Just a little something I stumbled across, I had never really realized just how big Australia really is I guess.


Here’s a Shout Out to my readers Down Under, I’ve always had an affinity for you rowdy fuckers. My kinda people.

It’s probably a good thing most of that place is basically uninhabitable, not to mention every motherfucking critter down there will kill you dead except maybe them Koala bears.

If they ever populated that whole place they would be a world Super Power easy.

G’day Mates!


15 thoughts on “Crikey!

  1. Off topic but Mark Suckerdick at Fakebook has just declared war on America. This
    video is blood-curdling and it should go viral. If we do not stop this now, we will have
    to take to the streets with our sporting arms. Once a social media site calls on its
    liberal minions to commit acts of violence against their political enemies a line has
    been crossed that will result in warfare in the street. OK, the war would be over
    in a few days because we have all the guns, the support of serving and retired
    military personnel and law enforcement as well as the biker community. but this
    has to be stopped by lawsuit or criminal indictments or the shit is on!

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    • Fuckbok, Google and Twitter all have very large targets of their own on their backs.
      Keep watching the news, Q has said multiple times that these corporations are slated for destruction. There was an article about regulators going after them just last week.
      In the mean time I hope PJW sues the fuckers into the history books.


  2. It’s an oldie, but still gets gullible DTs (dickhead tourists) sucked in. You see them, especially in open-top vehicles, watching out for the dangerous, yet little-known drop bears, the dangerous predatory meat eating cousin to the koala. Yeah, you lot play your version of the game too, I bet.

    Oh fuck, can you imagine (Philthee) Phil trying to earn coin as a tour director? Come to think of it, I’d pay to see the movie, especially if it included snowflakes and Asian tourists.

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      • I just noticed that they used Austria twice. Maybe because of their impact on world history; initiating WWI, then the neighbours help a certain Austrian UnterOffizier A. Hitler to open WWII.

        And hey, including New Zealand is also double-dipping! Seeing as how the Kiwi islands are really Tasmania’s eastern territories. Hey, you know they even have their own currency now, indelibly stamped on sheep (cheaper than a roll of Kleenex); but makes it difficult to herd enough rams (they keep the ewes back for night-time relaxation) down to the pub for a Kiwi to buy enough Speight’s Ale for the weekend!


  3. The drop bears are little known because the yowies et most of them already….along with any witnesses of the yowies themselves. Yowies are like yetis or sasquatch, only fiercer and stealthier. Wait, there’s something scratching at the door, be right back….


      • Or slips off into the Pacific. It already is run and operated as another country, stopped being a part of the Union long time ago.
        The dirty stinking commies true to form picked the best and most valuable gem out of the Jewels of the Republic to plunder then destroy by turning in into a third world shit hole banana republic they control thru illegal alien gerrymander writ large.
        What they have done to California is what they intend to do to the rest of the lower contiguous 47. They had to first set up a template to create an entire Matrix.


  4. Speaking as a Finn (honorary), I’m glad to see those Swedish fuckers on the other side of the continent instead of next door.


  5. I’m hoping to visit there in 2020. Unfortunately due to a lapse in judgement about 20 years ago I’m having to get an FBI printout of my life to send in.


  6. Sorry to burst your ideological bubbles but Australia ain’t what it was. Hard left media, weak politicians, regulated to death, terrible problems of the usual sorts with refugees legal and illegal and many areas of rampant crime. The media hate POTUS and consequently so do many Aussies (not me though). Don’t waste your money by coming for a holiday. And it’s really, really expensive.


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