Get Serious And Get Busy

As we all know, the Commie Rat Bastards are openly talking gun confiscation now.

We have the guns, they want us disarmed.

You can have guns stacked to the ceiling but they are useless without the ammunition to send down range.

They have already taken the first steps towards limiting our access to that too. Commiefornia is their test mule.

This, is a good start and no. this isn’t my little hoard.


I’m getting there however.

I suggest you do the same and I also strongly suggest that you have cleaning supplies, lubrication and maintenance items stacked deep to go with it.

They aren’t playing and neither should we.

16 thoughts on “Get Serious And Get Busy

  1. Multiply this by 70 or 80 million gun owners in America, and you will understand
    the futility of gun confiscation. I read a very comprehensive poll that nailed
    the percentage of the radical left at about 7-1/2 percent. Now, take a look at
    the man-bun wearing soy boys in the Antifa movement. OK, so these idiots
    spent a few weekends at a range after buying an AR or AK. There are 14-year-
    old girls who are competing in 3-gun competitions and nailing it!.

    If little girls are nailing a 9mm pistol, a shotgun, and a 9mm SMG competition,
    these dumbass Walter Mitty retards are going to have a very bad day. If they
    start their revolution on a Friday afternoon, the revolution will be over in time for
    real American’s to return to work on Monday morning. I realize that the left is
    going all out on batshit crazy since Trump’s election, but they have no fucking
    clue what is about to come their way!


  2. Real glad you wrote about this Phil.
    Thanks. Hats off to you.

    You simply can not have too much ammo. Nothing else is acceptable. There is no such thing as too much. Like Chuck Shumer and Broomstick up his ass said, they thinks we have too many guns.
    BFYTW motherfucker.

    A great revelation came to me some years back after taking a couple small unit infantry combat tactics course’s at Max Velocities school in Romney WV.
    Extensive courses, covers a lot of ground from understanding how infantry combat tactics work to running your rifle, lot of class room between live fire exercises. Total fun too.
    One of the revelations was how quickly you use up ammo in a firefight. Running an AR in 5.56, 30 round mags, 2 times I used all but half the last magazine of my combat load of 360 rounds, consisting of 12 magazines. Talking 10-15 minutes live fire combat on 3D pop up targets and bunkers during a simulated attack. Saying live fire, the 3D targets are supposed to flop back into their pits when hit, but they get chewed to swiss cheese so quickly rounds go thru the bullet holes so you have to fire a few times to knock them down, your barrel has a smoke screen coming off it the first few times.
    Your supposed to bring at least a 1000 rd case to the course. I burnt thru 1600 and 1400 rds at 2 classes.

    After that, 10,000 rounds is like an OK start of a practical stockpile.
    And that is for one guy running one rifle.

    I have one neighbor who told me, I got 120 rounds for my SKS! Thats enough to kill everyone who fucks with me.

    It is very difficult to express to such a mind set ammo is cheap, ending up taking a dirt nap not so much when your duty is to protect your loved ones.
    Another neighbor, great friend too, fails to see the merit in having any more than bolt guns, and 2 20 round magazines for his AR10 is way overboard. “Nobody is going to get close enough to me to need a rig stuffed with 30 round mags. Only reason he has those two 20 round mags is I bought them for him as a gift.

    The great thing I learned from Max was a kind of 4 dimensional feature to infantry combat. It is a holistic thing too. You can not carry and stockpile enough ammo. The philosophy is look at your stockpile, then double it, then double it again etc. You. Do. Not. Have. Enough. Ammo.
    You don’t put a round in the enemy, you keep shooting till the target stops moving or comes apart in pieces, then a security round, just to be sure.
    Even when the pop up targets would go down on the first round I followed it down with a couple more rounds before it disappeared into the pit. Because once what Max was teaching us sunk in, I couldn’t put enough rounds on the target fast enough. It became instinct very quickly.
    Deer and partridge don’t return fire, and you normally don’t eat a dirty stinking commie who is trying to kill you, so lots of lead on target is perfectly fine.

    Even my wife, since the reality of the situation going down has sunk in, has remarked a number of times, “Honey, you don’t have enough ammo”.
    The other day out of the blue seemed to me, she came out to the shop to say she was really glad we had the weapons we had.
    No more bitchin’ about you got too much ammo or too many guns.

