4 thoughts on “Boiiiiiinnnnng!

  1. Reminds me of an incident at work (I used to work at a large zoo) with an orangutan. Management decided that the orangutans needed some extra life enrichment so a large fake tree was installed with a cement base in the exhibit. Withing a week one of these little bastards managed to climb up the tree and rock it back and forth until it broke. Then he dragged it to the mote and used it as a bridge to get out. We had to evacuate the pavilion and the vets plus the keepers had to hunt it down and dart it while I stood over-watch with a 12G shotgun. It took almost an hour to get the orangutan darted and back in its pen.


    • Nice one! Animals are amazing. There’s a Honey badger video out there, about how one escaped it’s enclosure many times, using what it had at hand.
      I caught a Northern Ringneck snake one day while supposedly turkey hunting. I kept it in a 10 gallon aquarium/terrarium for a couple of years, and he got loose three times. Seriously, I literally duct taped a plywood lid on the tank, and it still got out. The first time, if found him shortly after he escaped, hiding under a back pack in the closet. the second time, I walked into a room at ~ midnight, and turned on the light, and he was in the middle of the floor. The last time, even more security. Gone forever. It was probably better off anyway.


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