Start Praying Hard And Meaning It

I believe this would be one of those things that you would never, ever want to see.

I mean I would rather see Hillary Clinton AND Whoopie Goldberg Naked kind of things.

very bad

10 thoughts on “Start Praying Hard And Meaning It

  1. That vid is available with sound. You can hear the passengers noticing by all the bongs from the call buttons!

    “This is… uh… your captain speaking… uh… Not to… uh… worry; the MD-88 can fly all the way to the… uh… crash site on one engine.”


  2. They already shut the engine down, engine is spinning due to wind flowing thru the inlet over the bypass blades.
    They normally spin around 34,000 rpm, top fuel setting, depends on engine type, under power. You would be amazed what some engines can endure. Worked at Pan-Am in the engine/landing gear shop at JFK in the 80’s, mostly weld repaired bypass sections that ingested various debris and bird strikes. They call it FOD short for Foreign Object Damage. Those big fan blades you see inside the nacelle opening are basically performing the same job as a big ole piston engine airplane prop. The engine turbine section is relatively tiny and is encased completely, it drives the bypass section. They call them high bypass engines, most of the thrust is from that large bypass fan, air which flows rearwards over the engine case keeping it cool from the heat of the hot section at the rear of the turbine section. The nose cone is rattling against the bypass blades in the video. If it was under power it would be time to make peace with the dude upstairs. That bypass blade set comes apart at full rpm the pieces cut thru everything. Think Cuisinart.

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    • I see some of those parts go through before they are finish machined by the literal truck load.
      I see some very interesting stuff. Things I can’t talk about, ya know?


      • Hear you.
        Figure you probably know from the sounds of things.
        Been some years, I know 1st hand super-cruise turbine and single crystal growth technology used in Pratt&Whitney’s non after burner supersonic engines in the F22 was classified as the highest national secret technology, and the “flying crowbar”, the Exothermic Re-entry Vehicle weapon was held pretty high too. You had to sign non-disclosure contracts when you worked on such parts, nooke weapons parts b/p’s don’t have any font or origination details, you have to look up specific specs in a classified text book.

        Crazy thing, so much for top secret in practice. Pratt was way late on building rigid tube assemblies, both masters, jigs pulled from master tubes, and tube sets to assemble ready engines. Every company has rigid tube and flexible metal hose problems, holds up engine, nacelle and landing/jet blast diverter deliveries. Real costly. EOG, engine on ground costs thousands a day. Especially rigid tube assemblies. Very complex craft work. Can’t be automated or mass produced, it is all hand craft work. Same stupid problem across the trades, if you didnt go to college you where considered nothing. Remember that elitist bullshit starting back in the early 80’s? At least an entire generation of skilled craftsman, machinists, welders, fitters, foundrymen, steel/smelting men, millrights, tool & die men etc, gone. Nobody to pass on tribal and hand craft knowledge. Great excuse for off shoring everything, eliminating those damn labor dollars in the way of getting the last buck out of everything. Very useful for getting rid of the middle class, because all the vast support industry goes with the craftwork. Competition too. Offshore every nut bolt and washer possible, that million here, 5 million there, adds up when your talking the vast manufacturing prowess of the American skilled labor force and the thousands of little productive high quality producing companies, entire fortunes of inconceivable wealth have been created thru elimination of the industrial motive and creative power of the American work force.
        Stupidist thing imaginable. People admire these tycoons and robber baron’s, because they are “self made men”. All they did was poach with the complicity of the political class.
        We all could, we where heading towards wealth of a nation, prosperity no one could imagine, be wealthier, prosperous, on a scale can’t be estimated, wealth for everyone unimaginable, and leaps in technology, which the pre space shuttle space program gave us a taste of, the sky literally the limit. But you can not hold raw naked unlimited power over such a thing. It was on the cusp of exploding into another 5000 year leap, something that could not be permitted. So you destroy it to control it. This is why technology became this stagnet swamp of rebranding-repackaging-mass produced garbage of the lowest possible quality, enough to last leaving it’s packaging and bolting on. After that who gives a shit. We suckered you into wasting your real wealth on something that is zero wealth until you fork out the cash for it. The essence of wealth transfer that constitutes economic activity today. It is all catching up, the unintended consequences are rearing their heads.

        Sorry, had to rant. It disgusts and infuriates me. Those in power are the most destructive selfish greedy fucks possible. They need to be gone in the most dynamic visible manner possible.
        I see unfettered free economic and industrial activity as the foundation of freedom and liberty.

        One evening on 2nd shift they bring a whole engine less tubes and hoses in a cradle, drop in the loading dock, we rolled it into a tube cell, and use it as a fixture to build a series of tube sets. Our doors are wide open 24/6, we have no security whatsoever, not even cctv camera’s, anyone could walked in and scope out the technology on everything we manufactured.


  3. Hey Phil, seriously man, you gotta get back on your medication; that Hillary & Whoopi combo scene thing, it means a pretty sick imagination is a work!


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