Round Two With The Cheap Chinesium POS Belt Sander (Updated)

I know at least a couple of you would like an update. To those who are concerned that I am wasting my time and money, I get where you are coming from.

Most normal people wouldn’t even think twice before tossing this thing in the nearest recycling bin and moving on with their life.

I ain’t normal in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

For me, this isn’t about my time, my money or  having a lick of common sense anymore.

It’s all about this now,



I’m not going to throw in the towel and admit this absolute piece of shit got the better of me.

I’m not overly concerned about getting the belt sander part working anytime soon but I would, at the very least, like to get the disc sander part working. Anything after that is just a bonus.

Finding the parts is the biggest obstacle. Irish was kind enough to find and send me a link to the Central Machinery Owners manual that does have a parts list. However trying to actually get any parts from those people is a lesson in futility.

It says right in the manual that they only want “certified and licensed” repair facilities to repair anything they sell.

I get that too. There are so many complete fucking morons stumbling around this planet who should not only be banned from even owning tools but who also seem to have a very serious propensity to randomly sue the living shit out of anyone who they even think might wind up sending them money, if for no other reason than to make them go away.

So parts, that’s the issue here.

Speaking of which, I did manage to pull a minor miracle out of my ass earlier today.

Surprised me totally.

As I was relaying in my last post, when I tried turning on the little electric motor on this thing to see if it worked at all, it made a horrendous noise as soon as it started spinning then quieted right down but it looked like the front bearing was bad.

Well, it was but that wasn’t the actual problem come to find out.

I also said that I had counted several missing set screws.

Well not only was the set screw missing out of the drive pulley on the motor, so was the friggin’ shear key. There was nothing holding the pulley onto the shaft and so the shaft would start spinning, the pulley would rattle around on the shaft until it finally got up to speed, which only took a fraction of a second. I literally pulled it off with my hand with no effort at all.

I can only assume at this point that some dumb motherfucker got a hold of this thing and after taking a bunch of shit apart and losing some of it, it was decided that because it belonged to a business that it would be cheaper and easier just to get a new one and give this to the first guy with his hand up. I bought it from that guy.

I figured that while I had the thing sitting there I would take the bearings off anyway and just replace them. I had already ordered new ones for the drive pulley for the belt off of Ebay last night. One has a groove in it for a circlip, the other is just a cheap skateboard type bearing. $7.00 for the first one, $7.99 for 7 of the other one with free shipping for all of them.

So fifteen bucks.

So I started trying to get the covers off the ends of the motor and had a little trouble but finally got the front cover off.

Then it was try to get the little bearing off, This proved to be a bit more difficult than I imagined but after I got the big puller on the fucker off it came, groaning on the shaft the whole way.


After I got it off I gave it a few spins and sure as shit, it had a bad spot in it.

I get to looking at the damn thing and a little light bulb went off in my head.

No way, it couldn’t be.

Bigger than shit, I actually had some of the little sonsabitches in a sleeve that I bought several months ago dirt cheap for some other hair brained project that escapes me at the moment.

I do remember that I got ten of them for ten bucks with free shipping.

What are the odds, eh?

So now, the deal is with these little fucking bearings is that you are supposed to heat them up a couple hundred degrees to get them back on without fucking a bunch of shit up.

Unfortunately, I no longer have a little Hot plate that would make this much easier to do.

Adapt and overcome.

IMG_20190721_163119 I fucked up two of these old frying pans last week trying to burn the rust out of them by throwing them on a pile of charcoal and then filling them up before lighting the whole thing off and walking away.

Warped the shit out of the bottom of both of them.

Live and learn. Since they are junk now anyway, why not pour some 10W-30 in the fucker, use the little Mapp gas torch from underneath and stir fry me some bearings?

Worked like a charm.

Even better, even though they are sealed bearings, that hot oil got thin enough to get inside so now at least I know they have been lubricated at least once.

Got me a deep socket and a medium hammer and they both went on without a hitch.


I got the end covers back on, tightened up all the screws,pushed the little plastic fan back on the ass end, plugged it in and crossed my fingers.

Then the magic happened.