    I’ve tried a number of times to get the men around our community to get together for some basic infantry combat tactics. Max teaches it in a way so the “trained can be the trainer” and pass shit on. But like the ammo stockpile thing, very difficult to convey the imperatives to others who haven’t caught on. Total lack of interest. Lot of misconceptions, and I think the propaganda of most movies has polluted much open thinking on the subject of combat and weapons knowledge.
    You can’t make that horse drink I guess. Either they do figure it out, trial by fire, or they get dead.

    Been some smoking deals at Palmetto State Armory and Brownell’s, even MidWay has some excellent case prices and free shipping lately.

    Prices better than the good old days too.


    • The only time you can have too much ammo is when you’re trying to swim with it or your house is on fire.

      Shoot until the target catches fire or changes shape.


      • Right! Thats how the dictum about shooting your target goes. Thanks.

        First hand, .30 cal ammo weighs a shitload more than 5.56, that reason alone I can see why smaller caliber cartridges became acceptable.
        Though big diff between .308 and .223 if you got to chew your way thru your enemies cover to kill him.
        Everything in war has its tradeoffs.


  3. Looks adequate. I have 5k of 223 and I don’t shoot that caliber much – too lightweight and short on distance. I am long in the tooth and set in my ways. Come for my guns and I will give them the ammo first. A long jail sentence means little to me now as it won’t that long. Molon Labe


  4. I’m late to the party don’t have any, BUT I will support the right to have them. After the 2020 election its going to get very ugly..


  5. I’m calling fraud; pretty picture, that, but none of the shelves are severely bowed downward.

    Old proverb says “you can’t be too handsome, too rich, or have too much ammunition.”

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  6. Now: How far can you carry that stash once it gets sporty? If you burry it, it will be useless water logged green in 90 days. If you take it with you ,you need a 2 ton truck (BIG TARGET). If you stay home and guard it you will not be fighting with the infantry. Plus that is an enormous target for whoever wants to steal it. Be they cop’s, Crim’s or just marauders. When it all go’s TU. The only thing you get to keep for certain, is what you can run with or protect. The depicted stash is over 1000 pounds if all that is full of ammo. How fast and how far can you move 1000 pounds of dead weight? + food and field gear and weapons. The basic load is something over 40000 !! pounds. Now please tell me how to paint yourself out of that corner. BMA! sounds good to someone who has never humped a 100 pound ruck every day for a year. In real life that stash ties you down like 6 hungry kids under 10. AND I forgot to ask. How much fuel do you have stashed to move that? Moving 4000 pounds for one week(or less) should cost around 200 gallons of fuel to move in 6 weal drive cross country. If you cannot move it. QUICKLY! It is not yours the moment you go out the door to fight , or get overrun trying to defend it.. BTW anyone who plans to wait until the cops/Army comes down the street to fight is planning your own suicide. They will have 20 to 50. trained killers who all plan to go home with you in a bag. You MIGHT get off five shots. That stash isn’t a safety net. It’s a burden in a death trap. Or maybe none of you remember WACO, or Woodby island, Gordon Call ring any bells? The 1976 Philladelphia row house burning where the FBI fire bombed 76 people with a Napalm strike? That’s what happens when you think you have “rights” and “stand your ground” with the Government. Unless you have a 105MM AT gun in your stash, The Government brings in flame throwers. They win .You die.


    • Are you serious or are you being comical?
      Got to ask you. The impression I get from your comment is you are saying resistance is futile and it is not worth fighting for something you believe in because you will only loose.
      Why are you going to such trouble to announce nobody can win if they fight for what they believe in?
      In a sense, you yourself have not even fought yet and you have surrendered?
      Whats the deal with that friend?

      Can you explain to me, in the context of your comment, the US military’s poor record fighting goat herders, with AK’s, running around in tire tread sandals, in Afghanistan?

      Seriously. It has been there 20 years now, and those people fighting for their homes and what they believe in have not been defeated, fighting against the same weapons and tactics you claim fighting Freemen in our country will undoubtably lose against?
      How do you explain this difference between islamic goat herders who live in mud huts and use 50 year old weapons, and American’s such as myself who are God blessed to possess the finest infantry combat rifles ever devised with the most advanced optics and support gear made? Same basic infantry combat weapons systems of the US military?

      Not for nothing, small infantry combat is won or lost, it is waged, not on the technological level. It is waged and fought on the individual/small unit level of combat tactics. A guy with a rifle standing on a piece of ground holding that ground. Which is the basis for all land combat. Even Colonel John Boydd developed his phenomenal air combat theory and his OODA Loop Dictum of war strategy/tactics, from small unit infantry combat tactics.

