What A Stunning Upset Ladies And Gentlemen! Ho Lee Fok Is Down And Isn’t Moving!

He’s gonna stay down too.


I couldn’t stand it and went out in the garage for a quick thrash session and threw the bitch together before coming in to get cleaned up for the night.

I’m not quite done with it and that is a staged picture, in a way. The motor isn’t tightened down yet so the belt is loose and the cheap Harbor Freight sanding discs won’t even stick to the new plate long enough for me to take a picture but the damn thing does work finally. I also will have to put the little plastic cover back over the drive belt when I get everything lined up and tightened down.

Here is a picture of it running and if you will notice, the sanding belt is tracking right in the middle like it’s supposed to.



I actually had to throw the main shaft in the Mini lathe and true up the end the sanding disc goes on. It didn’t want to fit in the new cast iron backing plate either.

It took me quite a while to get the runout walked in on the little four jaw chuck but once I got it close I turned maybe 4 thousands off the shaft just where the backing plate slides on. The driven pulley behind it slid on so easy it was damn near sloppy so I didn’t mess with that section any. Then there was some light pounding action to get the new fucking bearings on the shaft and in the bores at the same time. I had to mess with that because if they didn’t both go on at the same time basically, one would drive the other back out.

So here’s a great big Fuck You I Win just because the thing was pissing me off there for a while.

I’ll finish the thing up tomorrow night after I get back from that damn wedding.

Then I have some rearranging to do so I can find a convenient place to put it so I can actually use the damn thing.


20 thoughts on “What A Stunning Upset Ladies And Gentlemen! Ho Lee Fok Is Down And Isn’t Moving!

  1. We used to use 3M Spray 77 to cement to hold discs on our sander like the one you have. This works with DA sander discs too.

    Spray one side and immediately put it together. You may have to hit spray both but I would try one side first.

    Do not let the glue dry before putting the disc on the sander. Letting the glue dry creates a contact cement like bond and is a real pain to get apart after. Putting things together wet is a temporary bond. A can will last you years.

    Of course a cleaning of the metal surface with isopropyl alcohol first is a necessity.

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    • I saw your comment last night and just happened to remember it on my way back from that wedding just in time to hang a hard right into a hardware store and grab a can. The stuff works like a charm. THANKS!


  2. +1 on Glenda T. Goode’s advice.

    I use 3M Rubber and Vinyl Spray Adhesive and GooGone to clean up the wheel when I remove it.


  3. Glad you got it running. I have the exact same machine and the belt works really well. the disc not so much! I got it when my brother-in-law passed and they gave me all his harbor freight equipment that he had never used. Table saw,drill press power hacksaw and the belt grinder combo.

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    • Oh man did you score. If he never used it though I bet every one of those need to be gone through.
      I have yet to buy anything from that outfit that I didn’t either have to adjust something on, go buy fasteners for that was missing or tear down just to get the casting sand and machining grit out of.


  4. My brother-in -law had a pallet jack. Guess who has it now!! Also I did have to fix problems with all the equipment I got from him. He also had a Hayabusa with 7 miles on it. Scared him so much riding it home from dealer he never rode it again.

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  5. He had three storage lockers full of stuff that had to be gone through and sorted out. I got the equipment for helping. I also bought a 1989 Firebird Trans-Am GTA convertible from the estate. 1 of 350 made for 1989

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