These People Really Are Stupid

Like there aren’t probably a few MILLION copies of this shit floating around on people’s personal computers already?

BNL News

And Ol’ Slick Willy trying to claim he knows nothing about Epstein’s little escapades on Pedo Island?

It depends on what the definition of is, is, right?

His name IS on the flight records of Epstein’s private plane 26 fucking times for crying out loud.

He IS known to be a serial sexual predator.

He IS known to be a lying sack of shit first and foremost.

There is a large group of people shitting their britches right about now, knowing full well and good that their names are going to be drug out int the sunlight because of their involvement with this.

Whoever is trying to scrub the internet  right now is a day late and a dollar short.

They are even trying to scrub Wikipedia.

It would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Make no mistake, Epstein’s arrest and the charges against him have been a long time coming.

Good old Do Nothing Jeff Sessions started this investigation years ago and then handed it off.

These people are fucked.

We still haven’t seen what was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop yet either.

Remember Pizzagate?

It’s all tied together and it’s huge.



25 thoughts on “These People Really Are Stupid

  1. Thus, “we have it all”….

    How to you survive avalanche? Put your arms up full, fully extended, and create an air-pocket.
    Picture the surrender stance, but arms closer together.

    Once the keystone is dislodged, the rest of the arch falls. Plus, the arrest was timed with the serving of search warrants to his dwellings. One searcher commented “what a weird place to place a safe….”. And, its VERY tight-lipped what they snagged.

    I find it strange that Clinton.Inc didn’t act faster – almost like their intel links didn’t pick it up…

    How do you make a domino fall? What’s its sound?


  2. The reason Epstein got off with a slap to the wrist was that he fed a few of
    his buddies in the financial sector to the wolves. This time, he is facing 45
    years in stir so he has a lot of incentive to sing. Jeff (above) makes the
    point about dominos falling and this time, the circumstances are a LOT
    different. According to what I read not only did Blow Job Billy fly on the
    Lolita Express some 25-30 times, on some of those flights his lesbian
    wife, her lesbian lover and Muslim honey trap, and her convicted pederast
    husband (Anthony Weiner) went along for the ride.

    Now, what appeal would underage girls have for these people? (cue the
    Jeopardy theme) According to the most recent news stories, a lot of
    DC politicians, Hollyweirdos, people in the financial sector and Democrat
    campaign donors may be at serious risk.

    Since Phil brought up Pizzagate, I generally dismiss conspiracies, but you
    have to admit that a group of people who attempted a coup against a duly
    elected president would not be above ordering little boys and girls from
    a pizza joint.

    Someone else that needs to be thoroughly investigated is John Podesta
    (Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager) and his brother Tony. A little girl
    in Italy went missing while the two were in the country. Investigators
    released sketches of “persons of interest” in the case. I could take an
    image of the Podesta brothers with my 24mp dSLR and could not
    get any closer to actual photos of these fuckers than the sketch artists:


  3. As soon as I saw Billy boy trying to distance himself from this idiot, I knew Clinton was guilty of something. Now the press is trying to suck Trump in by a comment he made about being a good guy.


    • But that comment was made before Epstein was known to be a
      pederast. The moment he was reported to be a Cio-Mo, Trump
      kicked his ass out of his golf club and resort in Florida. The Donks
      are going to have a hard time making this false narrative stick
      because there is a fact-based time-line!


  4. I hate the softening of our language to minimize the impact of words. These aren’t “pedophiles” They’re BABYFUCKERS, period. Nothing short of a round behind the ear and an un-ceremonious dumping of the corpse into a roadside ditch will cure BABYFUCKERS…


  5. Think it was about a week ago Mr. Trump made a comment about a lot of people are in a lot of trouble. Can’t remember the context.
    Anyways, everyone who has tried to fuck with orangemanbad has ended up destroyed hung by their own petards.
    It is a pretty sure thing the statist quo would never permit the reopening of Epstein’s Pizzagate child trafficking ring activities, because in “normal” political terms between those in collusion or those who can be blackmailed, basically assures their criminal activities remain squashed enough nobody is held accountable.
    The guy looks like a fucking scumbag. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have been a young girl, or boy, as we will no doubt be apprized of, to have the experience and memories of such a leech coercing you into being a sex object/slave to him, and the rest of these thouroughly disgusting “men” who give us real decent Christian Men of The West a bad name.
    What pieces of shit. Human garbage. Biblical level shame to all good honorable men.
    I hope here at some point in the very near future we as Men of The West get it in us we need to begin taking these vermin out against the wall and shooting the motherfuckers.