      High technology weapons overall have very low effect on infantry combat basics tactics. Solders have consistently not only survived, but fought very well, very effectively historically, and won decisive engagement and battles against complex and high tech weapons since the Civil War.
      It is said by the brightest minds on 4th Generation Warfare, William S. Lind, Martin Creveld, Tsun Su, Mao, numerous experienced combat veterans who have fought such insurgency war, and I find it obvious via my personal training and historical research, the combat rifle, and small unit infantry combat tactics, are so effective, if anything high tech weapons if anything are counter productive and consistently ineffective against 4th Generation war combatants.
      They are weapons and weapons systems designed specifically for waging 3rd Generation Warfare common to large nation states fighting the wars common to the 20th century.

      History is replete with great warriors who are highly effective against high technology mechanized warfare. Rogers Rangers, John Mosby’s Regiment, our own Special Forces, Navy Seals, British SAS, 101st & 82nd Airborne, they all employ SUICT, they all are the most effective solders ever to carry a rifle and hump a pack, fighting cut off, self reliant, with records of inordinate kill ratios, and winning against seeming impossible odds.
      It was Gen E. Lee’s father, and a formidable company of veteran 4th G warriors from the French Indian Wars, who once released by Gen Washington and his command, in a last desperate act to stave off total defeat, to fight 4th G warfare against the British waging scorched earth war up the eastern seaboard, who stopped the Brit’s cold at Stone Mountain, and completely defeated the British by the time they fought each other in south west Virginia.
      The British Military of the British Empire was the greatest military in all of history. They where the high tech weapons and tactics military of the era. A company of approx. 150 American Patriots whooped their arses employing sound, small unit infantry combat tactics.

      I’ve read similar comments and statements resistance is futile against the US military such as yours. In no way does it jive with repeated history and the actual on the ground blood and guts historical record, and current wars fought right now.

      I can’t recommend to anyone enough this great essay by Major Edward B. Westermann:

      These guys are an excellent resource, and manage to define in non military terms the whole concept of small unit infantry combat tactics for the civillian warrior:
      Every Citizen A Solder
      They discuss in excellent context ammo requirements, and all the essentials of the citizen solder fighting 4th G warfare. Simple, concise, common sense.


        • Yeah, I think you hit it on the noggin. 3 choices: Troll, left wing professor of the amerikan neo bolshevik intelligentsia, or paid government agent provocateur. Any of them’s intent is to create doubt, fear, spread discontent and hate, and try to keep people from uniting in common cause.
          They infest every part of the internet.

          Seems, they have algorithms, AI programs that can post preprogrammed comments. Rumor going around somebody deep into Goolag’s inner sanctum has pulled a Snowden.

          “Michael Yon: A Google Insider, Who I’m Calling a “Google Snowden,” Is Set to Reveal The Extent of China’s Penetration of Google, and Google’s Algorithmic Interventions to Convince America That Patriotism Towards The United States is Racist and Evil”


  7. PDJT just saved the gun industry. i also think that this is a pretty good 5th dimension chess move as he outs all the squish RINO’s in time for primary season. We now know who they are and that they are in lock step to squash a bunch of your constitutional rights. He also gets to gage exactly how pissed off his base will get on this subject. He lucy’s them (pull football at last second) by not signing the legislation. It would have to go back for a 2/3rds veto override. The RINO’s will really be exposed then. It also gets the prog-commies to really propose some insane, (we say we are not Nazis but we really are), crap. In the middle of all this he hits the Declass button. Let the games begin.

    Hold Fast and Declass


    • I like and appreciate your drift.

      #1 rule with Ol’ Trump:
      – Never jump to immediate conclusions.
      – Wait at least till the present news cycle, or the false narrative, takes it inevitable nose dive into illegitimacy.
      – Always read Trump’s exact words, or take your first impression for granted. Never take anything filtered thru anyone or any media dynamic at face value.
      – Adopt a positive perspective in the sense at the very least Trump is a man who speaks truthfully, he never dissimulates, nor speaks out disguising evil ulterior motives.

      This last is a very difficult element of who Donald Trump is to wrap our minds around. He may be right, he may be wrong, but he speaks truthfully to the best of his honest nature.
      What more can you ask of another man?
      And who in our living memory, since Pres. R.R., and prior, has sat in the oval office, has been a man of honor and hoinesty?


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