Face The Facts People, Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Those facts have been piling up at an alarming rate lately yet people keep choosing to ignore them and double down on what has proven to be ineffective instead.

Those facts are, criminals, by definition, do not obey the law.

Ditto for crazy people.

If you are serious about shutting down these mass shootings the answer to your problem is staring you in the face.

Make Open Carry legal, everywhere. Make Concealed Carry legal, everywhere.

It’s like the man said many years ago,

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

Outlaws and crazy people alike will stop and think twice about cutting loose with gunfire anywhere if the odds of someone having the capability to shoot back reaches 75% to 80%.


Otherwise it is premeditated suicide and no gun  laws would be effective anyway.

Just like they are now.

5 thoughts on “Face The Facts People, Gun Control Doesn’t Work

  1. A friend was saying at the Tx shooting there were CCW people in the store who ran away from the gunfire. I would add, as they were taught. Our citizens who legally carry are inundated with stories about prosecutors who go after Joe Citizen for self-defense. And most CCW people don’t have the right training to run to the sound of gunfire. Until the government is willing to support the citizens in legal self-defense then things will not change. The government is by the people and for the people, the people by and large can and should be trusted.


    • My feeling is that a CCW does not come with a cape nor a badge. Unless you’re threatening me or mine, I have no legal reason to pull the weapon. It sucks, but in today’s society that’s the way it is.

      And as far as support for citizen self-defense, here in Tennessee, we can’t get civil immunity for a self-defense shooting. There have been multiple attempts to get it passed, but in committee it always morphs into something 180 out from the original intent. Republican RINO supermajority, Republican RINO Governor and still can’t get shit done.


  2. One more factor Gun free zones will be banned. If you make your place of business a Gun free zone you the owner can be held civilly and criminally Liable for any incident that takes place in you establishment. The store itself was a gun free zone right on the border with Mexico. Mexican nationals do not have CCW rights. Your first priority as a CCW Carrier is to protect yourself and the second is to protect Family Members and or Friends. I cannot blame anybody in that position hold what you have and be ready to shoot if the shooter attacks you directly. Secondly you could be mis-identified as a shooter and be shot by police if you seek out the shooter. The Israelis have a system where plain clothes cops and soldiers have caps that identify them as what they are. They are for sale here as well.


  3. No more “Gun Free Zones.” Make it easier for law-abiding Citizens to acquire Concealed Carry permits, allow them to fire in self-defense and to protect others, and be immune from criminal prosecution.

    The person closest to the madman has the wherewithal to take him out after the first shot.


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