    I’m absolutely dead fucking serious as a heart attack.

    These fucking scumbags with their fucking ill gotten money and their special status, they ain’t men, they are things that crawled out from under slimy rocks. They disgust me. I somehow feel infected by their repulsive existence. Jeff Bezo, Andrew Cuomo, Mueller, Clinton, the FBI agents who murder LeVoy Finnicum, incinerated the children and woman in Waco, blew Vicky Weaver’s head off while she was coddling her boy, ad nauseam, the list is mind blowing, they think they are gods or something. Gentleman, we have a literal plague of debauchery and hedonism, they have created an unmitigated disaster of unparalleled dimensions upon our good Earth. Nothing has remained sacred to these animal’s influences and destruction.

    But I’m digressing. I suspect, the only way this ludicrous violation of Western Christian justice was re-opened was due to those involved being men who are not and can not be blackmailed as almost the entire political class is, or complicit in this system of henious power. And that means they are associates and allies of Donald Trump.

    I believe also, President Trump, being the kind of decent genuine article he is, and why he is reviled by these scumbags, in spite of their evil, he gave them every chance to cut the shit and get out of the way of restoring some modicum of honor and morality to our system of republican form of government, our original governance of will of the governed, which this system of blackmail has systematically taken apart piece by lousy piece. The man granted every decency to this cabal, and now it is time to take care of business.
    I can say this for a slew of logical and reasoned reasonable assumptions. The evidence speaks clear as day regardless of the collusion to protect themselves from the consequences of their actions. Something real men, you, me, all of us decent rule of law honoring hard working prudent men do, we hold ourselves accountable, we man up, we take our lumps and do it because it is a matter of honor, or duty, or simply because it is the right thing to do. Because we have shame, and humility, many of fear rightfully our maker, and believe in the eternal soul and damnation, but we also believe in salvation, in providence, and savings grace of our wretched ways when we stray. This is baked into our culture, our traditions, our uniquely western civilization. It is who we are when you strip the non essentials from us and get down to the crux of who we are as men.

    This is the war we are really involved in. Wether we salvage something out of this debacle, and do what only us dirt people can do: effect positive change in the world.
    There is no one else.
    Look around, you seeing anyone else who is gonna do what is right, what needs doing, cleaning up after these vermin and scum?
    Mark my words boy’s, this is the shit we are gonna have to do, like it or not, want to face it square on our not. We are all in this together.
    And Epstein and his ilk need exzterminatin’.

    We will not be free of their evil till we do the deed.

    See, Mr. Trump is reviled for another reason. He is a leader. A true leader. JFK was, so was Ronny Raygun, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Ben Commee, Both Lee’s, Colonel John Mosby, Gen Bedford Forrest, Patton, McArther, Andrew Brietbart, julian Assange, LeVoy Finnicum, Andrew Jackson, they all led by doing, by going first. Some got dead, the dirt nap for their defiance and resistance to this tyranny.
    I believe Mr. Trump is behind this. This is the opening assault in a war to rid this country of these assholes, after this everything changes. I’ve said from the start Pizzagate was the demise of the sonsofabitches and I’m saying it now. There is a cascade failure, just as there is a preference cascade for the comeuppance these scalawags to coming to them.

