” Wheelin’ An Dealin’ “

It’s been a day

.After getting home this morning as it was getting light out because I put in an extra special long fucking day at work yesterday you would think this being a day off that I might sleep in a little, right?

Oh hell no, it never works that way.

I had to get up to piss at one point but I was still half asleep and didn’t have my glasses on so I have no idea what time that was but right at 11 sharp my fucking eyes popped open and that was that.

I staggered around in a haze, drank of cup of yesterday’s coffee because that’s how I roll around here and had a smoke while my head slowly cleared a bit and all the fucking things I needed to get done today presented themselves to my half functioning conscience one at a time in a never ending list of shit that says Me First.

I made a fresh pot of coffee and never even took a sip of it before I was out the fucking door and trying to get shit done.

First on that list was a trip across the river to pick up a few cartons of cigarettes. This is something you don’t fuck around with.  You get over there early and get that out of the way or be prepared to sit in traffic.

For hours.

I’m not even joking.

I tried a new place that is way the fuck closer than the one The Wifely Unit has been going to do and found a winner. It saves me a half hour on the trip even if there isn’t any traffic. If there is then it could possibly save me two hours, easily.

Got that shit out of the way and started in on the yard debris that her nephew was so kind to leave piles of all over the property the other day. I also loadedup a bunch of completely rotten lumber for the grumpy old bastard across the street on my second trip to the recycling joint and got rid of it for him. I was going there anyway and they were going to charge me out the ass for my trouble of showing up so I just did it and got it done.

I also came within  whisker of getting a whopper of a speeding ticket on the way home but someone upstairs was looking out for me. There is about a mile long stretch of expressway I jump on and off of that dumps me one block away from the recycling center. It has a fifty mile an hour speed limit and there are stop lights on it every so often. On the way back I got the old Caballero wound up to about 65 to let the wind blow the excess leaves and crap out of the back. For some reason I decided to just back out of it after I got going that fast instead of the usual push it up to 75 just to make sure like I normally do.

I’m glad I did.

As I was coasting back down to the speed limit I peer in the rear view and see what appears to be a cop hauling ass in my lane behind me. Sure as shit it’s a Stater too. By the time he caught up to me I was back at the speed limit. He got right behind me, my ass puckered and that old feeling of here we fucking go again came over me when all at once he moved over and went around me. I got off the expressway about a hundred yards later and he kept going.


I may be an old adrenaline junkie but that flavor always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I eased back on home thanking God for sparing me that particular nightmare and started moving shit around out in the garage.

There is a guy at work who was wanting a wire feed welder and since I haven’t been able to use the one I bought three years go I told him I would make him a deal.

Which I did.

Kind of.

I told him I would sell that and the welder cart I bought at Harbor freight to him for $175.

Now this particular cheap wire feed actually had the regulator and hose for an Argon bottle. them ain’t cheap new these days..

I want to say I paid either $125 or $150 for it back then and got the cart on sale and put it together so I am either gong to break even or maybe eat twenty five bucks.

Either way, he came and picked it up today because even though he didn’t have the money for it yet, I wanted it gone to make  hole out there.

The reason I wanted a hole out there is for this,


I just snagged this off a guy I found on OfferUp.com.  It’s kinda like Craigslist.

It’s missing the front roller and a couple of other parts for the belt sander but I picked it up for $40.00.

Just for shits and grins I just went and looked at how much Harbor freight wants for a new one and it’s$249.00.

Nice guy, he said he got it from where he works, they were getting rid of it to get a new one.

He may or may not be able to find the front roller there still, I won’t know until Monday.

He did have the little plastic belt cover too.

Either way, I just picked up a 9 inch disc sander for forty bucks.

Not a bad deal the way I see it, the freakin’ motor would cost a hundred to buy.

Plus now I have yet another project to add to my list!

I swung by Harbor Freight on the way home and picked up some discs and belts, it was a whopping half mile out of my way so I have those.

