This Is Not A Game

There has been a high stakes battle going on ever since Donald Trump started campaigning for the Presidency.

For those who haven’t been paying any fucking attention, the Obama administration, along with Hillary Clinton and the spy agencies of other countries including Italy and England, conspired to spy on not only Donald Trump but members of his campaign team.

People close to Trump have been harassed, intimidated, spied on, charged with crimes and even jailed in the massive cover up that has been perpetrated at public expense, most notably over the fake  Russiagate  charges.

Every bit of all of that lawlessness, conspiracy, and media hyped coverage of it was designed to throw everyone off the trail of criminal activity that accompanied this all out siege against Trump.

Every bit of that criminal activity is now coming under intense scrutiny and when it is all laid bare for the public to see, it is going to wind up exposing Former President Barack Obama and a great deal of his senior agency heads for various law enforcement agencies directly .

Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Bob Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and an entire roster of other people are also going to start coming under intense scrutiny for criminal behavior, most notably for the Uranium 1 scandal that pretty much got buried.

It is no understatement to say that the Obama administration committed the biggest crime spree in the history of this country.

Now that the seemingly never ending Russian Collusion conspiracy investigation has run it’s course without a shred of evidence of Donald Trump committing any criminal acts, Bob Mueller has been dragged back out for questioning at the insistence of the Never Trumper’s and the Impeach Trump At All Costs crowd and was forced to repeat that he found no reason to charge Donald Trump with anything, these same people are now out of ammunition, have nothing left to delay or obstruct Trump with and are sitting ducks for what is coming back their way.

Mark my words, there are scores of dirty politicians on both sides of the aisle but the Democrats in particular have more skeletons in their closets than there are Patriots buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

There is gong to be a very long stream of information coming fast now that Trump’s hands have been untied that is going to prove beyond a doubt of all of this criminality I just brought up and people are going to fucking jail over it.

The old saying is true, the wheels of justice turn slowly but grind exceedingly fine.

Trump has had teams of people working since the day he was sworn in documenting every bit of all of this and as another old saying goes, you only get one chance to kill a king

Instead of just one king, trump is out to kill  dozens, all at once.

Everything has to be in perfect order, all of the I’s dotted and all of the T’s crossed.

That takes time.

While he has been doing this and fighting off all of these attacks at the same time, he has also had access to every single electronic communication from every one of these bad apples. If you will remember what the NSA has been doing ever since G.W. Bush turned them loose?

Do you also remember that “Chance Meeting” between Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch at an airport?

You know, the one where Bill Clinton said they didn’t talk about much, just Grandchildren etc.?

Unbeknownst to those two “alleged” co-conspirators, someone was listening to their little conversation. And recorded it.  Pay To Play writ large. If she didn’t go after Hillary over the illegal Emails etc, when Hillary was president there was going to be a spot open on the Supreme Court for good old Loretta for being such a good sport.

So now to the point of this rambling post.

Take a look at what the President of the United States of America retweeted clear back in November of last year.


He knew Mueller wasn’t going to find shit clear back then and had to wait for those assholes to go through all the motions until there was nothing left for them to come up with before he could begin to start in on their asses.

That process is now underway.

The recent arrest of Jeffery Epstein was the opening salvo. That is going to open a can of worms exposing pedophilia run amok among the rich and famous, plus a large group of politicians.

From now until the next presidential election you can expect to see the Democrats take one hit after another until it gets to the point they will be afraid to walk down the street.

Now would be a very good time to stock up on popcorn.

Trump is going to start playing Hardball and the scandals and people he is going to expose have no end.

I know we are all so used to seeing a two tiered justice system where us little guy’s get turned into Chum and the beautiful people skate for literal murder so that even suggesting that someone like Hillary Clinton going to jail just causes eye rolls and snorts of derision.

These people are also used to that.

Big mistake.

This time someone ain’t gonna play that game and the stupid fuckers were so kind as to leave paper trails.