    The aspect of leadership, of leaders of men, if you have been alive since the 50’s, you have witnessed the systematic elimination of all and any who could be a leader of us Men of The West. All who have been so have come under unrelenting assault from the powers that be. No leaders can be permitted, because they will destroy this cabal of scum and villainy because they inspire other men to stand up and fight, to defy!
    But worse is the deliberate, with malice and forethought, the substitution of Western Christian leadership, symbols of such leaders, with emasculated milk toast chicken shit soy boy bullshit.
    Anyone think there could be a Duke. a symbol of manliness and virtue, John Wayne, today? Fat fucking chance.
    yet, we all pulled off the single greatest color revolution in human history, and put this guy Donald Trump in power to represent and lead us.
    Can you fathom why Mr. trump is held in such incredible contempt? Why he is not “owned” by the motherfuckers? Why we all who seen in the guy something genuine, the real article, a self made Man of The West?
    And why going after Epstein and his accomplices makes perfect strategy. This is The Swamp writ large. The domino effect this has set in motion is unstoppable. These dirtbags are terribly vulnerable. Once they are outed, even if not convicted, they are all, to the last greasy slimy putrid foul one of them they are fucking toast.
    Scum of the Earth.

    It is contingent upon us to let them know they are seen as the pieces of shit they are, this is very powerful medicine, they are hedonistic to the core, they thrive on a sick admiration, of pulling a fast one on million of us real men, it is Game, sport, sick demented yes, but it is power. Deny them their power and they are what they really are, nothing.

    To boot, President Trump has not taken full power yet. It is time he does so. In one fell swoop, the power of this cabal that collectively has systematically denied rightful power to the man we duly chose to lead us as a genuine real representative of us, we the people, which is the Number 1 Job as POTUS, to look after the best interests of the people, numero uno, it is the only oath of it’s kind, ever, nothing supersedes this duty, everything else is secondary to this one thing, one swore on the heart and bible, to the flag, to us. Nobody else.
    Good Ol Cincinattus, George of The Wash himself made this one thing that had never happened before in all of recorded history. Because he walked away from absolute power handed to him on a silver platter, he could have ruled the world with the wealth and resources of the new world. What he did, created the framework of what it is to be a leader of our civilization.
    And to do this, Ol’ Trump needs to take full power rightfully, entrusted to him by you and me. It is a contract. A contract of honor and duty. The proper kind of power to do good. There is nothing like it in all of human existence. Except, what White Christian Men of The West, us common men, dirt people all, make with each other every day, with a nod and a handshake, a contract built on honoring what you give as your word.
    Pretty cool shit.
    This is what makes us such a great country.
    It was what built this country.
    And pieces of fucking shit like Epstien and Clinton destroyed.
    What us and Donald Trump are gonna restore and rebuild.
    Funny thing is, we have within our power to blow the doors off what happened before, to create an America beyond anything imaginable, beyond our wildest dreams.
    It is legacy stuff.
    And Legacy is what our founders handed us when you get down to the nitty gritty of it all.

    Trump is ‘Horatius at The Bridge’
    Epstein is ‘false Sextus’
    We Deplorable’s are who stand with Horatius:

    Fast by the royal standard,
        O’erlooking all the war,
    Lars Porsena of Clusium
        Sat in his ivory car.
    By the right wheel rode Mamilius,
        Prince of the Latian name;
    And by the left false Sextus,
        That wrought the deed of shame.

    But when the face of Sextus
        Was seen among the foes,
    A yell that rent the firmament
        From all the town arose.
    On the house-tops was no woman
        But spat towards him and hissed,
    No child but screamed out curses,
        And shook its little fist.

    But the Consul’s brow was sad,
        And the Consul’s speech was low,
    And darkly looked he at the wall,
        And darkly at the foe.
    ‘Their van will be upon us
        Before the bridge goes down;
    And if they once may win the bridge,
        What hope to save the town?’

    Then out spake brave Horatius,
        The Captain of the gate:
    ‘To every man upon this earth
        Death cometh soon or late.
    And how can man die better
        Than facing fearful odds,
    For the ashes of his fathers,
        And the temples of his Gods,

    ‘And for the tender mother
        Who dandled him to rest,
    And for the wife who nurses
        His baby at her breast,
    And for the holy maidens
        Who feed the eternal flame,
    To save them from false Sextus
        That wrought the deed of shame?

