Now We’re Talking

That weasel Mayor Wheeler of Portland just got a wake up call.


Attorney for journalist attacked by Antifa says she plans to ‘sue everybody’ the law permits

The attorney for Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist who was attacked by Antifa during a protest in Portland on Saturday, said she plans to hold the city government responsible for his beating.

“I’m going to sue everybody who the facts and the law support being sued,” attorney Harmeet Dhillon told “Fox & Friends” hosts on Tuesday.

Ngo, a contributor for Quillette who covers Antifa, was seen on video being punched, kicked and doused with a milkshake during a clash between Antifa and those of the right-wing hate group Proud Boys on Saturday. Several people were arrested throughout the day, but Dhillon said those apprehended attacked police, and the people responsible for the attack on Ngo have not been held responsible.

“That’s disturbing,” Dhillon said. “Law enforcement is aware of the names of those people, at least some of them.”


Police were not seen in the video of Ngo’s attack, and Dhillon argued that authorities in the city of Portland were not adequately prepared for what they should have known would be a violent confrontation between the two groups. She explained that although the police chief is responsible for designing a plan and presence, the mayor and other city leaders give specific instructions to law enforcement during such events.

“The situation on the ground in Portland and policing is so bad that the sheriffs of the adjoining counties have refused to send mutual aid to Portland because they don’t want their own officers to be attacked,” Dhillon said.

“Portland has been consistently understaffed these types of incidents, and there have been many incidents,” she continued. “They knew they were aware that this was going to happen and they did nothing to prevent it.”

My bold, she is absolutely correct on that point,

Portland Mayor unable to persuade Clackamas Sheriff to continue mutual aid agreement

Clacakams County Sheriff’s deputies are no longer responding to routine calls for service within the City of Portland.

On Friday, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said in an email to deputies, “I will not place you at unnecessary personal and professional risk.”

Roberts cited safety concerns and told deputies he did not want to put them in danger out of district.

Oh it gets better,

Portland mayor should be investigated by feds over Antifa attack on conservative writer, Sen. Cruz says


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler should be investigated by federal law enforcement officials following his handling of the protests in his city this weekend that saw a conservative writer purportedly attacked by members of Antifa, Sen. Ted Cruz said.

The comments from the Texas Republican come as a video is circulating on the internet purportedly showing editor Andy Ngo being pelted with eggs, milkshakes and other objects on Saturday in Oregon’s largest city. At least three people were arrested and several others were reported injured there throughout the day during a series of demonstrations, as members of Antifa and other leftist groups clashed with members of the far-right Proud Boys and conservatives, police said.

“To federal law enforcement: investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists,” Cruz tweeted alongside a story recapping the incident surrounding Ngo.


Richard Grenell, a current U.S. Ambassador to Germany and Fox News contributor, tweeted that he has asked the Justice Department to “investigate the incident in Portland.”

“I can’t just sit by and watch my friend be brutally attacked,” he added.

Peter Boghossian, a professor at Portland State University, said in a tweet that it is “past time” to “impeach” Wheeler.

The mayor’s office did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News at the time of publication of this article.

Mayor Wheeler and his little pets ANTIFA are about to find themselves under a microscope.

I have told people recently that Portland is imploding from all of this political fuckery out of the Mayor’s office and that there have been signs of  the stress showing for a while now.

The Portland police have a serious problem attracting new hires and anyone who can get out, is.

This is going to have a long term effect on the city.

As it is, you are basically on your own if you venture downtown while these ANTIFA punks are around in any numbers.

To be honest, I am really surprised no one has gotten killed yet.

When that does finally happen then all bets are off and I fully expect the Feds to get called in over this.

I am also kind of surprised not a single Senator from the State of Oregon has said a word about it.

That’s one of those things that make you go Hmmmm.

34 thoughts on “Now We’re Talking

    • You ain’t wrong. Considering the facts, all I have to offer is “don’t get caught”. The last guy caught got a life sentence for fleeing a violent mob in his car. As a contrast, in califucked, a CRIMMIGRANT caught a 4 year manslaughter sentence for what was basically the same kind of killing. Seems fair, right?…


  1. Completely agree with young Bob up there.
    And as much as I want “something” to be done about it, nothing will be. Just as nothing will come of the endless investigations from Barr et al re: Clinton/Obama etc. I will be happily surprised if I am mistaken.


  2. “…a clash between Antifa and those of the right-wing hate group Proud Boys .”

    Quoted from AP?


