Home Depot Just Did Me A Solid

After yesterdays attempted sodomy upon my person up at Wilco, where they want twenty dollars for a fucking replacement handle for a hammer, I can only surmise that maybe Karma might have had a three martini lunch and felt a little generous today to make things right.

I wanted some plywood to throw a temporary work bench up for one of my next little projects and remembered a guy at work telling me a week or so that sometimes Home Depot has remnants for sale cheap. They have a Wall Saw and will cut down lumber for customers. I think the first two cuts are free and every cut after that is like five bucks.

Since I didn’t want or need an entire sheet and certainly wasn’t looking forward to paying upwards of forty dollars for a full sheet I didn’t need in the first place, I figured I would take and run up there to see if they had anything laying around.

After I got in there and found the saw, I see a couple of thirtyish looking ladies of Mexican descent snagging some nice looking quarter sheets of 5/8’s plywood.

I waited until they got what they wanted and was pleasantly surprised to see two more still sitting there. I was actually hoping to find a half sheet but I can make do with those.

I went to grab them and this fucking Tennis Elbow I have been fighting for the last three months decided to let me know in no uncertain terms that it was still very much around and fuck you, you ain’t doing that.

They slipped out of my failing grasp and one of the nice ladies grabbed them for me. Then the other one actually went and found me a cart to get them back up front with because, you know, my dumb ass forgot to get one in my haste.

I started looking to see how much they wanted for them and couldn’t find a price. The two ladies had the same issue. About then one of the guys working there walked by so we snagged him. He was in his fifties easily.

He said he’d be right with us. I did find a sticker with a bar code on one piece and when he came back he scanned it

Thirty eight bucks.

He said no, that was for a full sheet.

He looked at mine and then the two ladies, seemed to get a bit irritated by something and then yanked a pen out of is pocket and scribbled something on the side facing him. Then he went around and did the same thing for the two ladies.

I spun it around and found this,


You can only imagine my surprise because it was total.

I thanked him VERY enthusiastically and he said that someone was supposed to have banded all four of those pieces up and sold them as a unit. Because they hadn’t done that, he wasn’t going to mess with it.

So he basically gave away an entire sheet of primo 5/8’s plywood because someone else was too lazy to do their job.

Thank you again Roy, that was above and beyond in my book.


So while I can and do, bitch very loudly when I think someone is trying to slip me the old Uninvited Finger up my ass and rip me off, at the same time, I try to go out of my way to sing the praises of guys like Roy who make things right in the end.

Now if you will excuse me, I have shit to do.

16 thoughts on “Home Depot Just Did Me A Solid

    • Not to be a stick in the mud but…. it’s not positive karma when Roy steals from his employer and hands it off to a couple of strangers. Sorry Phil I check your blog every day,nothing personal.

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      • Umm…no. Not stealing, but casting bread upon the water. Roy gets it. He did three customers a solid. Think they’ll come back? Think they will pass the story on? Heck, one of those customers has already posted the story to his blog. Wonder how many new sales that will generate.


      • While I can certainly see your point here I am more inclined to agree with RHT447 below
        Although I’m sure someone, somewhere in the Home Depot chain of command could most certainly get their panties twisted in a knot over good old Roy’s actions, a smart executive would be thanking the guy.
        As RHT said, he just made 3 customers very happy by giving away what amounts to scrap wood that they may have made twenty bucks on.
        As much as it never ceases to amaze me, this blog is read by people spanning the entire world. I’m sure those two ladies went home and told their friends and relatives good things about Home Depot today also.
        That same executive couldn’t buy the advertising he just got for free because of Roy’s actions.
        I bet Roy won’t even remember it next week.


      • Considered that. For me it was a beautiful move. Roy made a command decision, on the spot. The mark of a true leader.
        If you are given a command position, it is always better to take action than to do nothing and be ruled by the council of your fears.
        If anything, Roy is a shitlord for doing what he did.
        We need more of this again in our great civilization.
        Serendipity in the world is a great thing.
        5 people at the same place in time and space, all did something positive, it was spontaneous, all had positive intentions and charity in their heart of some sort. The roll on order effect is positive. Probably good intentions and positive things precipitated this. Cause and effect.

        PS, you were being a stick in the mud. Are you being dis-ingenious on that?
        What was so important you had to point the negative out in a post about something nice happening to others?
        Why use another as the anvil under your hammer of negative perceptions?


  1. Shit, I am taking you with me when I buy lottery tickets! You scored buddy! Now, did ya get phone numbers from those nice latin ladies for me when I come to visit?


  2. At our local Home Depot (DFW area) they do not charge for multiple lumber cuts. They also have a scrap bin (cart). Anything can show up there that is warped, cracked, cut, whatever. Sometimes nothing wrong, just a few left overs tossed to clear a space. All get a splash of purple spray paint. Any wood with purple paint is 70% off. One time I saw a 10 ft. 4 X 8. Another time I grabbed 6 perfectly good 8 ft pine 1 X 6’s. Didn’t need them then, but have used them since. I am a wood whore, and I mean the good stuff–cured, dry, straight and true with little of no knots.


  3. Here’s another HD goodguy story for ya. I went to buy replacement mower blades for my parents rider this spring and they not only couldn’t find a bar code or a price, they couldn’t find them in the computer inventory. So, after a half hour of fuckfuck games, the nice lady at the contractors desk said “You’re in here all the time, sorry ’bout the wait, just take these and we’ll see ya tomorrow” 🙂

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  4. When the Home depot opened near me 10 years ago myself and a neighbor went on opening day. I had a cart loaded with stuff around $100 dollars worth, Their credit card machine went down and they had me standing there for 20 minutes. Finally I said I want to see a manager, he came and I explained what was going on. He said just take the stuff and go. He couldn’t apologize enough. Been gong back and they are my first choice ever since.


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  6. Those are all free to Home Depot. If you go in and ask them to cut a sheet, they charge you for the whole sheet. At my location they just have a free pile of leftovers.


  7. While I’m a big fan of HD’s purple paint and often get things cut (although I’m too cheap to leave the cut offs), but I have no issue with the guy taking scrap that HD would have to pay to throw out and making some customers happy, seems like a win/win.

    I did have an Autozone at HD moment last time I needed something cut, I need a 62×35 piece of 3/4″ plywood, the gentleman at the cutting station looked at me like I was an idiot, and explained that the wood was only 48″ wide. I then suggested that we do 35×62, at that point I think he realised that he had made a bit of an ass of himself….


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