100% Beta Cuck

Not good enough.

Beta Cuck

While you were standing there grinning like a fool and thinking you can just go ahead and fuck whoever you want, your shit would be getting piled up out in the yard and I would be changing the locks.

Either that or I would be packing my shit and getting down the road.

One thing is for damned sure, we would be done.

BTW, you are one ugly bitch.

I can’t believe you have two guys that want to put their dick in you in the first place.

10 thoughts on “100% Beta Cuck

    • PS Phil,
      Popped into my head couple minutes ago. Figure you might have an inkling since you understand what Q is doing. All those sealed secret federal indictments which have been sitting idling since 2016, could those be #Pizzagate involved? That is why they have been around so long sealed?

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      • So far they have been very tight lipped about that. I actually wouldn’t bet on that either. That is kind of a blanket thing and those could be for a lot of different things totally unrelated and a whole bunch of them might be just for leverage.
        You know how prosecutors like to pile charges on.


        • Like you say, makes sense. Probably lot of uses for leverage for what is going down. Even the lack of knowing whats happening tells a story of sorts. Seems you can weaponize everything these days.


    • Funny you should mention that. When I was at my Mom’s on the 4th of July, she reminded me that since my Dad passed away over five years ago that I AM the Patriarch of my immediate family now.


  1. Just goes to show a lot of women are just feral. No more use then the neighborhood tom cat. That is why I never give a key to my place to even a long term girlfriend and will not allow her to have even a single drawers or space in my closet, carry an overnight bag or go commando but no establishing a presence. Especially dealing with cops when trying to kick her out, she can’t say I have things in there, I live here…


    • “Feral”
      Oh man is that a quote of the year candidate right there, Chief.

      Self destructive 2 legged 3 hole feral cock receptacles, (but I repeat myself).
      What a world. Shit gets real sporty the way things are being aimed feral’s are going to find out the hard way how important the Patriarchy is.
      What rational Man is going to want to risk his arse for what craves rapine by savages and manipulating the ultimate in crazy Game power getting men to fight to the knife over them.

      No fucking thank you.


  2. Anyone else get the idea that this is just the tip of the iceberg? I get there’s one heck of a backstory here somewhere. It does give her something do while her boyfriend dumps her stuff on the sidewalk.


    • “It”, thinks it’s a joke holding up that sign for the world to see. Yeah real funny.
      There was a reason why the Man of the house, head of the tribe, had the only vote in representative government and all sane American’s supported that.

      It has been an unmitigated disaster since wymin suffrage got it’s toe in the door.


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