    Antifa beats the daylights outta this guy…

    …yet Proud Boys are the ‘hate group.’

    Only in Oz.


  3. I call them “Democrat Fascists”
    Release the Kraken and scorch the earth on the city of Portland.
    Not a single elected Democrat outraged by the conduct of their minions.


    • The Law of Unintended Consequences will show itself soon enough, no hack clown or corruptocrat has the power to stop it.

      Antifa is operating in an artificial political/media vacuum created specifically for them so they can be the operative element in creating all sorts of handy fake narratives and crisis’s as a means.
      Those “Democrat Fascist’s” are educated in the art of agitprop and subversion, they are basically neo-bolshevik’s, working on edicts from an amerikan Nomenklatura. Their strategy is based upon “Order out of chaos”, to Undermine, Subvert, and Destroy our civilization.
      For now it is a one way street. That vacuum antifa operates in is possible for the time being because they understand they are at least for now safe from physical danger. Their handlers like the Mayor have their backs politically.
      But a political and cultural vacuum that is so repugnant as this is is unstable, it can not last long. That is irrefutable.

      It is a good thing they are exposing themselves. Most people are smart enough to see thru the illusions and lies. There is such a thing as too much false flag operations, too many fake narrative events, burnout from too many fake crisis as a means. It backfires. And these people are by nature extremists and radicals, they have no prudence or sense of probity, they see everyone in their own light, the best feature of themselves being is they are useful idiots and think everyone is also.
      Big mistake.
      But they teach us. Their activities and words are instructive. They tell on themselves with every move.
      All we have to do is hold our tempers. We have the great position of holding ourselves in defense. Many aspects of anti-fa are intended to draw us out and make moves or take action, to bait us, where they can use such actions to substantiate their false narratives pre positioned.

      It is akin to Operation Fast & Furious. Obama and Hillary Clinton planted the seed, the false narrative, 90% of the guns used in crimes came from gun stores, before they implemented the program of walking guns across the border, extorting the gun stores into letting Mexican national’s buy guns illegally and illegally they could take those weapons back to their drug cartels. The hope being thoise guns would show up in all sorts of brutal bloody crimes, rivers of blood per say, to substantiate the earlier lie of where the guns came from, thus laying the blame on law abiding citizenry, and thus the narratives necessary for publicly nullifying the 2nd Amendment, and the plausible deniability the swamp would use to create diktat for disarming us all.

      Anitfa is the same strategy and tactics. It is a fake front. The actors are hired, paid, indoctrinated characters. There is no populist front, it is all theater. It is why they need a complicit mayor and city government. A natural, real grass roots movement, which they portray themselves as, is nothing but astroturf. It don’t lessen the evil it all is, just it is important to know what antifa is ans is part of a far larger agenda to destroy us, our great country.

      And nobody likes being played for a sucker.
      We been had more times than we can account for. Everything we thought we knew is turning out to be not true. Lies. Social engineering. Manipulation. Deceit. Subversion. After awhiles people begin to have enough. They keep fucking that chicken and it backfires. Then what they get is comeuppance, backblast. They have a fatal traight, they always double down. They have to. It is all they know. At a certain stage the dichotomy flips, a sea change in thinking takes place, a Paradigm if you will. That is where cascade preference and withdrawal of consent of a plurality of people happens. Then it’s on like Donkey Kong. You can see this happening. Some call it awakening. Whatever it is called it becomes an indomitable unstoppable force at some point that is almost impossible to predict or even see till after it transpired, but in hind sight the causes are very obvious.

      But, it is us dirt people who understand it more than anyone. We know when time draws near. We feel it in our bones, we just know, it shows up on our radar. This in itself is a catalyzing element.

      In the final equation, antifa is a joke. A farce. It’s actors are fools, they are idiots, all of them are clowns. Nothing about it is legitimate or genuine, it is all contrived, calculated to artificially create a desired illusion band outcome.
      Antifa is bait to draw out the ignorant who are white skinned, “rightwing”, to do some violent deed, provide the fake media with the material to proclaim after all they are right, white people, all whites are racists, extremists blah blah blah.
      Notice they are very careful and precise how they employ physical violence calculated to be just on the fringe of dispicaple, how they haven’t mortally injured anyone, how they only show up under the most controlled, thus safest conditions to suit their tactics, without pushing anyone past the breaking point.
      Antifa replaced Black Lives Matter because the violence and destruction was backfiring, BLM was too radical, very difficult to control because of the decades of hate and bigotry instilled in the black population, too much resentfulness and hate for whitey and his civilization. So they cut BLK loose, withdrew enough funding and support to make them ineffective, and started up antifa. Notice they are all white actors? That is no mistake. Blacks only know one way to fight, key word, fight. And they fear white retribution no matter how much smack talk and bravado, they know deep down you push whitey too far he comes back and kills you all. Thats instinctive, to the bone.
      Antifa is not there to fight, they are there to get white people fight violently in a way that can be filmed and then portrayed in whatever fashion necessary to craft the desired narrative. Who better to bait the foolhardy and ignorant whites than other whites?
      They wack an old white guy and a gay Asian investigative journalist, perfect targets, you think it was by accident those two where injured? No they picked two people, deliberately, they have agents salted throughout the crowd, picking targets. They selected those two, because they would generate the kind of sympathy of the “opposition” where next time they would remember and be that much more angry, till at some point the desired violence is committed. Bingo!

