So Close I Can Touch It, Yet So Very Far Away


I can hear it now, So what?

What’s the big deal about a warehouse?


Ahh, gentlemen, allow me to enlighten you about what is in the parking lot of this generic warehouse looking building.


Understand now?

It’s the home of some of the most premier fishing rods you can buy.

We are staying at a Best Western Motel that is just behind and a touch South of it. You literally have to drive through their parking lot to get to it.

If I get a chance I am going to wander over there and try and get a look see.

If I can find me a new drool cup first.

The best costs money and their Carbon Fiber rods ain’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

Even a little Plain Jane Trout rod blank is probably more than I can afford at the moment.

It would still be nice to take a peek inside just for fun.

16 thoughts on “So Close I Can Touch It, Yet So Very Far Away

  1. I have heard of them, who hasn’t that fishes, where are they located? I know most of their line is out of my price points… I buy rods and reels from Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas when they have close out sales.


            • I looked her up after your post and found out he was a she and after looking over some of her material and her blog I ain’t interested. I do not much appreciate women sci fi writers. More fantasy and gobbledygook plots and strange characters. So no I am not Cedar. My handle is a contraction of my last name.


  2. I see that their cheapest starts at $55 and goes up rapidly from there. I’ll keep my Shakespeare Ugly Stiks, thank you. I have an ultra light, a light, a medium and a heavy. That’s four rods for about $150 total. Those things are almost impossible to break, but they still have plenty of feel to them in my opinion. Contrary to what some people say. I had a guy at work that would buy nothing, but St. Croix. Talk about pricey. I still out fished him every time…………


  3. Watch out for their imported blanks made in china with lamiglas name. They are reasonably priced, which I broke one and carry no warranty. The domestic blanks are lifetime, and first class. Chickenshit or chickensalad.


  4. I don’t have a Lamiglas but their website makes it easy for me to buy one ! I have Falcon and Shimano. Around here it’s mostly casting for black bass and if you look, you can find walleye and striped bass. Good smallmouth here too. Don’t care much for cats as I get bored too easily. Not enough action. I would love to fish the PNW…,
    There’s lots of time to fish after retirement ! Phil you should go fishing more often. It’s fucking spiritual !

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    • I agree with you 100%. I love to go fishing and it never seems to work out. I did find a nice little beach on the Columbia river at Kalama yesterday. It’s about a half hour from home. There is a lake fifteen minutes from my house too. I should be doing that RIGHT NOW as a matter of fact. Instead I am sitting in a hotel room on my dead ass waiting for the wife to decide it’s time to go do something. I knew damn good and well we should have brought two rigs and even suggested it for this very reason. But no, van’t be having that. the wife doesn’t like to drive on the Freeways.
      That was also one of the reasons I bought that POS Bronco, so I could load up and go find a nice little trout stream out in the toolies.


      • If the Cowlitz River has cleared that was a nice trout stream. Up around the backside east of Mt Adams and east of Mt St Helens was good. Up around Cle Elum and Wenatchee and Coulee City were good. I miss trout fishing but I have to say Pike and Walleye fishing is interesting.


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