The Rumors Are Flying About Ford’s New Bronco And Some Of Them Make Me Want To Throw Up.

For those who are unaware, at one time I used to know a little bit about Fords.

I actually have an Associates Degree in Applied Science for Automotive Technology, went through a very exclusive Ford factory training program and worked at a Lincoln/Mercury dealership for almost ten years.

That’s on top of wrenching on my own rigs for the ten years prior to that and ever since.

I finally had enough of working Flat Rate and walked away from it in 1999.

For those who don’t know what Flat rate is, it’s basically Piece Work.

There is a big book and Ford tells you how long every possible repair should take and that is what you get paid for. If they say it should only take you 6/10ths of an hour to drop a fuel tank and replace the fuel pump, that’s how much you get paid for. No matter if it takes you three hours or if you know a way to get it done in twenty minutes.

There were literally days that I traveled the thirty miles to work, stood around all day with nothing to work on and went home without making a dime. It actually cost me money to do it

It didn’t take too many of those kinds of days for me to see the writing on the wall so I bailed out. The dealership closed and was sold to the Ford dealer across the street within two years.

Anyways, like I said, there was a time when I knew a little bit about Fords.

During that time I saw Ford produce some awful vehicles.

Anyone remember these?

92 Capri

The little front wheel drive Mercury Capri.

Oh My God what a piece of shit those things were.

Designed and built in Australia, the tops leaked like a sieve up here in the Pacific Northwest and it was so bad Ford recalled them after fighting with them for over a year and costing them thousands and thousands of dollars in warranty claims

They issued brand new convertible tops, they also leaked so bad that Ford literally issued a clarification of the specs and said it was considered to be in the manufactured specifications if it had a certain amount of water running down the inside of the windows when it rained.

I shit you not.

That’s just one example.

The shit that I saw was mind boggling at times.

So when I see all the hype about this New Bronco they are coming out with next year I’m not getting my hopes up.

More times than not, Ford winds up disappointing me very, very much.

The 1987 Thunderbird Super Coupe was  an excellent example. You will see where I am going with this  after I explain why this Ford product disappointed me so much.

87 Super Coupe

Nice looking ride for it’s day.

Sporty looking, it even has little dual hood scoops, this thing must really go, right?

Do you remember what Ford stuck under the hood of these things?

A fucking Pinto motor with a turbo slapped on the side of it.

That’s right, it had a 2.3 liter four banger in it.

Oh it went OK, once the turbo spooled up.

To this day I’d like to kick whoever thought that was a good idea.

They had a High Output 302 V-8 available they could have stuck in there and really had something, but no.

Now back to this new Bronco.

There are rumors of doing exactly the same thing to it.

With a 10 speed automatic transmission. And four doors….

Sorry boys, that ain’t a real Bronco, that’s a Wannabe.

It’ll Be Based on the New Ranger

When Ford announced the Bronco was making a comeback, it also confirmed that the mid-size Ranger would make a return. The 2019 Ranger arrived last January, and we’ve already driven it.

Back in 2017, Ford global operations president Joe Hinrichs confirmed to Road & Track that the Bronco and the Ranger would share a platform. The Ranger might be new for the US, but it’s actually somewhat of an old truck—it was released originally for the Asia-Pacific market in 2010 and received a significant update in 2015. For the US, the platform was modified even further still, with a new, fully-boxed frame.

Ford already offers an SUV based on the Ranger outside the US—the Everest. Back in 2017, former Ford product head Raj Nair said that the Bronco would not just be a rebadged Everest, but instead, its own unique machine.


We Expect That It’ll Share Its Drivetrain With the Ranger

For the US market, the Ranger gets a version of Ford’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline-four that once found a home in the Focus RS. It makes 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque in the Ranger, and it’s paired with a 10-speed automatic gearbox. Considering they share a platform, it’s reasonable to expect the Bronco and Ranger will share an engine and transmission.


It Might Get a Manual Transmission

Jalopnik reported last year that the Bronco might get a seven-speed manual transmission to be paired with Ford’s 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6. Presumably, if the Bronco does get this engine, it’ll likely be paired with a 10-speed auto, too. In the Edge ST, Ford’s 2.7-liter makes 335 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, while it offers 325 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque in the F-150.

A manual might seem like an odd choice for a new SUV, but when you consider that the Bronco is aimed directly at the Jeep Wrangler, it makes sense.

There are also rumors of Ford building something more along the lines of what their last version was, a short framed F-150.

This Sure Looks Like a Full-Size Ford Bronco Test Mule

A short-wheelbase prototype with F-150 Raptor bones. Is this the big, bad Bronco of our dreams?



What do we have here? Some sort of Ford prototype of a vehicle that definitely does not exist in production: A short-cab, short-bed F-150 in Raptor guise. We have no idea what this test mule is, but it sure as hell looks like a full-size Bronco.


OK, that’s a little more like it but to me, Ford is still missing the point and apparently  either doesn’t have a clue what people wanting a Bronco REALLY WANT or just doesn’t care.

When people say they want a new Bronco, this is what they are talking about.




Make an optional removable hard top. a soft top, stick a decent V-8 in the damn thing with a 5 speed manual transmission as standard equipment or a six speed automatic for an option AND BE DONE WITH IT!!

Everything else you are fucking around with IS NOT A BRONCO!

Build your damn little Ranger based four door Econo Box SUV and call it something else.

But if you are going to build a Bronco, build a legacy vehicle, build it right and keep all of the bells and whistles out of it.

Anything less is just one more reason to buy a Chevy in the first place and be done with it.



