When All The Left Has Left Is Calling Everything They Don’t Like Racist

Their magic GO To Strategy.

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As Trump doubles down on racist comments, House to vote on condemning them

President Trump’s racist taunt that four congresswomen of color “go back” to the “places from which they came” unified Democrats just as they were facing one of their most serious fractures since taking control of the House.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) said on Monday the House would vote on a resolution condemning “the president’s xenophobic tweets.” The resolution is being drafted by House Democrats who were born abroad, including Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.), who was born in communist Poland and moved to central New Jersey when he was 6 years old.

“Our caucus will continue to forcefully respond to these disgusting attacks,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to fellow lawmakers. “The House cannot allow the president’s characterization of immigrants to our country to stand.

OK, now read Trumps original Tweets and point to the exact words where he implicates race or the color of anyone’s skin.


16 thoughts on “When All The Left Has Left Is Calling Everything They Don’t Like Racist

  1. Pretty phriggn tired of this ‘people of color’ phrase.

    So ‘white’ is not a color?

    Do I get ta be in the ‘victim class’ if’n I call myself ‘color disadvantaged’?


  2. Blacks are such a small percentage of the population that they are trying to align themselves with anyone who isn’t caucasian to bolster their numbers.
    Besides, if you are white then you are automatically a fascist Nazi anyway.


    • Phil, I have to correct you. Trump did not double down, he
      tripled down, quadrupled down and quintupled down despite
      savage attacks by the Demon☭rats and their kept whores in
      the media. If you have not guessed by now, I am one opinionated
      mother fucker and you will have to scroll down to see the double
      barreled damage I am going to inflict on the Donks on this subject.


  3. Ol Trump understands how to inspire his Deplorable base. As in Fukin’ A!
    I hope the guy is relentless. He has this perfect moment in time where he can completely redefine the dialectic, grab it by the balls and create a viral blowback against the fuckers.
    Unless we want to end up in armed bloody, ugly, brutal civil/class/race/war with the dirty stinking commie factions out to genocide our white arses, the only way to defeat the fuckers is to decimate them, politically assassinate the whole lot of them in the public arena of public perception and preference cascade, de-legitimize them and their cultural marxism with ridicule and straight up no holds barred truths. Use Alynski’s tactics right back at them. Like pointing out they are fukin’ Clowns. Honk! Honk!

    Here’s my vote for master shitlord BFYTW quote of the year.

    Great as The Great Fuck You is, MAGA, and 2020 as repeat, it is after Trump you got to be really concerned about and preparing to be ready for.
    It is what is coming. Because there is not another Trump far as that near future appears. The evil trying to force Balkanization strategy down our throats are working tirelessly to once and for all eradicate our great civilization. The federal monstrosity can auger in and us Deplorable’s will not only survive but thrive once the chains of statism and organized crime government shits the bed.
    It is the things worth saving, preserving and defending they are out to destroy, where we as men of the west got to be putting our energies towards. They are not coming for us, they are at us now.
    After Trump is where the real contest for civilization verses a foul darkness of our time begins.
    Lets hope we are exceptional in that respect. We had the 5000 Year Leap. May we be the first civilization to beat the odds and survive the cycle all others have fell before.

    Ol’ Trump represents a rebirth of the precepts, traditions and culture, of the White Christian West in his own direct no being polite about it. If the last couple weeks are indicative of what is to come Trump is going to go full on wrecking ball. He will create a kind of chaos for our enemy they can not stop, he already has begun if I got half a lick of a sense of where things are leading.

    Shit is about to get real ugly on the Clown Car theater stage, but a long overdue blowback too can be in the offing.
    The lyin’ ass yellow media complex is loosing it’s effectiveness at an existential rate, if anything the money and resources associated with propping them up look to be pulled out and shifted over the masters of the universe social tech platforms.

    6 more years at best. Thank God cankles was thwarted her throne and reign of power. I think we would be deep into an insane citizen dis-armament conflict, complete with police state 3am tactical raids and disappearing American’s, insurgency assassinations, basically at some level Matt Bracken Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy like scenario, certainly the light bringer and the Clinton crime syndicate had their ducks in a row before 64 million of us dirt people pulled off our own special coup on 11-8-16.

    There are many more than 64 million of us Deplorable’s today. And we got guns. Lots of guns. They really matter. In the end it will all comes down to guns, everything else is a side show. Imagine what would be if we where unarmed defenseless cattle?


    • “end up in armed bloody, ugly, brutal civil/class/race/war with the dirty stinking commie factions out to genocide our white arses”

      That’s coming no matter what.
      Sooner rather than later.


  4. Grab your ankles Demo☭rats and get ready to be ass-reamed with a dry
    40 grit sandpaper condom. I might consider some lubricant, but K-Y Gel
    is non-toxic. Phil, do you think that Anti-Seize or WD 40 would be an
    acceptable alternative?

    I watched the saga of the four antisemitic, anti-American Gyno-American
    communists play out from the beginning. With all due respect to the once
    love of my life (Ann Coulter,) President Trump truly is playing Star Trek
    3-D chess against a bunch of retarded third-graders who have yet to master
    Tiddlywinks! Sorry, Annie, our intellectual love affair is over.

    The Very Stable Genius set a trap for these 4 Twatwaffles (sorry folks, that does not
    mean what you think it means) months ago. These four Young Turk communists
    think they are now running the Demo☭rat party. Granny McBotox (the Speaker of
    the House) took a pass on putting them in their place for fear of revealing party
    disunity. Wrong move Granny! This left other Demo☭rats (especially the clown-
    car candidates) running for president in 2020 to go on record as defending their
    racist, anti-American, and antisemitic rants. Score one for Trump, that was
    his objective!

    It is like Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office and having someone say
    “I’ll bet you can’t get the Demo☭rats to defend anti-Americans” and Trump
    responds with “Hold my diet soda!” He is living rent-free in their heads
    and he is now steering their every word and move. No matter what the
    Demo☭rats do, Trump is ten or twenty moves ahead of them. It is not nor
    has it ever been a fair fight!

    The Demo☭rats and their kept whores in the media are wringing their hands
    and dancing around in orgiastic extasy chanting “we finally got him!” The
    kept whores in the media have predicted he will be out of office “any day
    now” for what, 2-1/2 years?

    What is this, the eleventy millionth time they predicted his political demise?
    Which number is greater, the number of times the Demo☭rats proclaimed
    Trump politically dead, the total number of Excedrin headaches or the
    distance to Alpha Centauri in miles?

    What Trump said has been on the minds of American citizens from the
    Carter to the Clinton to the Ubangi administrations and this includes a lot
    of Independents and traditional Democrats.

    Holy shit, I think I found the earliest image of Al Bundy!

    Liked by 1 person

      • This just keeps getting better and better! Rancida Labia and the
        rest of her squad of Gyno-Americans all refused to condemn
        terrorism and Granny McBotox got booted out of the House
        for calling President Trump a racist. These people are violating
        the first rule of holes, if you find yourself in one-stop digging.

        My mother was addicted to her soap operas when I was a kid.
        If she were still alive, this would be her favorite show!

        Liked by 1 person

        • My wife watches them fucking things. Since the damn television sits right in my line of sight that means I have to put up with them. I know more about General Hospital than I will ever admit to.
          I even try putting on headphones


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