When Government Fails To Do It’s Primary Function, People Are Forced To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

I laughed out loud when I read this in an Email Blast.

Los Angeles Times
JUL 10, 2019

Desperate to get rid of the homeless, residents are using prickly plants, fences and barriers to keep them out

With tens of thousands of homeless people in L.A., some Angelenos have had it with the city’s struggles to consistently clear encampments and get a handle on the trash that is sometimes produced by those living on the streets.

The Times found that residents are increasingly taking matters into their own hands, installing fences across sidewalks and putting other, often illegal obstacles in public spaces to make homeless people feel unwelcome. And it’s working.

My emphasis.

You can read the rest of the article here.

The city isn’t taking care of the problem, the citizens are taking matters into their own hands, the city responds to this by saying what they are doing is illegal and in some cases issuing fines, lather, rinse and repeat.

It’s going to be just like what I said about Portland.

Eventually the citizens are going to get a belly full and replace the motherfuckers in government who aren’t addressing the problem to begin with.

In the mean time they will continue to protect their own interests and property as best they can.


11 thoughts on “When Government Fails To Do It’s Primary Function, People Are Forced To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

  1. This is a problem here too in my area of South Carolina. I’m outside the city but everywhere there’s a patch of trees there’s homeless camps. These people don’t work. They support themselves by rambling all during the night stealing anything that isn’t concreted in the ground. I’ve been the victim of burglary 18 times in the last 5 years. I can’t get home owners insurance anymore even though I’ve never filed a claim. I’ve called the sheriff’s office and they send a deputy out and I give them photos from my security cameras and they write a report and tell me if I hear anything let them know and that’s the end of it. They always tell me they can’t find the thief. I asked them one time if they wanted me to find the thief and bring him to them and they told me they would arrest me for kidnapping if I did that.


  2. Fuck ’em. They got EXACTLY what they voted for and now, they don’t like the taste of their own self-administered medicine. It’s only a matter of time until they flee the conditions they created for themselves to repeat the same fuckin’ mistakes in YOUR AO. The left is literally a pestilence upon the nation. “This time it’ll be different”…


  3. People are ever cheap bastards, as well as pragmatic, and .22LR is inexpensive and once again readily available. High-powered pellet guns and ammunition don’t even require any paperwork.

    No points for guessing how long before the homeless start getting Arkancided, and how hard already-overburdened homicide detectives are going to be looking for the culprits.


  4. I’m with Aesop: Old, used buses with “Free Food” painted on the side and a motorcycle strapped to the back. Load it up with homeless seeking handouts, drive it into the desert until it runs out of gas, unhook the motorcycle and ride back to civilization.

    Lather, rise, repeat.


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