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I still haven’t gotten motivated enough to get off my ass and do anything yet today, it’s Friday, one of my days off and I am recuperating from this last week and all the shit that went on. While I sit here in my recliner surfing the web, the Wifely Unit has the fucking idiot box going and is watching her damn Soap Opera’s.

Irritating, mind numbing drivel.

The problem is that the Idiot Box is directly in my line of sight right over the top of the screen of my laptop and she cranks the volume up on the damned thing.

Headphones are my friend.

As a matter of fact, I have pretty much trashed this set from constant use over the past couple of years and the ear muffs are basically wiped out. I need to get another set.


In the mean time, they still work so I listen to music while web browsing to drown out the incessant crap blaring at me from the damn television set.

This is what I happen to be listening to at the moment and it ain’t bad.

8 thoughts on “Now Playing

  1. I got a very similar situation. MY wifey is a channel surfer, I’ll look over the top of my laptop screen and she’s watching Fox news, and I’ll get interested in what she’s watching, and she’ll flip the channel at a critical moment, to Mayberry RFD or Three men and a Charlie. Well, fuk.


    • No insult taken man. I’ll be 60 in January and am normally a hard core metal head but I do also have an eclectic taste in music and do enjoy different genres. Except rap, hip hop and anything even remotely similar. Never was a Jazz fan either but rap and hip hop ain’t even music to me.


  2. In Flames has always had a set of balls to them. And I’m a 55 year old metalhead that likes it so hard and abrasive that the music on my stereo makes my neighbors grass up and die. ps.-Long live Dimebag.


  3. If you’re digging In Flames check out At the Gates. I’m a 40-something metal head, though I also listen to pretty much everything except jazz fusion. Lately I’ve been grooving some country-ish stuff. The Heavy Horses, The Devil Makes Three, Mean Mary and The Steel Woods in particular. Stuff I’d never otherwise hear without youtube. If you liked The Dead South you might dig some of this stuff too:


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