Now that it’s after Midnight again, I will say that later this afternoon I am going to scrape the old sanding disc off, get that work table set and tightened up and see what it will do.

I did find a web page that has the manual and it does have a phone number to call and see about replacement parts. That’s a long shot but I may try it Tuesday just to see if anything at all is available for the thing.

At the same time I found this I also found a table top band saw for twenty bucks. I’m still debating on that one. There really ain’t room for that out there at the moment.

Have I mentioned I’m a Tool Junkie?

I should start a fucking business on the side for this shit.


Oh yeah, I need to thank Garry from Thomas W(h)ispered for showing an old dog a new trick.

Now I can create posts in advance and schedule them to pop up later on.

Thank You!



11 thoughts on “” Wheelin’ An Dealin’ “

  1. You’ll like that disc sander.
    I found a BIG 20″ Jet on CL while I was in New Hampster making deliveries a while back
    Problem is, it was in Charleston SC.
    I looked at the Olelady and said I hope you packed the toothbrushes, and off we went.
    We got there the next day and dismantled it, threw it in the back of the Jetta, filled up with cheap diesel, and came home.
    All together, it cost me $300 plus probably another $300 in fuel, food, and motel room.
    A new one today is running about $2500.

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  2. Those plate grinders are super handy. Have had a 12 inch standalone for about 25 years it is one of the most handy tools you can have for metal fab work. Especially for dressing up saw cuts on tube and pipe.
    You can get all sorts of abrasives for plate grinders, for example like silicon carbide for putting a fine finish on things.

    Years back when I got the grinder I got a Milwaukee hand held band saw. Fab’d up a platen bolted on where the OEM fence is, wired a foot pedal into the plug cord, and clamp it in a vice, makes a superb vertical bandsaw. Starrett makes super high grade cobalt alloy blades to fit, cuts Titanium, tool steel and high carbon alloy, 304 and 321 stainless all day without dulling. The saw is limited in the size of a cut sawing out plate stock because the motor is in the way of deep cuts more than 8 inches, but you can flip your piece over and come in from the other direction.
    It is a 1st class band saw for cheap money compared to what an industrial grade floor model costs.
    The blades are 3 to a package for around $18 bucks. Come in 4 tooth counts. The 14 tooth is a dandy aluminum blade, great for wood or composites too. Castrol makes a tube wax saw lube so you don’t have to deal with cutting oil all over everything. I get this stuff off McMaster Carr. Milwaukee sells the wear parts like the wheel tires and guide rollers, real cheap for how long they last. I stocked up a few sets in case they no longer carry the parts.

    With a plate grinder and a band saw you have very useful tooling you can make a shitload of things with.

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    • I don’t have a Milwaukee but I do have a Harbor Freight one and a very talented buddy of mine from work fabbed me up a mounting plate out of some scrap stainless to do that with. It mounts in my vise and is handy as all get out. Even after buying that horizontal band saw it’s still easier to snag it up and throw it in the vise to cut something real quick with. I even bought a foot pedal for it.
      There is some 4 wheel drive outfit that makes them you can buy but they are way over a hundred bucks.and just sit on a flat surface. I like it that you can put it in the vise.


      • Hell ya, for small stuff it can’t be beat. And 95% what I need to band saw is small. Bunch years back seen a guy on Ebay was selling a unit you mount your portable band saw to, works like a chop saw. Neat idea but they where kind of pricey I thought.
        Like you, it was necessity and always looking to be frugal with the hard earned bucks, welded a two flat head screw offset to the factory fence, made up a platen out of aluminum tooling plate scrap at work, bolted to the fence, with a strut fastens to the blade shield on the left side make it a bit more stable.


  3. That machine is a beaut and well worth putting into good order. I could only hope to find such a beast around here, have to make do with a Harbor Freight small version of it, but hey, HF crud does fine on smaller jobs.


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