Fuck Me


It’s gotta be ninety fucking degrees outside today and of course, I have a ton of shit I want to get done.

I just got done with a couple of things and I was sweating so hard I had to stop.

I mean, it was so bad I actually had to resort to this,


I try to avoid that shit, I hear the fishes do nasty things in it but damn I was flirting with heat prostration.

There will be an update to this later if I survive but I still have a bunch of shit to do.

It should be worth checking into later this evening.

Stay tuned…..

12 thoughts on “Fuck Me

  1. I‘m completely lost here.
    Can anyone explain to an old fart like me what this old fart like him is talking about??!?
    Seriously guys.
    I really don’t get what he’s up to – except he’s complaining ’bout the summer weather and how hard it kicks his old arse.
    I just don’t understand what kinda mug he‘s holdin‘ here and what this mug he’s showing off actually means – and wtf he’s talking about fish and shit…
    Just scratchin‘ my baldin‘ head while wonderin’ …

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    • The mug has ice water in it.
      I normally don’t drink very much water.
      It’s in the coffee and the Monster energy drinks I drink from when I get up to when I fall down and go to sleep every day.
      How the hell do you think I get all this shit done?


  2. From too many years of doing stupid shit in metal armor in the summer in Florida, I found something that actually was comforting to drink that wasn’t just plain water. And, no, it wasn’t sweet or semi or unsweetened tea.

    Yeah, okay, I drink diet soda, but that isn’t it.

    Cold pickle juice.

    Yep. The stuff left in the pickle jar after the pickles go away. All the electrolytes of Gatoraid but none of the sugars, unless you drink the pickle-juice from sweet pickles.

    Sounds sick, I know, but… I used to get serious leg and arm cramps, so bad even the massage therapist lady who’d work on me couldn’t get the cramps to relax. But after pickle juice… yep, no more cramps.

    I’ll also drink some Gatorades, usually the pinkish stuff, because good pickle juice isn’t available all the time. Why the pinkish stuff? Well, it tastes good and it doesn’t stain when you either spill it on yourself quaffing the cold drink, or when you puke it up (which will occasionally happen if you get too hot.)

    It worked so well while in armor in summertime that I used it when mowing in summertime. Fighting while wearing armor being much more fun than mowing. And you have less chance of being stung by yellowjackets…

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      • What a crew. I love cold pickle juice too!
        It’s gotta be Vlasic pickles though, they are the best pickles out there.
        I have liked the juice ever since I was a kid.
        As a matter of fact, I’d rather drink the juice than eat the pickles.
        BTW, I KNOW I’m weird. You guys I’m gonna have to watch though…..


        • The pickle juice from Taste of Texas mild Pickled Okra is great, too.

          And, yeah, I’m weird. I’ve been known to drink half a cup of rice vinegar on days I’m feeling just unidentified out of sorts. Seems to help.

          My favorite pickle juice is from Publix dills. But you all west of the Mississippi, well, west of Texas actually, won’t be able to experience Publix because it’s a southeastern chain. Only grocery store I’ve ever been where even stockboys carry company issued smart phones with the store inventory loaded and easily searchable. Plus you can’t smell the fish counter from the front of the store.


  3. All right, all right…
    It’s really the summer heat that’s getting you guys. Makes you drink yucky stuff like pickle juice or – even worse – water 😱
    My remedy for such a state:
    A nice vacation on the Danish west coast. That’s where I am right now since two weeks and there’s still one week left.

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    • Somebody spill a bottle of detergent?
      I grew up near the beach and still miss it. It’s like it gets into your blood or something. Hope you are having a good time!


      • Nah. That’s what the sea looks like after a storm. Here’s another impression of the area I’m in right now – it’s awesome!
        Having a real good time.


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