17 thoughts on “Sometimes, All I Can Say To Myself Is Vert Der Ferk?

    • Joe – not sure what is going on with your site. When I try going to it, I get a perpetual ‘LOADING’ message, and my computer slows down.
      It’s something I don’t get anywhere else.


      • It’s because he doesn’t have a setting in place to display only so many posts at once. It is, constantly loading. You can just keep scrolling and old posts keep rolling up.


        • It takes several minutes for the first post to show, and scrolling down clicks are about twice per minute.
          Guess I need a laptop with more horsepower – and this one is less than a year old.


          • Just a suggestion but I had a lot of trouble with certain sites and especially this game I have been playing on my old laptop and then this one started doing it too.
            Come to find out they were both running low on available memory. Both times because of all of the pictures that I had saved. After I went through and deleted a ton of those they both started working fine again. Something to look at anyway.


            • Space check shows the following:
              Used space – 58G
              Free space – 856G
              so I don’t think that’s a problem yet, but thanks for the suggestion.


    • I coulda swore I did this once but I made sure this time.
      Maybe one of these days when I am sitting around with my finger in my ass I’ll clean the blogroll up This ain’t nothing, you should see all the dead blogs on my old site.
      I ain’t too worried about it.


  1. It’s a nice tool for kickin‘ someone’s arse at work:
    „Hey Phil, got a screwdriver?“
    „Yes, sure. It’s on my boot. Just take it!“


  2. Emasculate Everything.

    Lord thank you, I’m glad I’m a Man. Every day. I wear my White Christian Man-Splaying Wife Beater Tee Shirt AR Totin’ Toxicity as a badge of honor.

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    • I’m tellin’ ya dude, as time goes by I seem to take more and more pleasure in displaying the fact that I am an old, white male. Just rubbing it in peoples faces.
      Fuck all them motherfuckers.


  3. I take it this one did not induce a boner with Phil. I can’t blame him. I’m
    a fat old fart who hasn’t been able to touch his toes since Mork and Mindy
    was popular. I’ve seen tool fads come and go, some good and some bad
    but this is the worst tool-related product I have ever seen (and I have seen
    them all!)

    I have seen images of a Weiner Dog strapped with tool rolls for working under
    a car and that makes more sense than this.

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      • I don’t have a dog. I rescued a feral kitten from a paper mill. If I
        strapped a tool roll on the fucking bastard, it would fit a meme I saw
        last week. The same image for sit, roll over, play dead, heel, etc.
        The final image was stay. Same place, cat GONE!

        I am not a cat lover but I had to trap Slow Poke Rodriguez II and
        take him home via an animal hospital. I could not watch the little
        fucker die from intestinal parasites or forklifts. For those of you
        who do not own an unneutered feral Tomcat, any attempt to trap
        his ass results in a loss of blood (MINE!)

        Even when he plays with me, I bleed. Cats are Alexandria Empty
        Cortex stupid! They cannot be trained. Stealthy and agile predators?
        Capital B-ULLSHIT! He is so clumsy he makes Jerry Lewis look like
        an Olympic gymnast! I lost track of the times the little bastard fell
        on his ass.

        Having a cat means never being able to take a shit alone. Dumb
        ass decides to jump up in my lap. Dumb ass slides back because
        he misjudged the jump. Out come the RAZOR sharp claws, and
        out comes the blood!

        It’s a good thing I am a knuckle buster who is used to bleeding.


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