Remember Those Toxic Masculinity Ads Gillette Ran Earlier This Year? They Have Lost Billions Since Then

Billions with a Big B.

I hope they shit canned any and everyone even remotely involved in that and CONTINUE to bleed money.



Consumers react to legacy company’s trashing of men

Gillette ran an infamous “toxic” masculinity ad during the Super Bowl casting men as sexist bullies, followed by one in which a father teaches a daughter who is “transitioning to be a man” to shave.

The February ad prompted an immediate backlash, with many men vowing to stop using Gillette products, charging the ad assumes most men are misogynistic.

Now, P&G is reporting a net loss of about $5.24 billion for the second quarter due to an $8 billion non-cash writedown of Gillette, according to Reuters.

For the same period last year, Reuters noted, P&G’s net income was $1.89 billion, or 72 cents per share.

There is more at the link but I was having a hard enough time posting this because it’s not easy to type, laugh and scratch your nuts at the same time.

Speaking of nuts, I just remembered one of my favorite jokes.

Why do women rub their eyes in the morning when they wake up?

Because they don’t have nuts to scratch.



14 thoughts on “Remember Those Toxic Masculinity Ads Gillette Ran Earlier This Year? They Have Lost Billions Since Then

  1. This is why I remain optimistic about the future of America. When Target fell
    for the tranny bathroom shit, they too lost billions in sales. I think that even
    liberal suburban parents were a tad concerned about their 9-year-old girl
    having to share a shitter with 35-year-old pedos because the real threat
    was child molesters identifying as females.

    If all you have to do is self identify, it’s like declaring open season on children.
    The left has gone so far over the edge that they are now purging the leader-
    ship at the DCCC (Dumping all the white people in the name of diversity.) When
    the shit hits the fan next November I will be watching it unfold on TV while eating
    a big bowl of popcorn.

    Even here in the state of Marxifornia, 60+ percent of voters oppose illegal
    immigration and 72 percent oppose sanctuary cities. In a recent poll,
    72 percent oppose reparations. By every measure, this country is still
    right of center and very much believe that the left is in a total panic,
    if not in an actual death spiral!

    PS In an overnight snap poll taken by a news station in Baltimore, more
    than 70 percent of the residents agreed with President Trump.


  2. Toxic masculinity… Get me a beer, make me a sammich, wash my truck bint and I may give you a little loving tonight. Is that toxic enough?


  3. It’s P+G that needs to get the message. My friend, a hedge fund manager, bailed on P+G as part of his portfolio as soon as he saw the Super Bowl commercial. Very Smart Man, as there was a spike in the stock price that he sold into. It’s almost predictable get woke, go broke.



  4. It always only takes a small minority to drive, then stampede, the herd. Whether that be over the cliff or to water. It was the case with the 3%’s and it is now the case with the demontards.

    New here today. Love your stuff bub and thanks!


  5. There has been a marketing trend in the past few years to use men as punchlines in marketing strategies. What the marketing people at Gillette failed to understand here, was that the other companies who use white males like me as a punch line were selling products to women, or, in some cases, to men and women where a slight loss of male buyers wasn’t an issue. In marketing there is something called the ten to one rule: When you piss off one person, that person will tell ten friends. When you consider the amount of white males who saw these ads and the ten to one rule, is it any wonder the Gillette brand is tanking?

    On a personal note, I stopped using Gillette products a long time ago after discovering there was much better alternatives out there.


  6. Gillete reintroduced me to other people double edged razors. Enjoying the shave and saving money, thanks Gillete. Seeing some damaged Gillete product on the shelf these days, just sayin


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