Eat Shit Wilco

Twenty dollars for a hammer handle my achin’ ass.

I just had to run up to Home Depot again to get a replacement head for the Ryobi weed whacker my wife likes to bitch about enthusiastically every time the subject comes up because she thinks I spent way too much money for it.

Apparently I have gotten enough use out of it so far that I wore a hole in the plastic bump ball at the bottom that feeds the string out but never you mind that little fact.

So while I was up there I started looking to see if they had any wooden replacement hammer handles.


They don’t carry them anymore.


I had to stop and get gas yesterday and because of the way the have the traffic routed around this particular intersection, I had to go completely around the gas station and find a side street to turn around on. Damned f there wasn’t a Yard Sale sign staring me in the face. Twenty minutes later I finally got out of there with another load of shit and got back to the gas station.

One of the items I snagged was a vintage set of Loppers.

If you will recall, that is a sore subject with me due to Wifely Unit’s habit of never putting hers back in the garden shed and constantly asking me if I have seen them.

So yeah, for fifty whole cents I snagged one but the handles are fucked on them.

Low and behold, Home Depot has those.

Eleven dollars and change, each.

So now these old POS Loppers are going to be $23.00 Vintage Loppers.


And there is a But, While I was getting gouged for those I see Home Depot does have a sledge hammer handle, for $15.

Watch This.


Just by eyeballing this, I can see at least six and possibly even eight, hammer handles laying there.

Wilco wanted $35 for one axe handle and twenty bucks apiece for hammer handles.

Fifteen for the sledge hammer handle at Home Depot, I can get at least three hammer handles out of and eleven apiece for the Lopper handles that will fix the Loppers and leave me enough left over for three more hammer handles at a minimum.

So, about thirty seven, thirty eight bucks for six hammer handles minimum, plus the new Lopper handles  versus twenty apiece at Wilco and I don’t even want to know what Lopper handles are there.

Yeah, kiss my fucking ass.

Once I get that 9 inch disc sander straightened out it will make short work of shaping the ends , a trip through my portable band saw that fits in my vise to cut the slots and there ya fucking are.

If I will go to all this trouble over motherfucking hammer handles because it pissed me off, try and imagine the lengths I will go to if someone REALLY pisses me off.

Oh, btw, I can be a devious sonofabitch when I wanna be and I never, ever forget when someone pisses me off seriously.

Just a heads up.

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