      It was like that at Charlottesville. I was there. I rode over from WV on my motorcycle. just before noon, I took a sweep around the venue. Something wasnt right. My instincts where maxing out. So I went out of town parked my bike and hoofed it back, found a spot to sit across the grand park, beautiful place, gorgeous, classic federal/antebellum Confederate period style.
      So I’m sitting on some steps watching goings on where the rally is staged. It’s nothing but cops and agents, of course dressed in casual tactical street attire, but a blind man could see the whole thing is nothing to do with a grass roots organization of supposed Alt-Right. I’m like sonofabitch! It is a set up. The more I see the plainer it is. Total astroturf. T.O.T.A.L.
      Then after a few hours they all begin vanish, it was a operative movement. Just like they got orders to leave, reposition, and and assume clandestine postures. I’m like time to go. I’m out of here. Because they begin to take up small team positions on roofs, and begin to reconnoiter by vehicle the surrounding center of the event.
      I been sitting in a shadow but the sun has come around, and I been there too long. Somebody must have noticed me. Though I had a pack of food and drink for a couple days and a kindle plus a couple books to read while waiting.
      I’m humping it back about a mile and a half to my bike, my backs got that creepy crawly feeling.
      The whole thing was a set-up. I watched those state troopers and other agents, and the thing that really stood out was how much they where into it. They are a criminal gang, this is their turf, they where protecting it, they where also protecting their best interests, the hand that feeds them, the politicians and other state actors.
      Everything is a farce. A total illusion of legitimacy. There is zero difference between antifa and these sycophants armed and badged by the state.
      Are there any “good” cops?
      Hard to believe because if your a cop, even one who is not involved, how would you not know or be aware of such things? There are two sets of laws, one law is the cops and those they serve have only one rule, us dirt people have to comply with all laws, they do not have any laws, only a kind of criminal organized anarchy where anything goes long as it does not threaten the statist quo. Take Officer Dorner in California few years back. He scared the living crap out of the rest of the cops. A rouge cop who knew everything and was out to exact revenge on the gang. They didnt care if they killed a hundred civilians to get Dorner. Open fire on anything even remotely a chance it was Dorner. It was them or Dorner.

      Those Portland cops know exactly whats going down with antifa. Every one of them. Not a one has the balls to stand up to these fuckers. And the crazy thing, is if ten, or 20 of them stood up they could expose the whole thing and bring it down. Nobody can tell me that mayor and his pals can not be busted on serious charges of conspiracy, RICO statutes for diverting public funds, etc.


  4. I was planning a stay downtown in a couple of weeks, seems like it’s time to cancel and find someplace else to stay.


  5. Homosexual Asian crime victim represented by a brown woman. NOW we’re talking. Admittedly she’s Sikh, which is not high on the victimhood totem pole, but she did previously represent (supposedly, per Wikipedia) Muslim firefighters re having beards, and supposedly previously donated to Kamala Harris, so eat THAT too, leftists. Nor is Asian high on the victimhood totem pole, of course. (To be a permanent victim you either have to be from a spectacularly dysfunctional or an incredibly successful group.) But he gets points for his sexual orientation.

    Of course I want this to be resolved through the court system, completely legal, all right and tight. But part of me would not be sad if some of these Antifa fucks just disappeared quietly without muss or fuss. Nor would that part be sad if pieces of said Antifa fucks were to be found in random places some days or weeks after they’d dropped out. Not that I advocate such a thing, of course.


  6. I think Andy Ngo is a special kind of stupid. Antifa and the Proud Boys are going to have a confrontation and he decides to go get in the middle of it and take pictures.