    ‘Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul,
        With all the speed ye may;
    I, with two more to help me,
        Will hold the foe in play.
    In yon strait path a thousand
        May well be stopped by three.
    Now who will stand on either hand,
        And keep the bridge with me?’

    Then out spake Spurius Lartius;
        A Ramnian proud was he:
    ‘Lo, I will stand at thy right hand,
        And keep the bridge with thee.’
    And out spake strong Herminius;
        Of Titian blood was he:
    ‘I will abide on thy left side,
        And keep the bridge with thee.’

    ‘Horatius,’ quoth the Consul,
        ‘As thou sayest, so let it be.’
    And straight against that great array
        Forth went the dauntless Three.
    For Romans in Rome’s quarrel
        Spared neither land nor gold,
    Nor son nor wife, nor limb nor life,
        In the brave days of old.

    Then none was for a party;
        Then all were for the state;
    Then the great man helped the poor,
        And the poor man loved the great:
    Then lands were fairly portioned;
        Then spoils were fairly sold:
    The Romans were like brothers
        In the brave days of old.

    Now Roman is to Roman
        More hateful than a foe,
    And the Tribunes beard the high,
        And the Fathers grind the low.
    As we wax hot in faction,
        In battle we wax cold:
    Wherefore men fight not as they fought
        In the brave days of old.

    – Entire Verse:

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  6. Bob, I have a serious case of CRS coupled with thousands and thousands of things I look at every month on the internet, on top of work shit and everything else.
    If you would be so kind….
    I have a running list in my head of quite a few of these people anyways.


  7. SOMEBODY tossed the Clintons under a bus. This is going to bring down the whole Democratic party. They all know it. The bad news is that it will leave a power vacuum for the Communist Party. The people that get my vote for dropping the Dumbocrats into a ditch. This is the commie power play. Next the guns come out when they loose the election in 2020.

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  8. I do not see these slimy fucks getting away with this or the brazenly attempted
    coup against a duly elected president. When Russian collusion thing began,
    enough information came out that we knew who the major players were in
    short order. Six months in, I came up with the first rule of conspiracies, if
    they are too complex or involve too many people, it will be discovered. In
    the attempt to torpedo President Trump these assholes left a trail of clues
    that Mr. Magoo could follow.

    Felonia von Pantsuit and other major players may slide under the statute of
    limitations, but the details will eventually be revealed to the public which will
    be devastating to the Democrat party. Between Bill Clinton and Ubangi, they
    did a damn good job of salting the FBI and the Justice Department with mostly
    high-level political appointees, but they could not poison the well from top
    to bottom.

    The rank and file remain loyal to the constitution, not Ubangi, Felonia, or
    the Democrat party. If these slimy fuckers skate due to the statute of
    limitations, child molestation is a whole other animal. At almost every
    level laws have been passed extending the statute of limitations, and
    most allow something called “delayed discovery.” I have heard horror
    stories about some unscrupulous therapist convincing a 30-year-old
    woman that she was molested by her dad, leading to his prosecution
    25 years after the fact that were based on planted memories. You
    make the laws, you gotta live with them!

    This time, I see no way for anyone involved in this weaseling out of
    charges. You have to look at this like the Mafia: You’ve got soldiers,
    button men, Capos, Capi de Tutti Capi and finally the Godfather.
    If you turn someone in the middle of the chain of command, you
    can work your way up in short order.

    Epstein (66) is facing 45 years and has already spilled the beans for
    a lenient plea deal. This is too big to sweep under the rug. Someone
    involved will spill their guts (the flight logs have already been posted
    on the Internet.) Oh, one name stuck out it was Kevin Spacey, the
    guy who is almost sure to skate in his existing trial. It looks like he
    got to the victim.

    When the dominos fall, grab a bowl of popcorn because this is going be
    more fun than a barrel of monkeys. I already theorized that Trump would
    have his own “October surprise” in time for the 2020 campaign. Add a
    child molestation scandal and it will be the icing on the cake. The moment
    he was elected, the entire Democrat establishment went ape-shit with non-
    stop diversions. I see this as absolute desperation!

