Looking On The Bright Side


There is, a bright side.

Constantly immersing ourselves in the happenings around us can cause us to see only the oppositions advances and tactics.

This actually works in our favor.

The recent antics of ANTIFA over in Portland is a good example of what I am talking about.

No, we shouldn’t even have to be tolerating such government backed violence in our streets.

However, the fact that we know it actually has the tacit approval of the local government works against their feeble attempts at baiting us into their cycle of violence to further their agenda.

We know what they are doing.

The public sees this violence and takes steps to ensure their own safety by avoiding the places the violence is happening.

Businesses suffer as a result.

The only real victims besides those foolish enough to engage these idiots are the citizens of Portland.

Eventually they will decide that a change in government is necessary.

Thus endeth the rule of those responsible for the entire exercise.

The same thing is happening on a national level. As much as the MSM tries to poison the information the citizens of the country have available to make decisions, the internet has done stellar job of  countering that.

CNN is a perfect example.

They have consistently gone to the well of disinformation and partisan attacks and now the National Enquirer literally has a bigger audience.

People are seeing through the bullshit and have had enough.

One trick ponies have a limited appeal by nature.

What I am trying to say here is that even though it looks like the Left is winning on paper, the reality is that people are getting Woke to the tactics and lies they have been using to get that margin.

The recent tempest in a teapot with that useless pawn no one in their right mind should think about more than a nanosecond, Colin Kaepernick, Nike and some tennis shoes he didn’t like is a perfect example of the Bread and Circus tactic the Left and the MSM have been reduced to.

In a nutshell, who gives a damn?

Manufactured butt hurt is all they got left.

Don’t buy into it and it is reduced to it’s primal state.


This is where we have hope to change this paradigm.

Ignore the chatter, help wake people you know up to these tactics and point them to the way things should be and things that actually matter.

Starve the beast of the attention it must have to live.

If it can happen to CNN, it can happen to the rest of them.

We are winning, this is why they are so very desperate to resort to tactics like ANTIFA.

Because at it’s basic level, it is a very desperate ploy to begin with.

Enjoy this celebration of the anniversary of our independence from a tyrannical state and have faith, we shall overcome, again.


10 thoughts on “Looking On The Bright Side

  1. Despite the negativity this is, without a doubt, the greatest nation to have EVER existed. What’s more, we’re ALL the luckiest motherfuckers to have ever trod the boards, simply by virtue of having been born in this place and time. It’s a shame there are people unwilling to accept that little truth. God blessed us. Now, go and convince the disbelievers. They deserve the truth.

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  2. In defense of the National Enquirer, they have consistently proven themselves to be more correct more of the time than CNN.

    Sad, so very sad. Like something out of a Men-in-Black movie.

    And after watching the President’s speech, CNN can suck… well, insert favorite phrase here.

    The people loved him, and loved what he said. Despite all that the pundits and the better-than-thou idjits say.


  3. The Liberals and Antifa, are like fleas on a dog, sooner rather than later they become a pain and must be eradicated. Kaepernick should be the first.


  4. Isn’t it wonderful that a never was, washed up, legend in his own mind former NFL Quarterback, who wouldn’t have gotten to where he was in any other country or time because men and women fought to make and keep him free, can dictate product trends to a multi-million $ corporation?


  5. Phil, I absolutely agree with your assessment. The sheer insanity the left
    is putting on display is evidence they are getting desperate. During the
    BJ Billy and Ubangi administration, political violence started to show it’s
    ugly head in ways I have never seen before. When President Trump was
    elected the left went batshit crazy. I fully expect to see a lot of violence in
    the streets leading up to the 2020 election and if Trump is reelected, you
    can expect mayhem.

    There are a lot of people on the right who continue to say woe is us,
    the culture war is lost and America is doomed. Nothing could be
    further from the truth. This kind of panic on the left indicates that
    they have overplayed their hand and are in complete disarray.

    Here is the dirty little secret, the radical left is so few in number they
    cannot effect anything more than pissing off the American people. Nixon
    was elected in one of the greatest landslides in history because the
    American voters got sick of the temper tantrums the left was throwing
    on the streets. They laid claim to stopping a war that 60 percent of
    Americans supported at the lowest point.

    I found a discarded Time, Newsweek, or US News and World Report
    right after a GOP midterm tsunami that woke me up. It had a full
    blown statistical analysis of the election. There were seven
    questions that showed the same 7 or 7-1/2 percent number.
    Opposition to war even if attacked, support for unlimited abortion
    on demand at taxpayer expense, and 5 others revealing the
    most radical respondents.

    The publication boiled the radical left to its exact percentage of the
    population without even knowing they did it! The lunatic fringe as we
    called them in the 60s and 70s were also few in number so they made
    up for it by being loud. When that tactic failed, they took to the streets.
    In the 90s and after 2008, Obama’s Brownshirts (Antifa and SEIU)
    repeated the history of the neo-communist radicals in the Vietnam era.

    Oblowme really did create that citizen army he asked for. Like the
    real Brownshirts, loyal to the leader and not the country or the
    rule of law.


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  7. I was doing my best couch mushroom impersonation and watching the idiot box. CNN is now running ads trying to prop up its “integrity”. The commercials are as lame as their news reporting.


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