thing indeed.
    It is a very target rich environment out there. “They”, have a very cold angry tiger by the tail, a tiger that has in many ways not only a dead serious demographic who has prepared for years, many all their lives, but are born with Liberty in their blood. An entirely unique unknown before quality in a targeted race and culture. All the old sibbileths do not apply. All the marxian formula’s and social engineering fall short. The only way they have any chance of winning is they going to end up having to fight street by street, house by house, farm by farm, down to man by man to the tetth. And I simply can not see where these fucking idiots got that kind of grit and indomitable will in them, things that do not come from ideology and brainwashing.
    But Phill is dead nuts right about this piece of shit.
    His job is a the worse traitor imaginable, traitor to his race, country, and rightful liberty.
    Scum of the earth. And a Clown cheerleader. You got to be one sick motherfucker to stand in front of us with that fucking idiots smirk and shovel such bullshit.

    These fuckers have no idea the world of hurt they are bringing down on themselves.
    Guarantee it.

    Lock & Load Brothers.

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    • Right on, brother!
      Genocide is the end goal.
      I put forward Rhodesia and South Africa as evidence.
      How’s that FU12-25 working out?


      • You know it!

        It’s coming along pretty darn good. I’m messing with bolt mass, buffer weight and spring rates right now. few hours a week. Got to keep on the old garden, takes most of my day up.
        In the effort to KISS, attempting to get a recoil operated auto to function.(though I designed it to incorporate gas inpingement if the recoil system isn’t to prove reliable, and reliable is #1 over all considerations). I’m using Stoner’s beautiful design in his stacked buffer weight consept to control bolt bounce and slow down rate of action. Those tungsten weights, with fiber washers and the gaps between can be tuned in a million variations of mass and sequential inertia. I’m no engineer or anything, so its hard to describe. Lets say I start maxed out in spring rates and weight, and reverse engineer by the seat of the pants.
        Part of KISS is not to reinvent the wheel. Adapting as many of features of, and parts also, of Stoner’s AR design is my first criteria regards making it work. Form then follows function.
        the most arduous part is first fabricating and machining all the parts to package Stoner’s genuis into. Kept that KISS too. Precision round tube in aerospace grade 4130 chrome moly tubing. Comes in a zillion sizes and wall thicknesses. It may not be pretty, in fact I knid of hope it is so fucking ugly it is beautiful. Imagine a 12 gauge Karl Gustav 45, a lot larger and heavier, with modern AR ergonomics and flat top design features. Thats what I’m aiming for.
        Bought a tad under $500 in 4130 tubing in 2 foot pieces, plus another $400 in other raw stock, plus a few hundred in AR10 and 15 bits, from buffers to barrel nuts, gas tubes to 80% lowers. Lucked into a source of chambered 18 inch 12 ga barrels, heavy wall, in the white for $29 apiece. Only thing needs to be done to them is tig weld on a collar for an AR10 barrel nut, if gas impingement, a gas port and a gas block will be needed, and parkerized. That is a serious labor saver for me. If eventually the recoil proves too much I will probably backbore the forcing cone. But for 30 bucks plus shipping can’t beat it.

        Throw it in a bag, shake it up, see what falls out. LOL’s!


    • The funniest part of all this is the very politicians, media bubbleheads and “professors” of higher education seem oblivious to the fact that should they get what they’ve worked so hard, all these years, to foment, they, PERSONALLY will suddenly find themselves to be high value targets. Now, considering they’ve brought this all upon our families, I see no reason THEIR families wouldn’t be HVTs as well, right alongside the shitstains who bodyguard them. Fuck. Them. ALL.


  10. Gentlemen, take a step back for just a moment. The ONLY people discussing gun confiscation are the commenters here. And for all you Nostradamus’ and your wild ass predictions, guns have never been confiscated and never will be, if only because the resulting violence would be so horrific. Stop being so angry, taking yourselves so seriously and go pet a dog or something.


  11. I know I could find a seventh grader that would level Joe Biden the Idiot in a debate, The only reason I did’nt say 5th was because of child cruelty laws.


  12. yea its crazy that he expects us to give him our guns but i mean why would i vote for a administration that doesn’t believe in climate change,thinks that osama didn’t die, and tries to use russia to threaten people to vote for trump. as of 10/22/20 biden had a 51% vote rate and trump has a 43% vote rate. so far trump is getting the short end of the stick. and i for one would not be saddened to see that happen


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