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    • Those fuckers are going to get what’s coming to them eventually too.
      They are complicit in the Russiagate attack on Trump for one thing.
      Trust me when I say that there is a very long list in someones file with their names on it. Their treason and willful disregard for the truth is not going to pass without consequences.
      Google especially and Twitter also are scheduled for special attention.
      From what I have heard the entire internet is supposed to go down and be replaced on top of that.


      • That is some pretty interesting news. Like a total re-set Phil? It needs to happen. All sorts of things need a total re-set. Like the USofA.
        Sometimes it is the only way to set things to rights.
        Always figured when obama removed the stipulations the WWW belonged to no entity, gave up protection status the US solely provided, and gave corporate tech the rights to the control of content it was game over and only a matter of time before it was fully weaponized.

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        • It’s something that pops up occasionaly over at Qanon reserach. However, Q has posted in the past and put the names in brackets, ie, Google [KILL], Twitter [KILL]. Several more, Fuckbook included. Then there is that whole Ten Days of Darkness crap. I want to say that has passed for whatever reason but there is a persistent thought that they are going to kill off the internet as we know it and come back with something else.
          In the mean time I have no idea what they think is going to happen to the world wide commerce that depends on it.
          I just keep following along as I can trying to read the damn tea leaves.
          Ol’ Q was dead fucking quiet for almost a month and just recently came roaring back with about fifty posts in a few days. 32 in one day. Makes it hard for me to keep up as much time as I spend at work.


          • No doubt it is a tricky pickle running insurgency against the globullshit’s intent to control the super information highway. Requires a lot of clandestine activity to wage 4th Generation warfare against the data and information mining monopoly of the globohomo state and it’s corporatist allies. The trick is to strike where and in ways unsuspected at key centers of power of the systems of totalitarian control of in formation. It is pure ODDA Loop insurgency warfare.
            I’m with you, there is a lot more going on then we see overtly on all fronts by all actors.
            The nature of such agenda’s to dominate and control with an iron fist and jackboot the free thought and redress, and eliminating the outing of the truth, is a by nature a system which escalates to the ultimate expression of raw naked power, the use of threat of force, and finally the application of violence. All such systems are illegitimate. In human activity they only have at best tacit consent of people, which provides that all critical illusion, or appearance of legitimacy and overwhelming power to hurt you ultimately if you refuse to comply. It is patently declared by those policing our freedom of speech and free expression of thinking violence against us is the ultimate stage that will be used to shut us up.

            Makes Q a real pain in the ass for them, just by resisting their efforts, and undaunted audacity, the intimation of unapproved truth is enough to give people heart, provide courage, and keep the fires of defiance of the motherfuckers burning.
            And frustrated outfoxed ineffective tyrants turn to desperate measures, they unvaryingly double down on their failed efforts, make even more fools and asses out of themselves and their agenda.
            Long Live Q!

            In no uncertain terms it stands to reason why they have tried to shut down Q. It isn’t so much the truth of the message, it is that Q Defies. Q is immune to threat and identity tactics. Q is a form of open source insurgency leadership. Q is insurgent. Q creates grass roots resistance. At some point Q became writ large across the resistance to tyranny, the phenomenon of Q too large to take down in it’s scope. Q is also zeitgeist, effects changes in the dialectic. That is grass roots preference cascade, the most fundamental and base resistance. The stage of repressing Q in order to stop the resistance is past. The resistance is real. Very very difficult to stop without resorting to police state strategy and liquidation of undesirables. Unlike the Soviets, our tyrants face a vast plurality of people who are born into liberty to begin with, and it is a plurality of people armed to the fucking teeth, exactly because of the motherfuckers. What is a self respecting tyrant to do with such a basket of deplorable rebels? It is a most serious pickle. The first order is to use fear, make as many as possible afraid, create cows and other herds of compliant resistance fearing sheeple, then all who are not afraid stick out like sore thumbs, and then wage a campaign of divide and conquer, the intent is to keep such rebels from organizing and sharing common cause. The intent there is to then allowing you a situation where you can pick off the rebels in detail, piecemeal, because they are unorganized. It is why the great American institution of The Militia’s has received the attention of maligning Militia’s with every sort of identity tactic possible. The Clinton’s precipitated this, it was a prime directive to take down the militia’s in the theater of public opinion, discredit them, create optics where the militia is this evil instrument of white racial supremacy and platform of extremist domestic terrorism. They understood the militia’s where instrumental in American freedom, they where what made it possible for a tiny plurality of rebels to defeat the greatest most militarily powerful empire in history.

