8 thoughts on “TINVOWOOT

  1. There is trouble in the Forest, 
    And the Creatures all have fled, 
    As the Maples scream oppression, 
    And the Oaks just shake their heads. 

    So the maples formed a union 
    And demanded equal rights. 
    “These oaks are just too greedy; 
    We will make them give us light.” 
    Now there’s no more oak oppression, 
    For they passed a noble law, 
    And the trees are all kept equal 
    By hatchet, axe, and saw.

    Trees – Rush


  2. TINVOWOOT: there never was. Voting, in our republican form of government, was meant for keeping us from EVER having to vote our way out of anything to begin with. In predictable ways we lost sight of that dictum of rightful Liberty lived, and rule of law violated so completely, by a self anointed elitist class who think they have special powers to rule over the rest of us. That is rule of men, not rule of law. A distinction of immense profound proportions.

    But that is OK, as nothing causes certain American’s to become manifest in their destiny than like TINVOWOOT.
    Our unique never before witnessed American history has a circular feature to it. Many of us have guns, lots of guns, because we never forgot and we never forget he who ignores that history takes the dirt nap first.
    That is part of the manifest thing:


  3. Three interesting posts from Vox Populi: method actors and false narratives below.
    I figure it is first to distract us from #pizzagate/pedo/child trafficking truths and the expose of the deep states crimes and treasons by giving the fake media an entire news cycle of sensationalizing simply another fake/false something leaving invaluable truths to comprehensive, and difficult to spin or blame others like Mr. Trump and white America for.
    Illusions of legitimacy and legitimate power of the deep state is the single most important thing. To understand our enemy of our Liberty and our very existence as Freemen, it is vital first to understand what our enemy values most, holds dearest. Sure, raw naked power and unlimited acquisition of wealth thru corruption rank at the top, but what is it gives these scumbags the power to do so? Easy, an illusion of legitimacy. It sounds kind of counter-intuitive, but if you give it a good think it rings true. Their power exists behind, and runs below that illusion of legitimacy. Case in point the Clinton’s. They thought she could never lose. Yet she did. Because 64 million people withdrew their consent for her and what she represents. That is loss of power in no uncertain terms right there. And her and her crime syndicate have pulled out the stops gone WOT trying to delegitimize not just Trump, but us who voted for him.
    This mass shooting fake/false flag bullshit is their ground game, they are protecting the ball, running out the clock. The hail mary they are hoping to be in position to pull off is at the very least, discredit Trump, divide and drive off his baser, and if all else fails, disrupt the 2020 election to such a degree it can be plausibly declared unconstitutional. They will call in every pedo/blackmail blood marker they have, in particular the high court judges and the black robbed nazgul’s, to move contest of such a ruse into the hands of those supreme’s. The fix will then be in. Or so they think. Either way, it will be a victory, because they oust Trump, give us Deplorable’s the finger, of course no effort will be lost on painting us as those white rightwing extremist violent gun toting racial supremacists and fascist nationalists. Q’s minions and conspiracy radicalist’s.

    Dis De Revolution Mon!
    It is win or nothing to these commie organized crime figures. Their higher loyalty is to themselves, “Comey’s Dictum”, he wrote that book of his as a message, a rallying cry to his fellow ilk.

    So, bake your noodle, give it a proper think: how many times have they pulled this con on us since at least the Clinton crime regime came to hold power?
    They in no way invented false flag and crisis as a means, but they did make unrestricted warfare on us Deplorable’s, they have employed false flag/narrative/crisis as a means as unlimited, in scale, scope, and bloodiness. Nothing is sacred to them, and their minions have followed faithfully in suit by co-opting and usurpation of the most powerful, key agencies within government.

    Let alone all that they have pulled on us, listed are key opportunities created to use fake/false narratives to:
    A, disarm us
    B, divide and conquer us
    C, more excuses to call for more extreme levels of censorship of truth and speech that is proscribed, (they have shut down 8channel, will 4 chan and Q come soon on its heels?)
    D, another social engineering tool to create the dictum of “Order Out of Chaos”, social chaos which will be used to build suitable false narrative, our country is in such chaos from the usual extremist straw men and issues, the Clinton regime has tirelessly constructed since 1993, intented to provide cover for declaring the 2020 presidential election impossible. Exactly what they attempted against Trump and us Deplorable’s all along.
    D is probably the overiding intent and core strategy.
    They know the ruse is up, nobody other than Mr. Trump is electable, the rest are Clowns, Honk! Honk!, nobody has enough of an illusion, a cloak of legitimacy, to be close to being the next plausible potus, not near the fig leaf that provides cover for the massive vote fraud required to defeat Mr. Trump and nullify the will of a hundred plus million Americans.
    How else they gonna win in 2020?
    Really, the evil vag in a pantsuit was supposed to be the last hurrah of a cionsteetooshunal election and government, it was the last candidate groomed to hold an appearance of legitimacy thus take the throne of western hemisphere power. There was no need for another. They thought she would never lose.

    As secondary but vital, these false flag shootings will be used to put President Trump in a serious pickle, an untenable political position involving “gun control”, where he will commit to more common sense gun control, and thus damaging his core base of loyal voters by being forced to violate their cherished precepts of Unalienable in the unalienable right to arms, and the trust they placed in Trump. This is no shit, critical stuff. We indeed as Bloomberg stated, have too many guns far as they are concerned.
    It all comes down to guns regardless. Everything does. Precisely our guns, our property as the first thing. Getting our guns not only disarms us physically, it emasculates us like nothing else. And emasculating White Red Blooded American Freemen is critical to advancing the agenda of their precious one world order. Can’t have that power long as there is an Armed America. Our guns in our hands are the ultimate equalizer, if anything it is far more than that, it is THE bulwark against these tyrants and their world power.
    I hope Ol’ Trump is not that dumb he falls for the ruse. He will not loose a single voter if he refuses to create more disarmament diktat.
    He will loose the most steadfast component of his base if he does, the most important base he has, and the base that got him elected, he will become just another untrustworthy political hack who has done what all the hacks in every branch of our governments has done before him, choke, betray their oaths, the very trust granted them by we the people. After all, as POTUS that is your #1 job, to protect and look out for the peoples best interest and will. Everything else is subhorned to this sacred trust.
    Sure he has done great things, no doubt, but it ain’t worth a bucket of spit if we can’t defend what matters ourselves, by our own means and druthers. And our guns take second place to nothing or nobody, even the god emperor himself. He best remember Rex needs Dux, and Dux needs Rex, or everything he and his white hats have accomplished is pissing in the fucking wind.
    If Trump violates this trust, I suspect in the not too long run there is no salvation for us dirt people as things stand now, and our Unalienable elements, which define us as Freemen, which that means it is the last resorts, by use of what he violated.





  4. Trump wont jump to any irrational decisions.
    The Demorats OWN these wacko kids doing these shootings, they run the school system in this country and all they preach is how whites are privileged and not worthy of anything. These kids think they are worthless, let alone whether they are a guy girl, or some other wacko demo gender.
    They teach these kids they are the problem for everything that they think is wrong with the USA.
    If that is the case why are so may rushing to get here. Its the Demorats that need to be wiped out and their teachings.


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