Even More Good News

I found this copy pasted in a thread and thought I would share the link with you.

It should go a long ways towards changing the narrative you probably see everywhere else. I’ll give you a teaser, then you can go read the rest at the original location.

Nolte: Democrats Just Had Their Worst Week in 47 Years


Not since the 1972 discovery that George McGovern’s vice presidential pick, Thomas Eagleton, had been hospitalized and given electroshock treatments have the Democrats had a worse week than the one we just concluded.

Because Democrats live on social media and watch CNN, they don’t know this yet…

But they had a catastrophic week — hoo, boy, did they ever — a week that will haunt them straight through to November 2020.

Let us count the ways…

  1. The Fake News Media Is the Only Shrinking Institution in America’s Booming Economy

Before 2019 is over, there will be upwards of 12,000 job cuts within the American media. That’s 12,000 fewer Democrat foot soldiers; 12,000 fewer propagandists, serial liars, cheerleaders, and toadies to hold Antifa’s jacket as they beat elderly Trump supporters to death with crowbars.

Every industry in Trump’s America is expanding and thriving … except for the media.

What’s more, the Democrats primary propaganda outlet, the far-left CNN, is hemorrhaging viewers like an Ebola victim hemorrhages solid foods.

Where’s your god now, Jeff Zucker?

Oh there is more, trust me.

Go give it a read and share it with some of your Doom and Gloom friends.

I told you we are winning.

6 thoughts on “Even More Good News

  1. As some in the media realize their money is leaving rapidly, they’ll be forced to present facts, and their charade will be exposed. Exposing the Democrats will be good for the bottom dollar, and it will be fun to watch the carnage.


  2. Add to this, they arrested Epstein on Saturday, that child sex slaving puke is in deep shit. I hope the fucker starts squealing like a pig, rats the Clinton’s and everyone else who was involved in child sex slavery and trafficking.
    I been saying from the start.
    Pizzagate is gonna be the sonofabitches downfall. It is too large, too disgusting, too vile, too evel, to ever be kept under wraps now.
    It is like the same audacity and motive power, BFYTW, that denied the barreen Vag hillary her throne. Everyone with a functioning brain knew what a piece of human garbage she was. Same with Pizzagate. We all know these scumbags are so hedonistic they need to torture rape and commit sacrificial child murder to get their jollies off.

    They all in the past got a pass, they all walked, we all know they are criminals, of the worst kind, Clowns aka the Political Class, they failed without exception to deliver any candidate other than their own corrupt grafters, grifters, pedo’s, organized crime regimes, and killers. You can guess who is what right there…no lack of actors on that score.
    Seems the only ones who did not know was a complicit fake media complex.
    All that doesn’t change the truth, and that applies to the leftists in the swamp and everywhere else.

    Times up motherfuckers.
    You are all, done.
    One way or another.
    We are fed up done with you.
    You, just don’t know it yet.


  3. All this may be True…
    But…lets not forget…at least 50.1% of America put the Communist Obama in office not Once but TWICE!
    There is no accounting for the stupidity of the American Voter
    Just sayn…
    You know..the don’t count your chickens thing.


    • You bring up a really great point. We have been played again for suckers and we don’t recognize the underlying truths because they have been so ardently covered up with lies and silence. Like so much done to us to keep us, our will as the governed, and our Patriotism repressed.
      50.1 percent, like everything else these scalawags do to us, nothing is as it seems. That number is not even close.
      How much of that number consists of vote fraud, ballot stuffing, gerrymander, and key precincts where 100% plus of voters voted for the light bringer with not a single non obama vote counted in the tally?
      You can nullify millions of Traditional Right votes by usurping one key precinct, this is the result of “redistricting”, that makes gross criminal and treasonous gerrymandering possible. They been doing it to us for decades.
      The left have created a total monopoly in key precincts across the country. You can not even find who the captains are, who is involved, their operations. Was involved in the Precinct Project back in 2006-7, which was attrecked on all fronts by mysterious forces back then.
      I have personally attempted a number of times to obtain info and involve myself in our county precinct, it is like my precinct doesn’t exist. It is run by leftists who guard their power from any interference. Precincts are where everything begins, where people running for office begin, without precinct resources you can not get on a ballot, it is where electoral college members originate, everything starts with the precinct. These are the actual people who do the counting and certify the legitimacy of ballots. It is true organized crime and structured violation of every idea and concept of guaranteed republican form of government, it has to be, all other vote fraud is only possible beginning in the precinct.
      Thomas Jefferson was a key proponent of the concept of the Precinct. Awesome idea, Absolutely vital to our Republic. It is the foundation of it.

      Then there is the visible, more or less if you understand how it is rigged, margin of vote fraud aspect, where you employ all your intelligence assets, from pollsters, robo calls, survey’s, even early voting and exit polls, to add that magic 1% to 3% of vote margin for the “winning” candidate, creating the illusion of a close vote, making it a breathless, blow by blow, dead heat race right to the final counts, that the fake media complex can run with thus giving the exciting minute by minute broadcast appearance of drama and legitimacy everyone eats up with a spoon. OH Lord! It is such a close race! It has to be legitimate. When all along the “winner” is a foregone conclusion for the next chosen regime leader, the “votes” are already determined, the electoral college is skewed and misled.

