Dumb And Dumber

For fucks sake someone take that away from these two idiots.


Although if the moron does pull the trigger I see a twofer happening right there.


11 thoughts on “Dumb And Dumber

      • Crap. I’ve been there so long, I forgot all about that. I signed up in Oct. of 2005. Obviously that’s easy enough to do, but yeah, Kalifornia. I if you like, send me a PM and I can email them to you.


    • Maybe some old fart like me who can’t see the iron sights anymore. That said, point taken. It would no be my first choice either. At least Marlins come drilled and tapped from the factory, so it is reversible.
      The most hideous I ever saw was one that was a gold plated “commemorative” put out by some distributor. They used Winchester M94 30-30’s which was fine. On the one I saw, someone had attempted to install a side plate to mount a scope. They obviously F’d up because they moved over a screw width and did it all over again. Ye gods, The thing looked like a piece of gold plated drilled and tapped swiss cheese.


    • There is something just looks inherently wrong about that. Fuzzy dice in a GT40. Man up, shoot your irons. Those guns aren’t much for past 100 yards anyways.
      You seen these beautiful Skinner peep sights?
      Real nice craftsmanship. The brass and black steel ones are beautiful, classy on a lever.
      Put them on my Rossi 16 inch .44mag, up at around 100 yards this aperture sight is as good as a scope. The winged front he sell’s don’t really fit the round barrel 92 Rossi. I went for it anyways, removed the front buckhorn sight, drilled and tapped the bbl for the wing body. Great sight picture. It’s a deer drill now.


      • That is a beautiful peep sight set up. You guys should go look at the “Bush Pilot ”
        Take down carbine kit they’re selling too. I’m an old fucker but I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel a stirring in my loins looking at those.


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