8 thoughts on “Sweet Mother Of God

  1. I saw this video a while back. You know how Phil starts scratching his arm like
    a junkie at the sight of an old piece of machinery. That is what I turn into every
    time I think of a Carlysle Cart. I cannot even find an image of one these things
    because I suspect the refineries took cutting torches to them because of
    safety issues. Picture a mini version of a low boy trailer with 4 wheels.
    Towards one side of the low end, there is a mast and I-beam boom.

    You could pull them through narrow aisles like kids wagon or tow them behind
    a forklift. These fuckers were great for pulling small motors, pumps, etc.
    Here is how they worked. You would need at least two chains to secure the
    mast to concrete pillars, heavy pipes, etc. to counter the weight of the
    item being lifted. You have to imagine a Y. The pump is at the bottom of the
    Y. Using a come-along you lift it up and push it toward the cart. Once you
    are over the cart, you can rotate and lower the equipment onto the cart.

    If that boom swings before getting to cart, bad shit is going to happen!
    The guys who knew how to use them loved those carts. I would love
    find one and restore just for the hell of it.

    PS I’s sure once this rig is loaded with tools, there would be enough weight
    to use that hoist without deploying the jacks


  2. That thing is cool as hell ! After pushing one of those big ass boxes from one side of the plant to the other several times a day for years, I can fully understand the inspiration behind the idea…
    I worked with an old guy (my mentor) who had a three wheel trike with a serious loadout of tools on it. People laughed at the old dude but he got shit done !


  3. It has manual jacks at the corners to stabilize it. Convert those jacks to electric activation with self levelling and I’ll be impressed.


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