11 thoughts on “Sometimes Stupid Can Be Humorous

  1. The average human consumes about 4CFM. I doubt those little plants can
    produce more than a microscopic percentage of that. Like most gestures
    by the left this is purely symbolic and demonstrates an Alexandria Empty
    Cortex level of stupidity and scientific illiteracy.

    I want to start a movement to ditch the term Barking Moonbats and return to
    the classic 60s&70s term the Lunatic Fringe!


  2. The off gassing of the packing tape alone……
    Nope not going to bother, they know better. They will be running the asylum soon enough.


  3. There have to be holes in the plastic bottles because there’s no way someone could exhale onto a plant and breathe back from it for any length of time. The plant doesn’t do enough – like Leonard Jones says. There’s simply not enough gas exchange.

    If there are no holes, sometimes stupid can be fatal.


    • The one on the left is wearing a filter mask. the two white circles on either side are the air intake filters.She’s breathing outside air and the hose is hooked to the exhalation valve.So she’s breathing out on the plant but she’s breathing outside air only.
      The other two have done the same thing except they took the filters off so they are not even filter shit out of the air, they are just breathing smog.


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