    • He was SURROUNDED by law enforcement…. He believed in them. Bet it wont happen again. I certainly trust them only slightly more than Antifa itself at this point. Stupid? No. Ill-placed trust in a broken system? I’ll give you that.


      • The mayor intentionally gave orders to the police NOT to interfere in certain things and also made sure that on the day this happened to have the police short the mandatory minimum of police require by statute.


    • Many said the same thing about the Branch Davidian’s, Randy Weaver, LeVoy Finnicum. God rest his soul. All their souls.

      They all had something many do not, regardless, courage, the conviction somebody had to do something about what is being done to all of us. No matter how hopeless or a fools errand it might be.
      They stood up against TPTB.

      Like to ask you where would we be as a Republic if nobody took the first risks of resistance? Would you and I have an America to live and thrive in? Or some banana republic or serfdom which is the normal condition of the human race?

      I’ll put myself forward as an example I’m not trying to bust your balls for saying that Journalist, a real one mind you, the last thing he is is stupid.

      We are all in this mess to begin with, me too, I’m just as guilty. But after the FBI blew Vicky Weaver’s head off as she stood on the kitchen steps with her infant in her hands and then they shot her little boy, I realized something. And when they burned 75 woman and children to carbon you needed a shovel to scrape up the remains of the panic shelter they had to hide in from the bastards trying to kill all of them on the Clinton’s orders to liquidate all of them to keep the truth from outing, what I realized is I’m not going to let some other poor slob die for my Liberty and so I can remain “safe” by keeping my mouth shut and obeying these tyrants and their armed assassin’s, their armed badged leg breakers who make the tyrant’s dicktat and fiat possible. Without a legion of armed minions and sycophants, those running things have no power. AS Mao stated, all power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and the idea is to stop people who got the kind of guts and grit to pick up a gun, a pen, a video camera, and fight back.
      How is that Stupid?

      I’ll be damned if I do nothing. Seriously damned, to Hades, for not standing up, and hiding behind the dead bodies of my fellow American’s who had the courage to stand for something instead of hiding behind their fears.

      This may not change a thing, just myself, one guy, but it all begins with each of us regardless, for good or bad, and that is why we got an America in the first place, and a civilization worth fighting, and dying for if needs be, because men said it really begins with me before it is all of us.
      But, it is better the enemy die for his belief, and that in it’s own way makes standing up and resisting worth something.
      Stupid is the last thing it is.


  7. The caveat in all this has to do with those of us who are the ultimate target behind this depravity. We who are the target for now actually are behaving very nicely in return regardless of how nasty and deliberate things are. No question the threats and promises of retribution simply fopr our existing, never mind this revised past history created out of whole cloth. It is for all intents genocide in the making. Many are getting right, quietly, discreetly, with this struggle. It is real, it is here, and it is time to get our shit together and our heads on straight.

    In a high trust civilization of civilized Christian White Western people, you can get away with quite a bit if you are a usurper, you can take high advantage of the built in natural tolerance and prudence of our high trust civilization, for longer than might be imagined, as we see daily, before you suddenly can not.
    It is how we roll. It is not a fault or negative, it simply is how we behave in general terms, a feature, neither good nor bad in itself, yet it is very good and well, because prudence is one of the most valuable and key elements in us as civilized people, and that trait of high prudence is instrumental in creating and the survival of our civilization, and more so our great culture of the west.
    Live and let live, mind your own business, or MYOB!

    BFYTW defines well the potential which resides below the surface held in check in our civilization. And I say we are a civilized culture, it is a most valuable and vital characteristic our civil society shares in kind, among and across our vast culture, after all, it is the product and evolution of 5000 years of history.

    For now we are portrayed thru the use of false narratives and a yellow journalistic/academic regime of full time revisionists, professional trained liars and propagandists, to appear as weak, we are these terrible blood thirsty bigots, the epitome of hate and racial supremacy, a toxic plague upon their earth, a foregone minority in our own heartland, bereft of “virtue”, bitter and unwilling to embrace the brave new world of diversity.
    (By the way, who asked you all anyways?)

    Never mind the elitists of the usual regimes of political and monetary power who have infested every facet of the sphere of activity in our country. We would seem to be insignificant fly specks on the walls of a collapsed crumbling slave plantation to hear them and their contempt for us.
    (Gee, where did all the wealth and power you all stole come from to begin with?)