            Bet you dollars to donuts Q is first on the to do list of these globohomo scumbags below:

            UN Launches All-out War on Free Speech

            From what i’ve been able to find studying our history as Freemen, thru most history since, control of an era’s freedom of speech technology started around the American Revolution with the British attempting to abolish Freemen posting uncontrolled news and truth in the public common’s, The Pamphlet Wars. Every tyranny has as it’s first thing, dismantled and inhibited free thought and speech. 1st thing the Nazi’s would do, as they did in Poland when they invaded was to dismantle the phone system, take over radio stations, outlaw printing presses. The Soviet’s did the same before the Bolshevik’s where done with their genocide. An un-liscensed mimeograph machine was worth a minimum 10 years in the labor camps. If you ever came out or lived thru the terror of the gulag system. That is where the propaganda system called Agitprop was created, with trains that roved across Russia, carrying graphic artists, printing presses, political commissars, they stopped at every town village and hamlet and distributed those Soviet era “patriotic” propaganda posters that are classic representations of thought control and policing.

            The intent of communism is to kill all who do not come to its call.
            Truth is the weapon that all Marxists fear most.

            The WWW is too large, it grew too fast, the technology to control it wasn’t there, it was one of those 5000 year leaps in unfettered open source information, pure insurgency. It could not be stopped, so the only way was to control every facet of it’s open source features.

            I believe at first, in its early days after it was created, before it’s exponential growth, it was meant to be an Agitprop platform, but it got away from the totalitarian’s. Remember how Al Gore tried to lay claim as it’s father? Just as he went on to create globullshit colding, and create his agitprop masterpiece “An Inconvenient Truth”?

            Just as with “Samizdat” which flourished underground across the Soviet sphere of the Warsaw states, credited originating in Poland if I’m not mistaken, “it is impossible to stop the message.”
            What is behind the thought and speech policing of the internet is probably as large and well financed an operation as any activity in history. Control of the wealth of the human race is at stake. Weaponizing the things, is the relative catch phrase and motis operandi.
            Notice Weaponizing: food, energy, education, the arts, science, industry, manufacturing, raw resources, information, economic activity, even the air, weather and the entire environment.
            Control the things to control the people.
            We see that “rights” and “freedoms” are just tactical weapons for the globo-satanists.
            But that complexity is fragile by nature, in the final equation at some point he who defends, or controls everything, defends or controls nothing. “They” are reaching this stage. Then it is this fragile construct, a “black swan” event precipitates a domino effect of cascade failure. Again, unintended consequences is a merciless thing. The system is its own worst enemy. There are signs.
            This globohomo modern world will not be punished.
            It is the punishment.
            The perversity of the universe tends towards the maximum.
            The old institutional order is failing.

            Q is the insurgency of an existential dichotomy. You don’t even have to know what specifics Q refers to and intimates. It is enough Q creates withdrawal of consent of the statist quo. The most powerful weapon ever devised, Consent and withdrawal of it.
            Those who seek to undermine, subvert, destroy, censor, bully, and shame will ultimately be defeated by the one thing they continuously work to control: personal choice and the power of withdrawal of consent…


      • I hate to disagree, however I predict that NOTHING will come out about anyone beyond Epstein. He’s probably already been warned that implicating anyone else will result in his immediate demise, with prejudice, and all because hew couldn’t keep his dick in his pants when it comes to young girls. I hope I’m wrong, but I think not. Don’t forget that the Dim’s OWN the media in this country, well in every western nation. Just look at the difference in coverage between Obozo and Trump. That should tell even the casual observer all they need to know.


