17 thoughts on “Anybody Seen Fred Lately?

  1. Provided someone is not playing a prank with a spray can, something like this
    would require high voltage and a quite a bit of current. I took an arc flash
    course at work and did some Intertube searches and there are lots of very
    gruesome videos available. An arc flash causes the copper conductors to
    explode turning the copper into superheated copper oxide gas at 20,000
    degrees C. In the case of this photo, Fred would most likely be on the
    floor, probably missing his hands at the very least and quite likely be dead.

    Here is a video of some dork in the land of Harbor Freight tools racking in a
    breaker or MCC bucket who I suspect failed to open the breaker before racking
    it in:


  2. This pic looks like bs to me. I go through electrical safety training every couple years, which is mostly videos of idiots blowing themselves up with arc flash or doing other stupid things. That cabinet would be in a lot worse shape if someone got fried, but a google image search was mostly Russian results, so maybe.
    Or, it was long after repairs and the chunks of Fred were cleaned up

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    • Good observation 9Booger! I racked out and then back in a 12.5kv
      breaker a time or two wearing a 40 calorie Satan’s Beekeeper suit.
      As usual, the dickheads in the front office overreacted to the arc
      flash rules imposed by OSHA. We were told that there was no arc
      flash danger below 250v. The pricks insisted on having us go to the
      highest standard imaginable. Try donning a 40 calorie PPE rig to close
      100 breakers in 100-degree temperatures!

      Imagine Neil Armstrong sweating so bad he could not see through the
      sweat. 100 plus good people lost their jobs at a paper mill in Los
      Angeles due to insane energy costs (Marxifornia,) out of control
      regulations, and levels of taxation that can only be described as

      I was a mechanic with electrical experience and one of my friends
      was an electrician who went to the Los Angeles Department Of
      Water And Power. He was high voltage certified decades before
      the mill closed. At the LADWP, they use 11 (I think) calorie PPE
      to do hot work on 480vac. I was losing 5 pounds every time
      I put on the suit because some fuck-face morons in Washington
      DC or Sacramento imposed rules on companies that my idiot
      bosses misinterpreted!


      • I am a controls guy. 50 volts and below is my world, I will work on 480 if needed, just measurements. My company’s policy is moon suits if guys are racking out 480 buckets. We contract out anything in the switch gear or transformers they feed.


  3. Oh, I forgot. One of the primary causes of arc flash incidents is that morons
    in the electrical department close doors on an MCC bucket without taking
    20 seconds to latch the door. If the switch is closed in the control room and
    there is an electrical fault, the safety interlock is the only thing between some
    nasty burns and electrocution!

    Working in paper mills is like working for Slim Pickins in the railroad scenes
    from Blazing Saddles. I have seen more mechanical and electrical safety
    deficiencies in paper mills than I have in any other industry in my travels as
    a field mechanic and Millwright.

    The dumb fucks in the front office were pissed off because nobody would report
    accidents and safety issues for fear of being blamed for them. And if it involved
    a recordable accident, I saw a buddy who I worked with for 14 years wearing
    a disposable cloth glove, on one hand, heading to the dressing room because he
    did not want to be written up and sent to the clinic. I am a fucking hardliner on
    the issue of drugs because I have seen too many of my friends fuck up their
    lives (including many who died) but fer fucks sakes my black coworker liked to
    smoke a joint or two after work!

    I had to tell the dude that he fucked up by walking out at the end of the day
    looking like Michael Jackson on his way to a Boy Scout Jamboree and told
    him to be more careful.

    If you have never been in a recycling paper mill, there is usually five or so
    acres of what is called the “bale yard.” Some dickhead in production
    filled his forklift at a massive propane tank/pump station. As he entered
    or exited the area, he swung his forklift around and clipped an aluminum
    conduit run, crimping it. If the poor fucker who did it reported it, he would
    have been suspect number one, so the accident may have happened
    six months earlier!

    The conduit contained a plastic-coated wire rope connected to the propane
    supply valve with a D-ring which was meant to close the valve in the case of a
    downstream fire. I was chosen to deal with the issue because I was only
    mechanic with a full suite of cordless tools to cut the conduit and repair the

    If the Deisel fire pump would not start, and we experienced a blackout,
    we would either have to whip out our dicks and piss on the fire or watch
    the entire bale yard burn!

    Well, I could have brought out some weenies and some Smores and made
    the best of it.


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