7 thoughts on “Why Not

  1. The stock engine probably isn’t cranking out much more if any than that Honda. Good use of an outboard too fucked up from hitting rocks you can no longer weld on a new skeg.
    Wonder what they did for coolant, those things suck a lot of water fast.

    Like the hillbilly gang signals


  2. It looks like the car’s original engine isn’t even there anymore, and the outboard is doing everything. I wonder how they did the swap? Like Phil Carson says, when the outboard is moving water is practically driven into them under pressure, so the cooling system is designed differently.

    One thing for sure, without cooling it will last about 30 seconds before it never runs again.

    Mind boggling.


  3. I’m laughing my ass silly ! Fucking hillbilly gang signs ……
    Looks like “bar-b-que, my place, Sat. 7pm.”
    I have an old Montgomery Wards outboard that I still “tune up”
    in the spring with a 55 gal. drum full of water in the driveway…


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