    We certainly can argue and split hairs endlessly, get no where, find no substantial common ground to share in our defense. That is by deliberate design, the old dicktators timeless tactic of divide and conquer.
    Yet, underneath it all a steadfast thread of precepts and ideals remain, traditions, faith, what we value and hold dear, it is just difficult to define them in common practical every day use between us across a pretty darn large geographic area called the USofA. But they exist. We all share many of these virtues and honor.

    See, one day here, pretty soon in relative terms if shit gets much more sporty, there will be certain zeitgeist that transpires, nobody will see it, nobody will predict it, a kind of point of breaking strain in a long rope. You know you put too high a load on the rope it breaks, sometimes you might even have time to see it begin to snap, but for the most part it lets go all of a sudden.
    That is us, our high trust, prudent, tolerant culture.
    You push us, well you get what your asking for. Eventually. Obvious to say it right?
    But what you don’t get is what happens. You have pushed people past, out of their civilized high trust state, and you create people, who are high IQ, industrious, productive, determined with a very high level of perseverance, who go from the nicest easy going people into warriors who do not give a fuck other than exterminating your fucking ass. No matter what it takes. No limits. No restrictions. No mercy. No quarter. You create people who excel at total war to the knife. And they do not stop till THEY choose to.

    And it happens like flipping a switch, if your stupid enough to push us, to you, because if you had a functioning brain cell you would see you got a fucking tiger by the tail.

    Put in a nutshell. That is what we got with us dirt people. Where things are heading. Everything else is secondary effects.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In other words, “colored folks riot and destroy neighborhoods, white people riot and CONTINENTS go up in flames”. I agree, patience has its limits, it’s unfortunate that these useful idiots wont grasp that until it’s quite possibly too late for them.


        • He certainly did. Mike surely had the courage of his convictions in a way that causes tyrants to shit their draws in fear of what could be.
          A lot of learned many things from good Ol’ Mike.

          It must have been a doozy of a threat his son received for him to go silent. Mike’s blog is still up. It is even more instructive and cautionary now to go back in that time machine.

          Sipsey Street Irregulars

          “We will not go gently . . .”
          ‘This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. I have studied history for years and I cannot recall it ever happening. It may be that our task is impossible. Yet, if we do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if we do not try, it most certainly won’t be done. The Founders’ Republic, and the larger war for western civilization, will be lost.

          But I tell you this: We will not go gently into that bloody collectivist good night. Indeed, we will make with our defiance such a sound as ALL history from that day forward will be forced to note, even if they despise us in the writing of it.

          And when we are gone, the scattered, free survivors hiding in the ruins of our once-great republic will sing of our deeds in forbidden songs, tending the flickering flame of individual liberty until it bursts forth again, as it must, generations later. We will live forever, like the Spartans at Thermopylae, in sacred memory.’

          — Mike Vanderboegh, The Lessons of Mumbai:Death Cults, the “Socialism of Imbeciles” and Refusing to Submit, 1 December 2008

          This will be the third time we have had to pick up our rifles and fight. In some ways it is not a Republic for which we will have to fight for, but a legacy of long learned hard won traditions, precepts, codes and ideas, our uniquely American culture. It is a very difficult thing to destroy, all but impossible, you have to kill every single one of us. And as Andrew Breitbart, bless his soul, said: “We have guns, lots of guns, they can only win the rhetorical war, they can not take the risk”
          Well yes, it is always a war of hearts and minds in such conflict as we face.

          Things at moments seem this bleak as Mike points out. I’m sure King Leonidas and his centurion Spartans had their moments of doubt. But part of that doubt is by the enemies design. You never give up. You never bend a knee. You never submit or comply. This is the essence of courage and the source of the will to fight when things my look hopeless. Resistance in all it’s forms when it comes to fighting for ones liberty, freedoms, and loved ones is always fertile, never is it a futile act. There would be no America otherwise.
          The resistance is futile crowd is funny, where do they think America and our Christian Western culture came from? The fucking tooth fairy left it under the fucking pillow for us?

          I think the underlying truth of us in a world of deceit is something very different.
          Agitprop, the vast revising of history to hide the wonderful profound truths of us, factories of lies and propaganda, the false narratives of the enemy notwithstanding, they do not change the motive power and audacity of those of us who have not gone over to the communist’s call.
          If anything these things have quietly strengthened our resolve and create in us a demographic which is anathema to everything the dirty stinking commies are.
          Instead of causing fear, they create resolve, instead of destroying morale, they make men indomitable.
          Sure you get all sorts who are so afraid they will do anything to save their own hides, from waving a wet finger in the wind, to real hardcore traitors, yet the majority here are at worst passive aggressive, enablers. Like the rank and file within the FBI, sure they probably did not actively partake in the coup against a sitting POTUS, but those who where/are active in this coup could never have attempted their coup without the tacit consent of agents who did nothing but keep their mouths shut, because Muh Paycheck, or some corrupt devotion to a higher power within the regime.