30 thoughts on “This Is Not A Game

  1. Some OT here:
    I‘ve been constantly thinking of whom you remind me, Phil. Not so much your looks but the way your mind works. I knew it must have been some actor in the 80’s but I couldn’t figure it out.
    Right now it just popped up in my mind – it was an actress:

    Remember her?

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  2. Good Summary Phil. Let us only hope Epstein makes it to a grand jury and get’s his testimony on public record before the Clinton’s have him meet a “tragic accident” like so many others who threatened to expose them. The odds are not good, but miracles happen everyday.


  3. What we have Phil, is a situation where between 30-50% of the country no longer wants to play by the rules that the country was founded on. That’s a lot of people. They’ve taken over the institutions too. The FBI, the judiciary, the media, the schools…

    The best that can be hoped for is peaceful secession. Civil war is far more likely.


    • I’m kind of partial to the Raspberry actually.
      This here was from last Friday. I doubt very much you will see anything about it on the MSM,

      BREAKING: President Trump said he has given Attorney General William Barr the authority to release all declassified #SpyGate documents to House Intelligence Vice Chairman Devin Nunes

      This will implicate Brennan, Comey, Rosenstein and Obama personally.
      Just for starters.


  4. Is it a coincidence that the Federal Government reinstated the Death Penalty, 5 that have been sentenced to Death are now being scheduled for the New Year.

    Is this form of punishment going to be used as a tool to make these traitors talk or will those that committed treason get their final reward.


  5. As someone else said, “It would be pretty to think so” but am I to believe that some really big people are actually going to be indicted, convicted, and sent to jail? That doesn’t happen. Maybe some intern somewhere will eat the big one for the boss’s crimes.


  6. Most people are not paying attention especially to an article at ZH laying out numerous arrests, convictions, etc for pedos and human traffic.
    The most interesting part about this is they are all since jeffrey epstein was arrested.

    Another interesting rant was by State of the Nation, article Acostagate. This guy believes the hiring of Acosta will cost Trump the 2020 election.
    I think he could not be more wrong. I believe Trump appointed Acosta to expose Epstein and the Congress that approved him al! thought Acosta would be their scapegoat in the upcoming battle.

    And yes, the NSA has everything and the death penalty did not need to be reinstated for traitors. Military trials have the authority to put traitors to death. The recent Barr move was to wake the public.

    I love popcorn.


  7. You’re ever the optimist.
    The moment some star of the left is arrested the whole shit house goes up in flames and we’ll be shooting at each other.


      • Possible.
        More likely, I would imagine, that will be the time for the hue and cry to get the “racists” perpetrating such an injustice.
        For example, just look at the newest tweet outrage.
        This is occurring just as the Muller investigation is put into the grave.
        Start putting high level resistance traitors and seditionists under arrest and that will be the signal to go hot. Cities will be a bloodbath as white males are singled out for retribution (Rwanda x Yougoslavia)
        This is the one and only reason that no one has had to pay the piper yet for the crimes committed.
        Sure, people like Epstein will be caught up, but they are not the leaders.


        • Of course, if something particular nasty, say Ebola seeping through our porous borders and hits several cities, all bets are off.


  8. For those who keep saying that the Clintons, et al, will never be convicted and properly punished — let me remind you of a certain French king and his young wife. On a more modern note, how about that Chouchescue (I know, I know– my spelling sucks!) He and his wife were machine gunned in a parking garage.
    So yes, miracles DO happen.


    • Perfect examples of what can happen in culturally homogeneous countries not infected with the plague of diversity and multiculturalism with an added dose of cultural marxism.
      Of course, even in France on has to look as to what happened to the Vendee.


  9. One has to remember that all of this talk and theorizing is purely academic. The President has very little time left to do anything. He will not be allowed to be elected again. This is evidenced by the last electoral season. The left is well organized and funded whereas we definitely are not. They can blatantly corrupt elections and brag about it. Voter fraud through illegals voting early and often, the dead, and harvesting will turn the tide forever. Demographics is destiny.
    We haven’t seen anything yet. Once the progressives are in power look forward to a new Reign of Terror complete with Committees of Public Safety and the proverbial Jacobin controlled guillotine.
    Such a rosy picture, I know.


