A Small Ray Of Sunshine For The Chinesium Belt Sander

I woke up to a message from the guy I bought it from and he says he has found the missing front roller.

I’m not sure if he found anything else but that at least will save me a bunch of hassle and money.

The bearings and the cast iron backing disc are already on their way but I would be surprised if it all gets here before the end of the weekend.

I have to go to a wedding for my cousin Saturday which is going to fuck up my whole weekend anyway but he is more like a younger brother than a cousin and is getting married for the first time at 55 years of age.

I can’t miss that no matter how much I hate weddings.

And I do, hate weddings.

I’ll probably go pick up the missing roller after the guy gets home from work on Friday.


With any luck at all, the extra bearings I ordered will fit that too.

Yet another shot to the mid section for the Chinaman.

Pansies, Trolls and Liberals are urged to flee this place.

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