4 thoughts on “Naw, I Still Prefer The Old Model 2/70

  1. We did something like this during the first Saudi War to our HUMVEEs – we used empty water bottles, duct tape, and American know-how(tm). It looked like crap, but once you hit 30+MPH, you got cool…
    Ver.1.1 was a mod to the intakes, a thin cloth over the intakes to keep the bugs out.

    We got laughs, and our Brigade Commander saw it, laughed, said it wasn’t REG, and asked how long it would take to build him one….


    • Man those Humvees must be like an oven in that sun, plus you have the engine right in the middle of the interior.
      Remember how older cars and trucks had a intake vent centered below the windshield? It is a pretty high pressure area at speed. It’s why functional induction scoops face rearwards and up close to the cowling. Works better than ram air. Ram doesn’t start delivering useful intake till you reach near 100-120mph, induction begins about 30-40.
      NASCAR cars use a NACA duct on the sail behind the driver to get cool air.


  2. Innovative Hillbilly designed, developed and tested, Light Weight Composite NASCAR Driver Cockpit Heat Transfer System.


  3. Buddy of mine was so broke at one point when his windshield wiper motor shit the bed in his Valient 2 door wagon, (one of those mini “Nomad’s” Plymouth produced in the 70’s), he removed the motor, left the linkage hook to both arms, ran a piece of parachute cord thru each vent window to both wiper arms. We all laughed our ass’s off because it actually worked real well.


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