I’m Feeling A Bit…… DISTURBED (Updated with Video)

Gonna take care of that soon.

Going to see them in concert at 7:30 tonight and knock another one off of my Bucket List.

My Fathers Day Present has arrived.

Edited, the following is a video I found from the concert I went to.

We were way up looking down on the stage about where you see the microphone for the guitar players facing the camera, almost directly behind and up from whoever was shooting the video.

Fifty feet away from the stage at least.

I could feel the heat from those fire jets clear up where we were sitting.

This one is for you guys. This was incredible.


7 thoughts on “I’m Feeling A Bit…… DISTURBED (Updated with Video)

    • It was great!
      The sound of silence is absolutely awesome live, the piano catches fire and the you can feel the sound in a concert. Powerful doesn’t begin to describe it They played for two hours, lots of breaks, these guys are fucking cool and the real deal. No fancy gimmicks, they just play music. They have a SJW kind of thing going but in a good way. They stopped playing, had a video and a lengthy talk about depression and addiction, very cool, a couple of anti political messages, doesn’t matter what side of the political fence you are on, when you come to their show it’s all about the message of the music kind of thing. There was a break and the singer was going on about how we need to bring Rock and Roll to the newer generations. He looked around and at the end of the stage, this guy had his young daughter on his shoulders, front row kind of. Singer pointed to him and said, “Like That”.
      Had the guy bring his little girl up on stage, it was her 8th birthday, had everyone in the place sing happy Birthday to her, took multiple selfies with the band on the dad’s camera, then sat them down on the riser in front of the drum kit and played another song. It doesn’t GET any fucking cooler than that shit.
      It was a GREAT concert and I am so very happy I got to go see it and knock that off of my bucket list.


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