19 thoughts on “Oh Ye Of Little Faith

        • I should have known you when I was around 25.
          I called a Volkswagen Beetle (6V battery) my own. You’d have loved working on this car much more than on your Bronco.
          I had to trash it because the two beams holding the engine were completely rusted through. What a pity.


      • Not, don’t you live in Germany? Wouldn’t that be expensive to ship Phil’s Broke Back Mountain Bronco there and get the engine rebuilt?


        • Nope. No monetary troubles here. I’m Garry Cooper in disguise. Nope, he’s not dead and I’m the living proof (Elvis ain’t dead, either). The fact that my mug isn’t as handsome as his is just due to my excellent disguise.


    • It is currently sitting out front in the street waiting for yet another thrash session.
      It stated puking coolant out of the back of the intake manifold so it has to come off and it is a horrible job that I have done before and am in no hurry to do again. The engine is worn out anyway.


  1. Crap DUDE! I need to be at your house with two big bags of popcorn and diet pepsi this Wednesday watching all the rats scurrying under the floor boards and perp walks on TV. About fucking time. After go after the churches that are bringing in all the mud people and then go after the antifi pansies . Shit, I could start a long list.


  2. Damn right they are. They are also trying to get out in front of what’s coming. Nothing can stop what is coming. Keep watching the news, it’s going to get real interesting here shortly.


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