As quiet and smooth as a fart on a first date.


I threw it back together and then snatched up the pulley and headed to the fucking hardware store.

A dozen little metric set screws and a couple of small hunks of 5 millimeter keystock set me back another $11.23 for those keeping track of my expenditures here plus another maybe two hours total for the whole job, travel time included.

But now, no matter what happens from here, I have a decent little drive motor with new bearings and that plus the stand, is almost worth what I have invested in the fucking thing at this point.

Not even close if you consider what I make per hour but this is my time and I almost consider this kind of shit therapy.

That shit IS expensive from what I hear.

I love to tinker with shit like this in my spare time and this little project fits the bill perfectly.

So now my biggest problem so far has been locating that damn 9 inch backing plate. I have struck out over and over and over again there.

I may have one shot, I won’t know until I contact them tomorrow if I can remember to do it. If it actually comes down to it, I will buy the materials and have one made.

Grizzly sells one of these things and their parts break down shows the one they have using a nine inch cast iron backing plate.

If they do actually sell replacement parts then that would work just fine.

Grizzly sells all kinds of stuff, from Mini Lathes to Mini Mills and  all kinds of other machinery and tools.

I have read where they are really good with their customer service too. They actually help their customers.

Such a concept!

I don’t know how they manage to stay in business thinking like that.


I just got off the Grizzly parts website and it appears they do indeed sell parts for these things and a replacement cast iron 9 inch disc runs about $36.00 plus shipping.



$49.04 parts, tax and shipped to my house, I just ordered the damn thing. That is a huge relief.

I can see a long distance love affair coming with this outfit….


Ahem, anyway,

So progress has been made, that fucking Chinaman got a black eye today and things are looking up here in Phil’s Temple of Tools.

As always, stay tuned.

37 thoughts on “Round Two With The Cheap Chinesium POS Belt Sander (Updated)

  1. I read your saga and feel your pain, just so you know there is at least two of us, I spent 3 days getting a 1947 Ferguson tractor running, but to give a little back ground, its my daddy’s tractor, he has Parkinson’s and dementia, and it hadn’t been run in years, mama mentioned that she wanted me to get it running so I could bush hog her old garden, like I said it had been years since it ran, so to make a long story short, clean and flush fuel tank, lines, and fuel bowl. Pull carburetor numerous times, to flush out crap, wd40 is the shit, clean rotor button, file points, gap points, oh and clean and flush oil bath air cleaner, then jump start it because the battery is beyond dead, when it fired, mama was out side, happy as hell because it was running, she went in to tell him, his old tractor was running, sadly he’s beyond comprehension, but it made mama happy, so yes Phil, you ain’t alone, there a bunch of us ocd old bastards out here. Thanks for letting me tell my story.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Damn son.
      Reading what all you did to that old girl just to get it running to make your Ma happy was enough to bring a tear to my eye.
      This country could use about 150 million guys like you, yesterday.
      As for your Pa, I’ll tell ya what.
      I’d bet you a nickel that if you drove that old tractor up close enough to the house for him to hear it running and revved the engine a couple of times, you could probably run inside fast enough to catch a bit of a smile still on his face and a gleam in his eyes, even if he couldn’t tell you why.
      God Bless ya.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If you were to put out a shingle, you would have no end of busyness, with all the people that don’t know how to turn a wrench anymore, but the “business license” bullshit from the state and county people-that-have-nothing-better-to-do-than stick-their-nose-into-someone-else’s-doings would be no end of grief and, to me, not worth the effort and satisfaction of fixing something.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yer right there for damn sure. It was bad twenty years ago, now it’s a lesson in futility to try and start any kind of repair business from scratch for just one guy doing it.
      I will say this though, the time is quickly approaching where I ain’t gonna be able to work like I do now, my lower back is deteriorating rapidly to the point I have some nerves being pinched so bad my fucking legs buckle sometimes. There ain’t no discs down there to be bulging so I have no idea what is causing it.
      When the day finally comes that I have to retire, then the side jobs will be welcome. I can also tell you from past experience at doing such things that it won’t be long before word of mouth spreads and then I will have more shit to do than there are hours in the day.
      You better make your reservations now while you still can…

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  3. Excellent work, man!
    That chineseium doesn’t stand a chance.
    Sort of reminded me of the japaneseium outboard I did battle with this weekend.


