Just Like The Good Old Days

There’s some old iron in these pictures.

One of my brothers brought his 69 Ranchero over for me to replace the master cylinder on earlier today.



351  Windsor ( he told me Cleveland but commenter’s have pointed out the difference in head width)  boys. Backed by a venerable C4 automatic transmission.

Runs like a top and goes like stink.

The Old Boy knew his stuff.

His Father In Law bought a hulk out of a wrecking yard decades ago and basically built this car from scratch. That means it has a Branded Title.

It is a going concern.

My brother has been trying to talk me into buying this thing for a couple of years now and I don’t want anything to do with it.


I know me.

I would be IN JAIL inside of two weeks if I had something like that.

That fucker will light the back tires up at will.

I would have it sideways every time I got in it.

If you have more self control than I do, it’s For Sale.

He is asking Eleven Large.

He is into it Ten.

He is willing to take offers.

It has to go.

You should see his 68 Mustang Convertible…..

11 thoughts on “Just Like The Good Old Days

  1. My sister had one. Lit it up in front of her high school, and took out 20 feet of fence and a light pole. After it got back from the shop, she turned left in front of a speeder and it looked like a banana. She tore everything up. I always thought they were ugly compared to the Chevy. But they could run!!


  2. Yeah that is a Windsor motor, the valve covers are to narrow and sticking straight up. The clevland would be rubbing the shock towers. I think it was 67 or 68 they stopped with the 351c and put in the Windsor.

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  3. I just typed what my brother told me. I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to the engine, just the master cylinder.
    Then again, he also tried telling me it had a one ton rear end under it.
    I called bullshit on that one right out of the gate.
    It’s probably a Posi.
    He’s not any kind of mechanic.
    He buys nice cars and pays someone to fix them.


  4. the rear end is probably a 9″ rear end. nearly indestructible. if you pull the VIN, you can google it and get the basic specs. it is not a build sheet, but fun to look nonetheless.

    @greyman. the cleveland and windsor existed side by side for many years and started being put into ford cars (and trucks?) well into the ’90s. if memory serves, the first year of the cleveland was 1969. the BOSS 302 was a 302 with cleveland heads. the BOSS 351 was a cleveland and was only in ’71 in the mustang. they pretty much stopped putting them into cars cause the motors were much larger, more complicated and more expensive to produce. alternatively, they breathed REALLY well and could make insane amounts of power.

    you can still buy an new in the crate windsor from Ford today either in 302 or 351.

    really solid, simple motors that are reliable and produce good power and can be modded easily.


    • Atlas thanks, I have actually never seen a BOSS 302 or 351 but the Cleveland was actually ended in the early 70s because they could not pass emissions or gas mileage rules, like you said they could breath and produce power. They also had a problem with crank knock which is fixed with line boring, most of ford motors had that problem. The 351M400 was the replacement, more torque. the Cleveland motor had been around since the early 60s I believe. The boss302 could not use Cleveland head, they are bigger heads and would not match any bolt or coolant or oil holes. Now 351 Windsor heads would fit a 302 just fine and breath o so much better.


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