It’s Been A Hot, Busy And Productive Day With A Surprise Ending For You.

Holy crap it’s after six o:clock in the evening and I am still not done yet.

A lot of shit happened today though.

It was already hotter than hell when I woke up at Noon today. First I gargled down a cup of coffee and then I hit the ground running.

I swapped the string feeder on the end of my Weed Eater and then went out back and went to fucking town on a bunch of shit. Maybe even some stuff the wife wanted to keep. I didn’t care. About five minutes into that with the sun pounding down the sweating started. The shit runs down my bald forehead, saturates the head band of my hat and then proceeds unhindered right into my eyes, behind my glasses.

Now I know why my Grandfather always had a handkerchief in his pocket, to mop sweat with.

I got done with that shit and then ran over to Lowes to pick up two more 2X12’s to use as ramps for the back of the Caballero.

I needed those to get this cock sucker into the back of it,


By myself, with flat, rotten tires.


That’s when I over heated and came in to sit down, cool off, drink some ice water and threw that last post up.

After a while, someone who this was going to came over and I finished ratchet strapping all that and the boards down.

He is also coming back to get the little wood chipper tomorrow.


After I got the thing cleaned up and running I kind of got the rusted off hopper reattached and it is usable now. I am actually, just maybe, for the first time in recent memory, going to make a little bit of money off of that deal.

The tractor I just gave him, free delivery twenty miles away and everything, just to get rid of the fucking thing and make some room around here. Same reason I am getting rid of the chipper. Make a hole in this rats nest.

So I just got back from delivering that thing with a small detour on the way back. It just worked out that the timing was close enough that I could swing by the guy’s place that I bought the belt sander from and snag the front roller he found for me.


I was so damned tickled with that and so thankful that the guy actually took the time to find it and put up with me bugging the shit out of him two Friday’s in a row right as he was getting off work that I gave him another ten bucks for his trouble and told him to go buy some cold beer for doing that for me when a majority of people would have just told me to go fuck myself, ya bought the thing As Is now go away.

I told him that it literally saved me well over fifty bucks because even though I might be able to buy one, it would be one piece at a time. The roller, the shaft and the two bearings. Easy fifty bucks there.

Double triple bonus round, just before I sat my sorry little ass down here I went and checked the mail and was pleasantly surprised to see my other bearings had come in so now, hopefully, I have everything I need to finish putting the sonofabitch back together and make it work again.

God Willing.

The door bell ringing by the UPS driver dropping off the new cast iron backing plate is what woke me up today.

I stayed up way too late after I got home last night.


I have the BBQ going right at the moment and have to go finish broiling myself and a couple burgers and dogs, then I have just a little time before I have to get cleaned up and get ready for this fucking wedding tomorrow. As soon as I get home from that the parts are gonna start flying back onto that belt sander.


So after all of this typing, I still haven’t gotten to the surprise ending that I mentioned at the top.

There is a part of me that thinks I am a complete asshole for dumping that derelict old tractor on this guy but there is also a part of me that is doing the Happy Dance too.

The reason I am so torn?

It’s the guy I bought that fucking Bronco from.




4 thoughts on “It’s Been A Hot, Busy And Productive Day With A Surprise Ending For You.

    • It was the dead one I originally bought a couple of years ago. I kind of hated to get rid of it because you could engage the wheels independently of each other if you wanted to so it was kind of like a skid steer.
      I have too damn many other projects though so away it went.


  1. With those ramps on your Caballero you could launch F35s all day… Did you experience any pain in your groin? Like a hernia? You the he-man! Are you gonna keep this disk sander after ya get it working? Do you have room for it in the garage? Maybe the wife unit may let you set it up in the living room…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m keeping it. I’m gonna have to take a picture of it with the little four inch HF belt sander I also have sitting on it one of these days.
      I had to take two runs at the ramps with the fucker, it has a rotted out flat spot on the left side tire and it got to a spot and hit that and wouldn’t turn anymore so I had to back it down and get another run at it. Heavy fucker, trust me.


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