You’re Gonna Have To Speak Up, I’m Having Trouble Hearing You

It may be because I’m already half deaf in one ear and can’t hear out of the other,  it’s more likely because I went and saw this last night.



I have been waiting decades to hear that live and it was worth the wait, it’s one of my favorite Judas Priest tunes. I took my boy to go see it and we both had a great time. After the concert I’ll be damned if I didn’t run into my Ex Wife’s boy. I introduced them and BS’ed with him for a while outside. That was a trip.

Uriah Heep Opened for Priest, I kicked that one off my bucket list, lemme tell ya, they fuckin’ jammed. I would go see them again in a heartbeat. They said they are coming out with their TWENTY FIFTH studio album later this year.

I had no idea they were that prolific.

In case you think you are unfamiliar with these guys let me refresh your memory.

This is an iconic Rock and Roll tune I’m sure you will remember.

Our vacation starts today, I’ll post something when I get a chance.


4 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Have To Speak Up, I’m Having Trouble Hearing You

  1. Damn I’m gettin’ old. I’ve only seen Priest once back in Spain but I’ve seen Uriah Heep eight times. Twice in Spain, four times in England and twice in the USA.


  2. I’m jealous as hell, Phil. JP is one of my all time favorite bands – along with Iron Maiden, Molly Hatchet, and Pink Floyd.
    I got to see Molly Hatchet, at a bar in Syracuse, back in ’88. What a great show.
    My daughter bought me tickets to Five Finger Death Punch last Fall for my birthday. These guys are my current era favorites.
    Enjoy your vacation.

    Whitehall, NY


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