Now I’m REALLY Impressed!


Styrofoam or not, that shit still ain’t that light and the balance this guy has got is unreal.


6 thoughts on “Now I’m REALLY Impressed!

    • A lotta work but damn was it worth it. That is a beautiful band saw and it’s freakin’ huge too. It looks like it has wheels are as big as the antique one I have and I want to say the blade length is very similar.
      That blade welder attachment is worth it’s weight in gold too. Now he can buy blade material in bulk and make his own. That is way cheaper than having to have them made for you.
      I’m going to have to check out what else this guy has going on, it looks like he is putting together one hell of a shop. Thanks for the link!


      • I thought it was hilarious when they were trying to uncoil the blade to put it on and it coiled back up to the starting point.


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