  4. Hey Phil – something off topic for you: we craftsmen over here call that tool a Frenchman. Just the other day I happened to take a picture of the most simple, obviously selfmade Frenchman I have ever seen:

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      • Since the Wifely Unit has told me repeatedly that she is just going to get rid of all my shit when I croak I would be keeping an eye out . If you start noticing that I haven’t posted anything for a while you better get over here.
        If I’m dead I sure as shit ain’t gonna care anymore.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Nah, you‘ve gotta keep on tottering since it will take a couple of years until I can make it over to the US of A.
          And even then I‘d much rather see your living ugly face and doing shit with you while I‘m there.


  5. Love the stories. If you weren’t on the other side of the country, you could have stopped by and turned that plate out of a hunk of aluminum on my brand new 1960s Logan lathe. Just got it last week and after scraping off 15 years of bird shit and rust it runs like a top with only .0005 runout on the spindle. Need to pull apart the Reeves drive on it to get the variable speed part of it running but other than that it has been a lot of fun. I laugh at your stories because I can’t tell you the amount of blood I have shed fixing old tools. My friend tells me I need an intervention…but like you, I think that is my therapy. Funny story…sometimes I get target fixated. Have been dreading working on the Reeves drive because all the mechanism is in the cabinet of the lathe and I would have to stand on my head to work on it. My buddy comes by and I was complaining to him about the job and he says, hey dip shit, you got a Bobcat, why don’t you pick it up on blocks and work on it at eye level. Huh, well when you put it like that…it seems sort of obvious.


  6. Hey Phil – regarding the fry pans. When mine are ready for refinishing, I put them in the oven and set it on self-clean. Burns the crap off without heating/cooling so fast they warp. Good job on the motor. I just rebuilt an old Jet bandsaw. Not so much drama, but fun nonetheless. Runs like a top, cuts wood.



    • you can also buy a can of oven cleaner, spray your old cast iron down with it and put it in a plastic bag then let it sit for a day or so. will turn all that baked on crap and rust to liquid you can wash off without stinking up the kitchen and irritating the wifely unit. may take a couple of treatments but you won’t warp that old griswold.


  7. I’m with you Phil.
    I absolutely hate it when a piece of equipment tries to beat me.

    Speaking of which; I found you a good looking place to get some hammer handles. US sourced and manufactured Hickory – at great prices. I haven’t ordered from them, because my local hardware store is reasonable in their replacement prices.
    Of course you may have to send them to a PO box…. just so the Mrs. doesn’t catch you. 😉

    Whitehall, NY


      • Me, sure, I read and have a subscription to the obligatory Self Reliance and Backwoods Home, but I do really enjoy Farm Show. Still have several issues still in plastic of the former but hell… there’s only so much time in the day. Sitting down for dinner, first option is the Show. It’s much like my preferences for blogs and news. Hit up the report for about 30 seconds before it disgusts me then I’ll hit Weaselzippers. From there it to Kenny’s place and after that I’m hitting Vulgar places, Irish, A Nod, Eatgruel, Woodsterman, WRSA, Aesop, etc, etc…
        Some I can comment on, some I can’t like 90 miles. I’ll have about an hour when I wake up…4am/pm comes early. Then I can, when I have the spare time hit more throughout the day for fuck off time on the phone. Speaking of which got older today, had a handful of beers and 4 comes early.

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  8. I dunno what to think of your struggle Phil. I fully get and understand the BFYTW aspect and heartily approve.

    But, at the end of the day – it’s chink garbage. Most Chinese stuff is made by nine irons for other nine irons. My philosophy is that my guns and tools are always the best that I can afford, and I don’t have time for junk. When it comes to tools or pretty much everything else… you get what you pay for, has been my mantra.

    Best of luck to you though – I sincerely hope you can raise a triumphant middle finger in my direction too, once this is over!


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