  10. Thats right Phil.
    Spot on man.
    I’m with you.

    As a natural born red blooded American Man of the Christian West, I perceive, and believe, these things mentioned above, and below as the truth’s which matter.
    Thus I support Mr. Trump, I voted for Mr. Trump, and I believe regardless of, in fact in spite of, the scalawag’s shit-stirring, their attempts to spread dis-enchantment and discontent, divide us and make us go for each-others throats instead of unifying against the real true enemy, to undermine the proper form of republican form of governance of we the people, and to silence us.
    There is nothing else for that quagmire, this swamp of hate but to fail.
    And failure for us, is not an option. If we fail to save what needs saving, the alternative is to be buried in the incessant heap, the dustbin of civilizations all before who went to the mass grave of tyranny: the creation of America, and Liberty it’s very self, changed this dialectic for the very first time in all of recorded human history. Nothing like America has ever happened.
    What this above is, is what I believe with all my heart is what is at stake here.
    What transpired on November the 8th, 2016 changed everything.

    A well-hidden secret of the deep-state had been revealed: it was possible, it seemed, for a president to be chosen, by the will of the people themselves.

    This came as a terrible shock.

    They though she would never loose.

    They purposefully called President Trump evil, but in actuality Trump is an evil dose of the truth, the Truth about these evil men and woman running this unmitigated disaster they rule over.

    Trump Strategy: strength thru re-establishing the dictum of America first, the American people as the true and only, legitimate political and socio/economic power within the Republic of the United States. WE. DO. NOT. BELONG. TO. A. HOMO-GLOBAL. CABAL.
    We are Sovereigns each and everyone of us. This is our country. Nothing less and no other.

    Trump’s Dictum: Strength through:
    1 The economy.  Economic security. America First.
    2 Immigration.  Sovereignty. America First. Defending our sovereign borders from foreign invaders and enemies.
    3 National Security.  America First. A strong efficient well organized military run by solders who are true warriors first under the long won hard learned precepts of the great warrior virtues.
    4 Ensuring intel weaponization never happens again. [Declassification etc.] In truth, the end of weaponizing everything to suit political agenda.
    5 Bring to justice those who have betrayed the American People. Restoration of faith in, and, in form & structure, of Republican form of will of the people government, along with re-establishment of the idea and precepts, the pre-emanate practice of The Rule of Law.

    America, We the People, are not nor ever have been a global village, nor a open borders “melting pot”. There is no such thing as “civic nationalism”, “diversity”, “equality”, or “racism.” These are artificial constructs, outright fabrications, lies per say, to create back doors to skirt the rule of law, and our string 2000 year christian greco/roman culture that has evolved thru the centuries to withstand these very usurpations and invasions, from without, but in particular within, from domestic enemies. They are in all ways dress rehearsal for creating civil/class/race war. In order to create chaos out of which American can be destroyed thus become a vassal, a wealthy, productive cash cow, a goose that lays golden eggs, to be strip mined of all of her wealth creation, of an insidious evil one world order.

    Immigration without assimilation is invasion.
    It is a weapon. “They” have employed it as such.
    Thru history, in every account of invasion by immigration, in every instance, War has been the result. War that destroys the invaded nation state.
    There are no exceptions in history to this.
    Not one.

    So to those who are obsessed with pooh poohing Mr. Trump, MAGA, redress of the terrible wrongs against us dirt people, and the accomplishments of this grass roots insurgency of we the people to stand by OUR chosen champion, our leader, and the amazing efforts successfully executed lawfully, and peacefully, you are whistling past your own graveyard.
    Remember well, history proves those who ignore it take the dirt nap first.
    You have to be deaf dumb and blind or willfully ignorant, a useful idiot to think otherwise.
    Do not say you where not warned.
    You will find no sympathy nor quarter from us and our republic who you spit on.


