That Would Be Me….

move stuff

Two hard hats, work jackets, multiple pairs of work gloves, one or two grease rags for checking the oil with, car parts, may or may not be for the vehicle I am driving, possibly still new, in the box,  receipts, old scratch off tickets, at least one empty can of Monster, ratchet straps, wadded up tarps, spare change, two Bic lighters and at least one empty pack of cigarettes. Usually at least one extra pair of glasses that I wouldn’t be able to see a damn thing out of too.

Thank God for split bench seats.

Flip the back forward and deposit said shit behind the seat and we are good to go.

2 thoughts on “That Would Be Me….

  1. Nah, that photo calls for a rake, muck shovel and dumpster. Sad to say I too have some past associates and friends whose cars were identically enhanced.


  2. There were a couple of brand new Lincoln Continentals I ran across while working at the dealership that I will never forget
    At that time one of those was running over forty grand loaded.
    One was this guy who apparently was a rancher over in Eastern Oregon. I walked up to this thing to open the door and there were bales of hay in the back seat and after I got in it, you could smell cow. Looking a little closer into the back seat, I saw hair. Short red hair with some tufts of white.
    The fucking guy had been hauling calf’s in the back of the fucking thing.
    The other one I ran into a couple of times. I walked up to the thing and there was literally McDonald’s bags and wrappers clear up to the windows all the way across in the back and the passenger side area was the same way The fucking thing stunk like rotten food so bad I gagged.
    I cleaned that sonofabitch out the first time and ragged the fuck out of the service writer for even bringing into my stall like that.
    A few months later it showed up again like that and I went and got that stupid fucker of a service writer, drug him down next to it and told him to get it the fuck out of my stall, I wasn’t working on the damned thing.
    He went and got a Lot Lizard and he took it out back and cleaned it out .
    I made him deodorize it before he brought it back in.
    I told that dumb bastard of a service writer that if he ever tried pulling that shit on me again that I was going to get in it, drive it all the way out back, lock it up and throw the keys as far as I could over the fence.


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