Apparently I Need Adult Supervision At All Times Now

I’m telling ya, if left to my own devices, I just can’t help myself anymore.

I mentioned to the Wifely Unit yesterday that I may need to make a dump run again. She jumped all over that first thing this morning because we have a dinky little garbage can that they pick up and it is constantly over full.

It doesn’t help when The Kid throws a bunch of shit out of his car in there and then the damn Nephew comes over to work on his POS when I ain’t here and does the same damn thing.

Ya open the lid to toss a bag in and it’s fucking full, on Tuesday, when they don’t pick it up until the next Monday.

Just another one of those little things that irritate the shit out of me.

So I threw the extra bags in the rig, dumped out the little garbage barrel I have out there  in the garage that started this whole thing and took off. All told, it literally only barely went across the bed behind the back window but they still managed to charge me fourteen fucking dollars to dump it.

On my way home I had to drive right by the Goodwill outlet store and right at that moment something went very wrong with the front end on my rig.

The fucker turned right, hard, all at once and the next thing I know I am in the parking lot looking for a spot to park.

Damn thing anyway, I’ll have to look at that later.

Since I was already there, nothing would do but I get out and go see if they had anything of interest.

Sure as shit, they did.

A few things actually.

I could have picked up an old Monkey Wards stick welder for ten bucks.

Fortunately for me, they have a policy of not helping anyone load shit and the thing weighed way the hell over a hundred pounds.

Ten bucks to strain my back severely loading something I don’t need?

Not today, thank you.

Even if I could have just turned it for a small profit. Not worth the hassle.

They also had four or five Treadmills for what looked like five dollars apiece.

If I had any fucking room out in that garage I would have loaded the back of that Caballero to the gills for that price.

Just for the motors and controllers.

But no, again, not today.

So what did I buy?

Why something else I have absolutely no use for, of course!


Twenty bucks and it does work.

Now then, in my defense, I actually didn’t buy this for myself.

This time.

I have a Sister In Law who has been going on and on for well over a year about this damn table she wants to build.

We are talking heavy duty work bench here except shorter.

4X4 legs and 1 inch thick boards for the top.

I keep hearing about this but you gotta have a 12 inch saw to cut 4X4’s in one pass.

I bought a brand new 10 inch chop saw from Harbor Freight about six months before we moved in here, discovered it won’t cut a 4X4 in one pass, got disgusted and gave the damn thing to my Son In law when we moved because it was just taking up space.

I think I used it three times.

Well now, there ya go honey. You can have it for what I paid for it, a whopping twenty dollars and now I can quit hearing about how you want to build this damn table but don’t have a saw.

Ya might want to get some eye protection and whatever ya do, keep your fucking fingers away from the blade.

I am SUCH a nice guy, right?

7 thoughts on “Apparently I Need Adult Supervision At All Times Now

  1. Well, since this isn’t for you (heh) I’ll suggest that you get a pass on getting called a tool junkie for buying this, however, if you had purchased a new blade, that would have been the opposite suggestion.

    Nice guy? yeah, you’re overflowing with consideration for others.


    chuckling, nothing but Respect, Brother.

    Liked by 1 person

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