Now Ya Know, Dial Indicator Edition

Pretty interesting. I knew there was some tiny parts in these things. Check out the size of the Micrometer handle on the tester at the end.


4 thoughts on “Now Ya Know, Dial Indicator Edition

  1. One of the things I REALLY loved about being in the compressor industry was
    that I could get my hands on a lot of cool shit. There was a company in the San
    Fernando Valley called Nupla Corp. If you did a good job, the maintenance
    manager might let you have some product that perfect except did not pass
    QC inspection. Nupla made hammers for dozens of tool companies. I drove
    away with a bunch of them.

    Somewhere near LAX, there was a company that did heat treating or etching for
    Starrett. Boy did I score on that job! I ended up with a full four-piece machinist
    square, fractional, numeric and alphabetic drill gauges, feeler gauges, pocket scales
    and a lot of other cool shit! I gave my dad a nice wooden bread box from some other
    company, but I kept the good shit for myself.


  2. With a handle that big, I guess you could really see a gap between the smallest graduations. I’ve seen large dial indicators on some youtuber’s channels (build something cool, used to be metal tips and tricks). My old eyes are wanting one…


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