      This is how the pantsuit and her minions screwed up, in part the Deplorable’s began to provide false or no information to pollsters, skewing the intelligence figures the pollsters created for gauging the required margin of vote fraud, and millions voted who where not on the deep states radar.
      Her and her regime did not allow for a margin of error in their data. It has been going on so long they grew complacent in the power to rig and usurp elections. The pollsters most likely at least knew something was fishy with their data, but they like who they work for can not be seen or known to be incompetent, and they had never run into what was happening, didn’t have the resources and knowledge of how to read the data they where getting, probably wrote it all of as an artifact or aberrance in the data sets and algorithms they employ crunching the numbers.

      The reality of what took place is quite different. 11-8-16 was a color revolution of unforeseen scale and numbers, nothing even in the same ballpark in history had transpired previously. 64 million Deplorable’s participated in an unequaled preference cascade.
      Of course the legacy media and it’s yellow journalism faction did everything within it’s powers to bury and memory hole this profound color revolution and its amazing act of defiance.
      Hard to grasp the scope of what took place. There simply is no peaceful precedence for this amazing act of withdrawal of consent for those running things.

      Witness the 2018 swamp elections by vote fraud. The real voting numbers are so bad for the leftists it is impossible for them to win elections vote fraud is an absolute imperative if they are to hold a seat or office. Notice too, how they where only able to win where they had total control of key precincts and districts, and even then they required UHaul trucks full of sealed boxes of rigged ballots.

      It is almost unfathomable by todays approved politikal conventions to understand and accept on face value the first time people are apprised of the fraud involved in elections.

      2016 was probably the only genuine win since Ronnie Raygun won in 1980. The scalawags swore back then no more Ronald Reagans. You have to be old enough to have witnessed what took place. Difficult to describe. It is so far outside the revised history spoon fed us these last 4 decades it might as well be something that happened in another solar system.

      Take the Tea Party gathering in DC. Over a million people spontaneously showed up. That is some really scary motive power and existential exhibition of pure audacity. To defy TPTB like that absolutely could not be permitted to become common known truth. The de-legitimizing effects on the political elites was lethal if the truth was commonly discussed and dissected in the public forum free of censorship. We see it right now with the run up to a redux of 2016. They are pulling the stops out in preparation for a massive attempt of POTUS election night margin of vote fraud to oust Mr. Trump and nullify a vast plurality far exceeding the motive power of the lefts radical chic base.
      In a word, there simply are not enough red diaper babies, faggots, phedo’s, professional victims, free shit army solders, snowflakes, antifart, and NPC’s to win by straight up voting. Never happen. They have to use vote fraud or they are total toast. Kaput! as a political entity
      It is why the subsumed and complicit media tech monopolies are burning the midnight oil censoring the “right”. I’m one, they disappeared my humble blog back in May. Poof! Up and gone, see ya. They are cutting off every conduit and source that they can get away with. The most likely major purpose being they can create any narrative and other false flag propaganda that supports the gross, unimaginable vote fraud they will employ to nullify the voice and will of the Deplorable’s.
      That is why Hillary’s claim’s she won the popular vote is total unadulterated BS. The margin of vote fraud involved in 2016 simply puts lie to any popular vote.

      The Unintended Consequences are coming home to roost. The dire aspect in this is they will do what they always do: double down. It is all they have. When you rig everything, you have no other resources. No alternatives. And they certainly ain’t going to go legit and honest.

      Even if they wanted too, it is runaway train, the die has been cast.
      We are all like the pig now, committed.
      Trump Wins again. It will destroy the leftists and their ilk, they see it coming, they are becoming desperate, the actual authentic numbers tell the story. The truth has no agenda. Ideology is not and never is a substitute for cold hard facts.
      2016, our color revolution totally changed the dialectic. The leftists and the traitor right have no effective viable “candidates”, chosen usurpers really, the Chan’s, Q, daily and now hourly revelations and expose’s of the scum and filth running things, their dastardly crimes, wonton unbridled corruption and lust for raw naked power over us dirt people, and unthinkable acts of human child trafficking/sex slavery and associated satanic sacrifice rituals, the illusion of legitimacy once occluding the vile nature of the political elites prohibits them from creating appearances of legitimacy in their chosen candidates.
      The simple obvious truths of how fucked up everything is with these scumbags once spoken can not be stuffed back into the nasty evil holes they sprung from.


      • Professors and “reporters” should be HVTs in the coming bloodsport… Just like corrupt politicians and activist judges.


  4. Wont make a bit of difference to the lefts true believers. My best friend of 35 years is a Mexican fella, voted demwit his entire life. Why? Because daddy did… No amount of truth or logic will sway him but it IS fun to feed him said facts and truth, just to watch him lose his shit in what has sadly become a predictable, if tiresome, standardized leftist tantrum. I may have made a dent last go ’round asking why he consistently votes against his blue collar daughters interests when, it’s obvious to anyone with eyes, they’ll NEVER be brain scientists or rocket surgeons. Good thinkin, Joe, increase the competition and drive down the wages your own children are qualified to earn….. THAT gave him pause which is more than I can say for any other truisms I’ve fed him.


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