          And that is another thing. A coup was underway, still is, against the sitting duly elected President, elected by honest means, probably for the first time since Ronny Raygun surprised the deep state, caught it off guard, like with Mr. Trump when 64 million of us had a little color revolution, winning with overwhelming vote numbers, not by margin of 1-3% vote fraud.
          So there’s this coup underway, and of the entire federal government, millions of people, only one guy notices? Admiral Rodgers is the only one?
          Congress, the swamp, that lives and dies by real politik, among the thousands involved in the day to day running of their organized crime syndicates, I’m supposed to believe not a single one of these political clowns noticed a coup against Mr. Trump was happening?

          I won’t cum in your mouth either.

          In some ways, all we have to do is keep our ear to the ground, sharpen our hatchets, and stockpile, become proficient in our arms, remain cognizant of reality, because the effort and resources expended by these clowns to survive their illegitimacy will implode. Our ancestor’s did the same. It worked out pretty well. But those scumbags in the swamp, they are their own worst enemy. It is important it is known the honorable resistance exists. This scares the living crap out of the sonofabitches, haunts them, effects them in all ways, because they know the truth there is a whole shitload more of us than them. An unorganized grass roots leaderless resistance armed to the teeth is impossible to control or be done away with. And they created a monster to begin with. All they had to do was leave us alone, but no, that wasn’t good enough.
          And everyone up armoring, buying, building, the finest small unit infantry rifle ever devised by the millions, the tens of billions of rounds of ammo, the combat training, gear, preparedness mindset out there, is not some passing fad or hobby.


      • Indeed! One of the Dutchman’s greatest axioms.

        Didn’t he have a companion that went something like this: We don’t burn our homes villages and cities, we go into your villages towns and cities and burn you out.


  8. Those cocksuckers WILL attack the wrong person or persons and when the extermination begins, they’ll find sympathy in short supply. Not only that but, I believe the first righteous example of self-defense in the face of cops unwilling to do their jobs will open a floodgate… I’m not so sure the cops will even be safe at that point. I know more than a few Americans already believe them to be Antifa accomplices by virtue of their inaction, regarding communist attacks on innocent people and their willingness to prosecute those who defend themselves. Unequal enforcement of our laws de-legitimizes said laws…


    • Lot of “cold anger” banking up. Cold anger doesn’t forget, and it doesn’t forgive. Pushed to that breaking point it doesn’t have any mercy. After all, that cold anger held to moral principles, held it’s peace, remained prudent even when there was every reason to fight back in kind, in the face of the worst most repugnant behavior and action against it.


  9. This is a blog of a police officer in Portland.
    If you comment on his blog please STATE that it is your opinion and not the owner of the blog.
    He’s a good guy and DO NOT get him fired. The police in Portland have their hands tied behind their back. They WANT to Protect and Serve but their Public Officials are dismantling the rule of law in Portland and they are helpless to stop it.
    They have to follow civilian orders. It’s the LAW.

    Share the link to other people please.


    • So, they lack the moral courage to do the right thing in the face of orders to the contrary. Got it. That “I’m just following orders” horseshit worked well at Nuremberg, didn’t it? Fuck him for the coward he is. “good guy” my ass. He’s a quisling lickspittle punk, only interested in his paycheck and his benefits. Great optics, barney fife.


  10. The Law and Lawyers will do nothing to stop the Communist Antifa….
    But when enough of them are disappeared, the movement will disappear.


  11. I see the concrete laced milk shakes as a deal breaker as far as the compact the ordinary citizen has with his fellow man to peaceably go about life unmolested by those with a political axe to grind. it seems inevitable to me that someone will act in self preservation an blow some basement dwellers away on the streets of portland. the only real question i have for someone defending themselves is when do you stop shooting? who is friend and who is foe? shoot anyone in black coming at you? leave be anyone with their back to you? what are your rules of engagement? how sure of your target would you be? have you trained and thought it through? Certainly not to say premeditated but prepared? what about the PPD officers? would you return fire on them if they fired on you in the midst of all that would ensue? PPD behavior of late lends credence to the idea that they are complicit in antifa activities.
    it can come to no good end and i can see it all as a set up of democrats for gun control. the entire city disgusts me with out end even though my nephew and family live there.


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