        • Nothing has to happen prosecution wise with Epstein. Prosecution, while undoubtably beneficial to us deplorable’s and our moral, some form of remote impersonal state derived vindication for the victims of the scumbag, and greatly desired needless to say, the effect of his exposure and his associations is highly injurious to the most vital element of sustaining power and influence of the cabal, consent of the people, more important is peoples withdrawal of consent. While you can put such a piece of human shit in jail for his life, you only get one of the motherfuckers.
          You rig it so he again is free to be the monster he is, his allies get off scott free, you loose power of consent of the people of the very system you created and gamed for you and your pal’s sole benefit. He is in the pickle he is again because the motive power and audacity of peoples withdrawal of consent is beginning to supersede the power and influence the sonofabitches possess.
          Regardless of the how terrible and evil these scumbags are, no matter their wealth and influence, their system of power is predicated upon a certain level of consent of the people they rule over. As long as enough people consent, especially tacitly, or in actuality thru what the fake media complexes number one job is, to create a plurality of consent, an illusion of consent of the people, you have power. And power is what it is all about. Even these depraved sonofabitches, serial rape of little girls, enslaving them, terrorizing them and total domination using sex as a weapon, is the ultimate in power in a cabal of such scumbags power structure.
          Bill Clinton, recognized and admired in the most ultimate fashion among his fellow elitists, as the most powerful and influential man they have ever known, when you have reached this pinnacle of raw naked political power and influence, what is left?
          Oh yeah, rape, torture, terrorize, control helpless little girls and boys. Fuck them, sodomize them, demean them utterly, strip them of all humanity, till they are nothing but warm objects to stick your dick in and laugh with your pal’s how powerful you are.
          That is ultimate power for these pieces of shit.
          Don’t make me fucking gag.

          I’m not alone in my disgust for these depraved animals. They are raping and pillaging our great civilization of the Christian West. They are savages in the truest gross meaning of savage.
          My Consent is withdrawn in the most dramatic meaning possible for everything, even the most remote association with this system of plunder and rape these motherfuckers set up.

          Again, I am not the only one.
          So, go ahead, keep fucking that that goat motherfuckers. I do not forgive and I do not forget. My day is coming to exact the comeuppance these fuckers have so richly deserved.
          If I feel this way, dollars to donuts there are a million Men of The West who also understand what is at stake here. With each expose of the truth of these fucking scumbags and their deeds, they loose that much power. They are seen as shit. Exposed as criminals. Perceived as the worst kind of humans possible. Their crimes beg for retribution and setting of rights. Not by rule of law. But by natural vindication for their victims suffering and deaths.
          Cold Anger does that.
          Pretty soon our withdrawal of consent makes us Legion.


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  10. Gaggle, FarceBook and Twatter along with ALL the media whores will be doing yeoman’s work in the effort to cool as many gullible morons into buying the bullshit that Slick Willie The Rapist is as innocent as the kids he raped.


  11. Don’t forget.
    Mueller’s fingerprints are all over this.
    Acosta, during the first investigation, was told that Epstein was “off limits because he was an asset”.
    Acosta said it was “above his paygrade” to know how the babyfucker was helping the DOJ.


  12. Not only that, but they have plugged a bunch of photos of Epstein with Trump in there instead. Compare results between Google and Duck Duck for search term “Epstein Clinton”, see how far you have to scroll to find the first pic of Epstein with Trump versus Clinton between the two. For me, the first with DJT on Duck Duck showed up about half way on the scroll bar, whereas they are on the first row in Google.

    They (Google) were doing this kind of crap back during the election cycle in 2016, and who knows for how long before that. The only thing I use Google for is looking up all these out of town phone numbers that call my cell, for whatever reason Google still provides better results there, but for all other searches I use Duck Duck now, and have been for several years. Still haven’t managed to divest from my gmail account though.


  13. I think the whole lot are degenerate assholes. From the Clinton’s to the Trump crime syndicate. There are no innocent’s in our government. Probably the most we could hope for would be a nuke over DC and every state capital to correct the issue.
    However that ain’t gonna happen. We are controlled by a party of one. With fringe outlier’s to keep the rubes Wondering…
    Think I’ll just sit out this next selection of vomit inducing choices…


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