You Will Probably Be Half Right Here

I’m the easy pick here, my Wife might surprise you.


The Wifely Unit is a keeper boys, I’m serious and very lucky in that regard.

The first day of our vacation, she wanted to go to this new McMennamin’s place up in Kalama that opened last year for dinner. Her, The Kid, her Niece and the boyfriend and me. We all had dinner and the mandatory dessert because, hey, they make KILLER desserts  at these places.

We both had New York steaks that were cooked to perfection, The Kid had some kind of giant hamburger and the Niece and her boyfriend had some Tofu vegetarian cattle food kind of thing. A veggie Burger and some kind of salad.

The whole deal came to right at $150 plus a decent tip on top.

Not too bad all things considered.

After that?

It’s the McDonald’s dollar menu.

I’m serious as a heart attack.

The Hotel has a free breakfast, I slept through that yesterday but she woke my ass up for it this morning and after that I went back to bed.

We will hit the Dollar menu again and then head out to throw more money away like we actually have some.

My Wife is a frugal woman most of the time but when it comes to her vacation she don’t mess around.

She will go as cheap as she can on the necessities and then throw money around like there is no tomorrow on things she wants to do.

She says that’s what vacations are for.

This is also why she keeps my ass so broke most of the time, she is busy squirreling away money just for that.

I love this woman. She is as ornery as I am but she takes care of business and makes sure shit is handled. She also tolerates my bullshit quite well, in and of it’s self a minor miracle.

Since I pretty much require adult supervision at all times, it works out well in the end.

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