23 thoughts on “The Rumors Are Flying About Ford’s New Bronco And Some Of Them Make Me Want To Throw Up.

  1. My thought exactly. I have driven the new Ranger – If I were to buy a new truck I would spend the extra $4 thousand and get an F150. Especially since the options I want have the Ranger at $38k with the same options on an F150 at $42k. I will keep driving my ’04 regular cab Ranger until I can no longer resuscitate it.

    As far as the new Bronco I will be very disappointed if it is based off of the new Ranger. It would be a reincarnation of what the Explorer should be. I was disappointed when the Explorer was emasculated when they discontinued the V8 option in ’01 and they went away from a truck chassis. If it is based off of the new Bronco with the pricing that puts it in the $45-55k range it will be competing with an Audi Q5 Quatro.


    • I was just given a new F-150 shortbed 4 door as a rental (I ordered a Taurus).

      that 10 speed auto with the small V8 is a pretty nice setup. 34 MPG highway in central Texas (flat-ish) and decent acceleration.

      I don’t like the cab, but that is a style/ergonomics thing….YMMV


  2. I had a 1977 Bronco for about 18 Years. Should have never sold it It had a c-4 Automatic transmission and a 302 V-* with the Pollution control crap taken off it by the previous owner. So it could get out and move off the line above 70 MPH it got a little squirrelly to drive but it was fun. Wi


  3. Do all the new versions of vehicles suck? That’s been my experience. A real Bronco would have been nice. They would have blown away the Fiat/Jeeps. I’m not a fan of new Rangers either. They took a simple little truck and made a mess out of it.
    Are they just marking time until everything goes to electric and/or self driving?


  4. GT40 man!
    Personally long as I live I can forgive alot of shitty FORD products, because among FORD’s masterpieces the GT40 holds 1st place in no uncertain terms in my book. There is something almost perfect, something totally “right” about the GT40. I think it was the pinnacle of it’s racing era technology and craftwork, at the peak, before the great changeover from monocoque/alloy tube into composites technology and mega corporate bucks that destroyed the improvisational and adaptive genius of the privateer builder/racer teams participation.
    You could have had Steve McQueen drive the GT40 in a movie and it would be as iconic as the Porch 917 he raced in LeMans. Both cars hold a particular spot in racing history. Maybe a couple of the totally insane power to weight ratio, the only rule is there are no rules racing, of the Can-Am cars fit in there too.


  5. Ford just got handed their ass in Australia. In case you haven’t seen this–

    My truck is a 2001 Silverado with the 5.3 Votec. Bought it new, now 162K miles, runs like a champ.. Moved to DFW area in 2016. A/C is still going strong, has never been touched.

    Yeah, we live on the edge of the metroplex, but at our age, their is something to be said for having stuff you need close by. My Silverado’s oil change light is set to come on about every 3K miles. I knew it needed an oil change, but Kept putting it off as the light had not come on, and the to do list kept getting in the way. Finally got it done a few weeks back. Pulled the old receipt just to see.

    Time from last oil change–1 year.
    Mileage driven–2800 miles.


    • $10M fine? Well, there’s ten minutes income shot to hell…

      “Fixing the problem”? Yeah, right. I’m looking at an “Important Safety Recall” dated July 2016 for my 2008 Silverado for airbag replacement, from which I’ve received no other communication. (A “CYA” letter in case I’m in an accident and the airbags don’t work.)


  6. The new Bronco should be produced with the old 300 cu straight 6 and a 5 speed manual. The straight 6 will have more torque than the v6 and that is what it needs. 5 is the perfect number of driver shifted cogs.


  7. The little I’ve seen is that Ford has confirmed that a) it will be a body-on-frame instead of unibody and b) there will be a “little” Bronco based on the Escape frame and a “full sized” Bronco based on a Ranger frame. The little Bronco is supposed to be released first. The big Bronco may have a diesel engine option. That’s all the rumors I’ve heard, supposedly confirmed by a Ford engineer.

    I’m waiting on the new Bronco before I get a new SUV, which will probably be either a Jeep or Toyota 4-Runner.


  8. All this small displacement stuff with a blower does not inspire me to run down to the local dealer. That might be good for keeping it light but what about longevity. The engines that last the longest usually have the least HP for the same size block. Think of the old Chevy 350,


  9. These new transmissions are bags of suck. I drive an E150 transit with a 6 speed. Slow down to turn a corner and start to press the accelerator….. Nothing, I’m guessing the trans is shifting from 6 to 5, more pressure, 5 to 4, nothing, more pressure, 4 to 3, nothing, more pressure, 3 to 2 to 1 and now you sound like a chainsaw in the garage, and every cop in town gets whiplash to see who’s hot rodding. I put it in 4th and leave it there all day. Not so much suck, but still….. What a piece of crap. I’ve heard they are too complex to fix, so they just swap them out when they die….


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  11. I just wonder what it’s like to wrench on.

    Mom took a drive with us 6 kids, while dad stayed home to send money, north to Alaska and back in a ’80 Bronco with a 400cui V8.
    Those were the days.


  12. My son has one of the Focus’s with the computer controlled manual transmission.
    60k miles. it is on its fourth clutch.
    The tech’s working on it are just as pissed, as they were told by the brass at Ford that the problems had all been fixed.

    But Ford has a statement on diversity and sustainability.


  13. My dad was a lifelong knuckle-buster himself. He was not very fond of
    working for a dealership for flat-rate. The way he put it was that on some
    jobs, you make out like a bandit and on others you get ass-reamed!


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