    • The way I see it, no matter what, we’re in for a fight.
      Not a political one mind you, but a bare knuckled brawl to the knife.


      • Certainly is very possible. Who can doubt our enemies declared open intentions?
        It certainly pays to be a prepared free man. That is only good common sense, to start with. After all one side is talking all sorts of white genocide bullshit, the other is armed to the teeth for good reason. I mean, lets be honest here, the millions of very fine infantry combat carbines and gear, ammo, and training, a very fine combat arm, bought built and modified in such numbers isn’t a fad or because of hobbies, it is up-armoring writ large across our republic, these superb weapons, are for self defense, because of a viable stated threat of liquidation by some really fucked up characters with a proven blood thirsty ideology of genocide of all who are even remotely perceived as a threat, there is no exceptions to this in history of this human extinction movement.

        Besides, when 64 million people said BFYTW to the pedo elite on 11-8-16, you can be sure there is another 100 million who are thinking along similar lines.
        Those are big numbers, a monster demographic, and again an armed demographic. I think you got to be off your fucking rocker to think you can defeat and subjugate never mind genocide such a plurality of American’s, all the cheese has to have fallen off your cracker to be so fucking ignorant you conform to such an ideology that defines the meaning of kill all who do not come to it’s siren song of the great mortal sins of hate and envy to start with. In particular, you may be part of a large plurality, but there is all the difference in the world between your ideology of hate, and a serious as a heart attack American creed that holds within it’s hearts the profound precepts of natural right to self defense, the liberty of using force and violence and suitable tools and audacity as a wholly legitimate means of protecting what matters most, and this delusional fantasy about being the next neo-bolshevik and nurturing your inner Che’.
        Never mind, communism doesn’t have within it’s tiny elitist tyranny structure enough positions for everyone who came to it’s call to be a member of it’s Nomenklatura class. Such tyranny can only exist with it’s slave classes, and it’s totalitarian use of fear and terror. All others must take the dirt nap. Marxian systematic use of raw naked power demands the useful idiots can not be trusted because they are indeed already proven traitors to their own kind, and nation, once their usefulness is done with, it’s off to the goolag archipelago and mass graves for you comrade.
        That all isn’t the most inspiring thing to fight and be willing to die for, to defend and protect. The only moral imperatives are the fantasy of “social warrior justice”. We all know what perverted demographic populates those worthies plurality and their safe places. Muh soy boy/carpet muncher/pickle smoocher insurgency!

        There is nothing as fierce and indomitable than American’s defending their home, family, creed and reason for being part of a nationalistic tribe. Once it goes full armed partisan it don’t stop till it decides to stop. Till it’s satisfied the threat is eliminated. Christian Western Warriors tend to win big.

        In simplest terms regarding that last, your comment is something I can most easily identify with, I like to believe and truly hope that men such as ourselves make very effective brothers in arms. Even if we be separated by thousands of miles. There is certainly everything to be said for it.


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  12. I wouldn’t be so sure. If you’re sitting on a jury, you don’t get the right to ask logical questions. You only get to talk about what has been presented. Sitting in a room full of people being paid, who don’t care how long or stupid it gets, in order to get a result from 12 people minimally paid who weren’t smart enough to avoid jury duty. Neither side asks questions they don’t already know the answer to.
    The law isn’t going to go after anybody, unless there is coin to collect, or personal gain to the prosecutor.


  13. The truth is known, the facts available. The problem is too few Americans give a big enough damn to demand the criminals face justice. The rich an powerful will continue to obfuscate and the media will cover for them by ignoring facts, lying and hyping petty bullshit to keep the masses distracted. Trump willl probably win in 2020….so the kids and distractions will continue till he’s replaced in 2025.
    Once he steps down (assuming he doesn’t meet the same fate as JFK) the deep state will still be there running things. NOBODY of importance is EVER going to prison for this. That is the sad ugly reality. It is going to require civil war 2.0 and a massive house cleaning with virtually the entire Fed Gov being replaced from clerks and secretaries all the way to the top.


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