She’s Just Going To Wind Up Being A Stripper Anyway, Right?

Way to go Dad!


Man spends daughter’s college fund on 1972 Ford Bronco he used to own


A Reddit user who took money earmarked for his six-month-old daughter’s college fund to buy back 1972 Bronco petitioned others asking whether or not he did the right thing.

User ‘my1972pony’ had, as a teenager, a classic 1972 Ford Bronco his dad bought for him — he would drive it to high school, and had lots of great memories tied to the truck.

He and his dad would spend hours working on it, found a real “true passion” in the off-roader, and it even brought him and his father back together after a rough patch.

When he was 19 however, he decided to sell the Bronco, and two months later his dad died of a heart attack.


AITA for using money we “earmarked” for our 6 month old’s college fund to buy back the exact 1972 Ford Bronco I owned as a teenager?

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Fast-forward to 2019, and ‘my1972pony’ gets married and has a daughter, and one day while driving through the warehouse district, spots a Bronco that closely resembled the one he used to own. Way back when, he and his dad glued a penny under the dash, and when the seller let him check for it, the penny was there, confirming this was indeed his high school ride.

A deal was made for US$23,000, and he drove his high school car back home.

It sounds like a heartwarming story between a man and his reconnection with the last memories of his father — until you realize that $12,000 of that money was given to him by his wife’s parents to set up a college fund for their daughter.

Eventually, his mother bailed him out on the college fund. That should fix everything, right? Maybe, if he hadn’t lied to his wife and said he sold the car to get the money back. Sorry dude, you messed up this one.

Consider this little point,

If he paid 23 grand for it and that is about the crazy ass going rate these days, imagine what that fucker is going to be worth in twenty years when the little chick is college age?



13 thoughts on “She’s Just Going To Wind Up Being A Stripper Anyway, Right?

  1. Fuck what everybody else thinks. That vehicle has MEANING to that man and if his wife and her family can’t get behind him on this, well, fuck them, too. “But what about the fees to pay for his daughters indoctrination and worthless liberal arts degree?”… Fuck that kid, her indoctrination AND her useless degree. Want college? EARN it, princess.


  2. I think he paid too much for it. He could have gotten it for $22k. He fell for an old car dealer’s trick that someone else was on the way to buy it. If someone else was on the way and got there and it was sold the seller is most likely going to get an ass whooping.


  3. A “#3 Condition” 1972 Bronco wagon is currently valued at $29k for a 6-cylinder, and $34k for a V8. A “#3 Car” is a nice one, but not “perfect” or a “Concours” condition. They’re good daily drivers, but not “Show Cars”. The pick-up versions are valued at $27k for a 6-cylinder, and $32k for a V8.

    He could have a gotten a bargain buying it back for $23k, or paid a bit too much, but these things are worth far more than you think…..


  4. His daughter would do better going to a tech school or some trade school anyways.

    Screw them all.

    His wife chose to get pregnant and is now trying to weasel the way out of going back to work. What do you bet the first thing she’ll want to do is get rid of ‘his’ stuff and ‘his’ expenses in order to ‘save’ money.

    I smell a divorce coming up. He’d better keep the title in his mom’s name for safety’s sake.

    And as to him lying to his wife? Well, she lied when she said she’d go back to work after giving birth.

    Good on the guy. He needs to stay nutted up about the Bronco.


  5. I wish i had my 1977 Bronco Back same thing My dad and i did a lot of work on it Not to mention that my now late dad and now late Uncle used it for a hunting vehicle as well. Lots of memories of both and just spending time with them both with never be forgotten


  6. I see two strikes against this guy — that don’t even directly have to do with him spending money GIVEN to him (for another purpose) by his in-laws.

    1. He publicly asks “AITA” (am I the asshole). Man the fuck up, buddy. If you are an adult man who decided to do something, then did it, then caught shit, own what you did. If you now realize you were wrong, then apologize and make the situation right. OR, if you still think you’re right, then stand your ground — on your own two feet. It’s one or the other. To be perfectly clear, this guy is NOT genuinely asking if he did a shitty thing, he’s hoping people will step up to defend him and soothe his FEELS.

    1a. In the same vein as above, he’s all butthurt about the “mommy bailed you out” comments. Well, Mommy DID bail your ass out. To me, the correct response would be, “Yeah, I’ve got an awesome mom. Bet you wish your mom was so great. And, by the way, fuck you!” Plus, why do you care if some random internet stranger basically calls you a pussy? Especially when you ARE one.

    2. After the mom bailout he lies to his wife? At this point I don’t even care about his misusing funds entrusted to him for another purpose [1], he needs to act like an adult. Own your actions. Defend them if you’re right, fix them if you realize you did wrong. Lying implies you think what you did was wrong. “If a thing is false, do not say it. If a thing is wrong, do not do it.” FFS. It’s not rocket science. And by the way, your wife lying to you does not make it right for you to lie right back. That is no way to have a marriage, and IMO a marriage run on those lines is in serious trouble. Marriage is NOT some transactional thing. It’s bad enough, say, trading in your POS car to some POS salesman where you’re both shading the truth, but THAT’S transactional. You don’t have to live with that salesman as your partner. (Sorry, Beans. Not meant as a personal attack.)

    [1] His taking the money that his in-laws GAVE his worthless ass, is like a politician saying “but the pension funds were just SITTING there!” If it was money he had personally earned, then I’d be all aboard him spending it on the Bronco. But it wasn’t. It was given him *in trust* for another purpose.

    Yeah, I get that probably 80%+ of college degrees are worthless these days. And I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe (despite — or actually because of — being rather over-credentialed myself). That’s not the point here, IMNSHO.


  7. A NEW Ford Bronco isn’t worth TEN grand .. Let alone some piece of old shit … This asshole is typical of his generation who were ‘ raised ‘ to count on mom and dad to bail them out of every fuck up they repeatedly found themselves in ! … The PARENTS should be thrown in jail !

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